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Welcome to Z & K Antiques. Our mission is to present for sale the finest early American antiques and Americana we can locate. Here, you will find original paint decorated country primitives, mechanical banks and other early toys, antique advertising, antique cobalt decorated stoneware, folk art, unusual patriotic pieces of Americana, and much more. Please peruse our offerings and don't hesitiate to contact us with further questions. We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Early American Stoneware

Antiques For Sale:

Early American Country Primitives ,Folk Art, Textiles, Antique Americana, Pottery, Stoneware, Cast Iron Mechanical Banks and Antique Toys.
T Reed 2 Gallon Ohio Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock For Sale

T. Reed 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Ovoid Crock (Ohio Origin) »

Circa 1840s: Thomas Reed is the most prolific and celebrated potter in Tuscarawas County, Ohio's long history, and he threw, decorated, and fired stoneware there for two decades before moving to Greene County, Indiana. This two gallon ovoid storage jar is decorated from top to bottom with Reed's signature tulip and is impressed with his classic bowed T REED stamp.

For Sale: $795

Novelty Bank Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Antique 19th Century Cast Iron J. & E. Stevens Novelty Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873: The J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut manufactured Charles H. Johnson’s Novelty Bank in many color patterns, and this handsome red, yellow, and blue variation is a real stunner. This is a terrific Novelty Bank from the beginnings of the great age of mechanical banks and will be a fine addition to any collection of antique banks, early toys, or American antiques.

For Sale: $1,750

Antique Nantucket Basket Original Sewing Fabric Ferdinand Sylvaro Lightship Basket for Sale

Antique Ferdinand Sylvaro Nantucket Lightship Sewing Basket »

Circa 1930: Measuring 7" wide by 8 1/2" tall to the top of the handle, this unusual Nantucket Lightship sewing basket made by Ferdinand Sylvaro is a sight to behold. The basket still retains its orginal fabric and looks as if it has never been used. When Mitchell Ray retired from basket making in the first decade of the 20th century, he sold his basket molds to Sylvaro, who in turn made high quality baskets in Rhode Island for the next three decades.

For Sale: $1650

19th Century Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane For Sale

Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: We love the honest weathered surface on this diminutive eagle weathervane that measures only 14.25" high including museum stand and has a petite 16" wingspan. Possibly Harris and Company, Boston Mass.

For Sale: $3950

Humpty Dumpty Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale

Humpty Dumpty Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1882: Designed by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams Jr. and manufactured by Buffalo, New York's Shepard Hardware Company, the Humpty Dumpty Clown bank was, in order to save on cost, never primed at the factory before it was painted. This example has retained 85% of its original paint, has never been touched up or repainted, and has no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $1950

Tammany Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

Kyser and Rex Cast Iron Rooster Mechanical Bank»

Circa 1880-1890: The Kyser & Rex Rooster mechanical bank, manufactured in Freankford, Pennsylvania, is a charming rendition of the king of the barnyard and was a delight to children as evidenced by the many rooster banks found with little or no remaining paint and the bank's lever long broken and missing. This antique rooster bank retains a high percentage of original paint, has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and includes its original lever.

For Sale: $850

Early American Country Primitive Woodenware Painted Trencher 18th Century

Early American Primitive Trencher in Original Slate Green Paint »

Circa 1750-1850: Antique Country Primitives enthusiasts who crave great form and orginal painted surface will love this superb early American poplar dough trencher carved from a single slab. 28" long.

For Sale: $895

Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank I Always Did Spise a Mule

I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897: Patented to James Bowen on April 72, 1897 and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut's J & E Stevens Company , the iconic boy on bench variation of the I Always Did 'Spise a Mule cast iron mechanical bank stands as one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana and is a must have for all collectors of antique mechanical banks and Black Americana.

For Sale: $2,850

Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank Rare Yellow Base Variation Spise a Mule 19th Century Stevens Company for Sale

Yellow Base Variation of I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897:This bank retains a high percentage of its original paint and has the highly desirable and eye poppingly graphic yellow base, a feature Dan Morphy notes in his Official Price Guide to Mechanical Banks that makes this classic antique cast iron mechanical bank worth double the value of the standard red base variation in equal condition.

For Sale: $2,950

Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan Antique Crock Pennsylvania Salt Glazed 19th Century Pottery For Sale

1 1/2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan »

Circa 1841-1843: Comstock's seminal tome The Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley Region is of great assistance in attributing this Shenandoah Valley of Virginia 1 1/2 gallon stoneware cake pan to Solomon Bell's two-year stint at his father Peter Bell's pottery before Solomon began marking his pottery sometime in 1843.

Sale Pending

19th Century Antique American Folk Art Shirred Rug of Dog Named Pootsie

Antique American Folk Art Shirred Rug of Dog Named Pootsie »

Circa Late 19th Century: One has to smile at the thought of a dog named Pootsie! This charming shirred rug (forerunner of the ever popular hooked rug) measures 36" x 23" and depicts Pootsie against a blue and white background and flanked on both sides by colorful summer flowers. The rug's rounded corners add a graceful touch to this endearing antique folk art textile.

For Sale: $1650

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Vibrant Parcheesi Game Board on White Ground »

Circa 1930s1940s: Measuring 16" square, this homemade folk art Parcheesi board with a beautifully crazed surface has an eye catching white ground that accentuates the other bright colors, especially the barn red, of the second quarter 20th century oil based enamel paint. One can tell this board is a genuine example of naive folk art rather than a professionaly made piece because of the bleeding and inexact points and thicknesses of the stripes, which add charm to this lovely gameboard.

For Sale: $895

Antique American Scherenschnitte John Walker Brown United Papercut 19th Century 1840s Heath Pease Families Ohio

John Brown Walker Antique Papercut Scherenschnitte »

Circa 1849: John Brown Walker(1815-1908) was an itinerant artist who cut fancy paper designs in the rural areas of Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio, Indiana and Michigan between the years of about 1880 to 1907. This example of one of his scherenschnitte's unites the Heath and Pease families in 1849.

For Sale: $2,450

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Petite American Chinese Checkers Game Board with Orange Ground »

Circa 1920s-1930s: Because small gameboards are difficult to find and also fit in a wider variety of places than do their larger counterparts, collectors are always searching for petite borads. This handsome seven color paint decorated 14" x 12" oak Chinese checkerboard housed in its original frame certainly fits the bill. The delightful and unusual orange ground calls attention to the game and makes it a major focal point even though its size is diminutive.

For Sale: $950

Fok Art Schoolgirl Drawing Pen and Ink 1911

"Going to School" Pen and Ink Drawing »

Signed O.W. Clark 1911 on back: A charming red cloaked girl ties her boots and says, "Wait for me." Her lunch pail at her feet and a little petticoat showing. Sweet, naive watercolor, ink and graphite.

For Sale: $295

Stump Speaker Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale Black Americana

High Grade Stump Speaker Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: Designed by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams Jr., the Stump Speaker is perhaps the greatest Black Americana mechanical bank ever produced. The Stump Speaker, adorned with his tiny and comical tophat and bright green suit, stands on a four by five inch grey, red and gold base.

For Sale: $4500

Halls Liliput Paint Decorated Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank 19th Century American Toys

Original 19th Century Cast Iron Hall's Liliput Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1875: Manufactured just in time for the 1876 Centennial by The J. & E. Stevens Company in Cromwell, Connecticut and designed by John Hall, the Liliput mechanical bank measures a petite 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide and takes its name from Jonathan Swift's wildly popular Gulliver's Travels. This bank was offered in many paint schemes, but the patriotic red, white, and blue bank with the beige teller's window remains the most endearing and classic color combination of this small but enticing architectural mechanical bank.

For Sale: $1450

Presto Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank  Kyser and Rex Marked 485

Presto Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892: Measuring 4" wide x 2-1/2" deep x 4-1/4" tall, the Presto Bank was made in Kenton Ohio by the Kenton Hardware Company, which achieved their major notoriety for their cast iron toys. This 19th century cast iron architectural bank comes complete with its coin drawer, coin slot, and key, which are almost always missing.

For Sale: $395

New Geneva PA 4 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock R. T. Williams

4 Gallon R.T. Williams New Geneva PA Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1890s: Dark and crisp cobalt freehand and stencil decoration covers the length of this 15" New Geneva, Pennsylvania, R.T Williams four gallon storage jar.

For Sale: $850

Original Dark Green Painted Antique American Pantry Box For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Pantry Box in Original Green Painted Surface »

Circa 1870-1880: Measuring 10 1/2"W x 5 1/2"H, this hefty thick-walled pantry box in its original coat of dark green paint will fit perfectly into an antique country primitive setting. The box is in excelllent condition and retains its original hand cut square wooden pegs around the lid.

For Sale: $550

1930s 1940s Wooden Gameboard Painted Red Black Checkers Relief Carved Bold Graphic For Sale

Antique American 5 Color Painted Gameboard »

Circa 1900: Note the wonderful honest use, history, and completely original first surface on this well crafted five color antique American checkerboard. This turn of the last century gameboard boasts two highly contrastingl reds -- one vibrant, one like red velvet cake -- separated with well executed black lines even more superbly outlined in gold. Two windsor green lines keep opponents at bay, finishing out this wonderfully utilized piece of American folk art.

For Sale: $695

19th Century Antique Oil Paiting on Canvas Portraits from Monmouth Illinois Rare Pair 1830s Midwestern Portraits Americana

Boy with Hoop Toy Early American Folk Art Oil on Canvas Portrait »

Circa 1840s: Fine early American folk art paintings of children with their toys are especially desirable, and this spectacular oil portrait of a young man with hoop toy from Androscoggin County, Maine, measures 30" tall by 25" wide and is housed in a 38 1/2" x 33 1/2" frame. When this portrait was sold in 1963, the dealer noted in a letter to his client that the sitter is P. Record of Turner Center, Maine and that the painting was purchased from the sitter's father, who himself was 91 years of age at the time of the sale. The anonymous artist who brought this likeness to life has depicted his sitter with a pleasingly calm and knowing expression while the twilight's last remaining embers glow orange above Maine's silhouetted, tree-lined mountains and the sky spreads its nightly blanket upon the countryside.

For Sale: $5,500

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose Picture Cubes

Antique Picture Games Puzzle Blocks by McLoughlin Bros. »

Copyright 1898: McLoughlin Brothers picture puzzle game in original box and spectacular condition

For Sale: $895

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher For Sale: Pennsylvania Brown Paint Decorated Flower Design Tourist Pottery

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher »

Circa 1880-1900: Tanware was manufactured in New Geneva, Pennsylvania from approximately 1880 until just after the turn of the 20th century and was sold mainly to tourists as souvenirs. Thus, great care was taken in making beautiful and elaborate hand-painted decoration on these pieces, and this is why Pennsylvania tanware ranks as some of the most highly prized and collectible antique American stoneware.

For Sale: $1,495

1950s Folk Art Carnival Shooting Gallery Sign For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Paint Decorated Traveling Carnival Shooting Gallery Countertop Sign »

Circa Mid 20th Century: Carnival shooting gallery signs are hard to find, and this 1950s six-color cutout painted wooden folk art countertop shooting gallery sign in original paint decoration is a real eye catcher that takes one back to childhood summer evenings at the local fair. This graphically pleasing sign measures 21" long, 10.5" tall, and 8" deep when its folding arm is extended.

For Sale: $950

Antique Cast Iron Arcade 1928 Chevy Coupe

Antique Cast Iron Arcade 8" Improved Chevrolet Coupe »

Circa 1926-1928: Arcade's meaty 8" cast iron Improved Chevrolet Coupe, manufactured in Freeport, Illinois, features an olive green and black painted surface with gold and silver highlighting, upscale nickel wheels, and even an applied nickel plated spare tire just in case of a child's imaginary roadside emergency. This example of Arcade's classic Chevy coupe is in completely original gently played with condition and has no cracks, chips, repairs, or paint touch-ups and retains a high percentage of its original, fancy four-color paint scheme.

For Sale: $1495

Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan Antique Crock Pennsylvania Salt Glazed 19th Century Pottery For Sale

3 Gallon Stoneware Crock Attributed to Upton Stuckey»

Circa 1860-1880: Measuring 10.75" tall and 10" in diameter, this 3 gallon straight-sided stoneware crock with freehand cobalt decoration is attributed to Upton Stuckey's Martin County pottery in Loogootee, Indiana, which Upton Stuckey ran with his father Martin Stuckey, the first potter in Martin County, for nearly 50 years.

For Sale: $495

1885 GW Ross Machine and Repair Shops Wooden Trade Sign McKean County PA For Sale From Z and K Antiques

1885 Paint Decorated Pennsylvania Machine Shop Wooden Trade Sign »

Circa 1885:This superb 38" x 19" dated 1885 trade sign in orginal black and white paint decoration hails from Bradford, Pennsylvania, in McKean County, which borders the state of New York. It is here in Bradford, a north central Pennsylvania oil boomtown, in 1875 during the heat of the Pennsylvania Oil Rush that G. W. Ross established his Ross Machine and Repair Shops and ran these businesses until J. H. Ross assumed ownership in 1886.

For Sale: $1750

Antique Drug Store Paint Decorated 19th Century American Countertop Apothecary Cabinet with Original Surface

Antique American Paint Decorated Apothecary Cabinet »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual countertop apothecary retaining its superb original red and black paint decoration was most probably perched in an old Midwestern pharmacy. The lead weightsthat help the tambour door work properly are signed "Raymond Lead Co. Chicago Ill." and point to the petitie cupboard's Midwestern origins. In 1880, the Raymond Lead Company opened its doors in the windy city a scant eight years after the great Chicago fire, and the dark red and black paint scheme is consistent with furniture made in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania during that time frame. The cabinet also utilizes both square and round nail construction, which also points to its fourth quarter 19th century origin. A mortar and pestle, the traditional pharmacy trade sign morif, adorns the cabinet's crown and is flanked by a pair of cut out four leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck for whoever might purchase the pharmacy's tinctures.

For Sale: $2950

Patriotic Americana Civil War Lebanon County PennsyvaniaFolk Art Scherenschnitte Papercut with 34 Star American Flag For Sale

Important Patriotic Civil War Era Pennsylvania Folk Art Scherenschnitte »

Circa 1861-1863: This 17" x 20" patriotic papercut housed in a 21.5" by 24.5" period style frame is an example of one of the most iconic scherenschnittes ever created. In fact, a smaller version of this piece (two sizes are known) entitled "American Fantasy" is illustrated on page 98 of Lipmann and Winchester's seminal 1974 volume, The Flowering of American Folk Art (1776-1876).

For Sale: $5800

Antique American Stoneware Salt Glazed Crock Star of David Cobalt Blue Decoration Seymour Brothers Hartford Connecticut

Seymour Brothers 2 Gallon Crock with Blue Decorated Star of David »

Circa 1866-1871: In 1866 shortly after the close of the Civil War, brothers Orson Hart Seymour and Henry Phelps Seymour partnered a shortlived Hartford, Connecticut, pottery business that lasted until Henry's death in 1871. Subsequently, salt glazed stoneware marked with the "Seymour Brothers Hartford" stamp is fairly uncommon, and this undamaged two gallon handled stoneware jar with its unusual Star of David decoration is a real treat.

For Sale: $750

Hamilton and Jones Greensboro Pennsylvania Cobalt Decorated Salt Glazed 2 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar with Center Star Motif

Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Storage Jar with Center Star Motif »

Circa 1870s: Here is a classic two gallon Greensboro PA Hamilton and Jones 11.5" tall storage jar with exuberantly decorated stencil decoration that includes a circular maker's mark surrounding a central patriotic star.

For Sale: $625

1940s Rare Single Sided Porcelain Castillion V.O. Congnac Sign

Rare Antique Castillon V.O. Cognac Porcelain Sign »

Circa Late 1940s: Porcelain signs advertising liquor are scarce indeed, and this beefy 30" x 17" Castillion V.O. Cognac sign in patriotic red, white, and blue is exceptionally difficult to find. It's interesting to note that the sign is made for a French export product but is outlined in the patriotic colors of the United States, showing France's love for the American people in the aftermath of WWII and the liberation of their land from Germany.

For Sale: $1150

Antique Civil War GAR Canteen with Patriotic Flags and Original Paint Decoration

Civil War Canteen w/ Patriotic Flags and Folk Art Paint Decoration »

Circa 1876: This Civil War canteen belonged to Charles H. Davis, who served in Company G. of the 12th Massachusetts Volunteers. Obviously, Mr. Davis had his battle canteen painted for GAR reunion encampments, and we believe that this canteen was made for the centennial encampment because of the red, white, and blue American flag and shield and the additions of the words "Union" and "In God We Trust." This five color painted canteen would have made quite an impression on its viewers and would have showcased Mr. Davis's love of God and country, values which have become woven into the American fabric.

For Sale: $7,250

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank For Sale

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1876: The J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut manufactured Henry W. Prouty’s Magic Bank in a number of color variations, and this handsome red, white and blue version is a real stunner. This bank is interesting because it accepts coins in two ways: mechanically via the cashier on the reverse side of the bank’s entrance and manually through a coin slot on the bank’s roof.

For Sale: $2250

Antique Bail Handled Blue Tin Litho Peanut Butter Pail

Antique Bail Handled Blue Tin Litho Peanut Butter Pail »

Circa 1920s:Veteran Brand Peanut Butter, Packed for Brewster Gordon & Co. , Rochester, N.Y., reg u.s. pat off, contents 1 LB. Marked Canco on bottom.

For Sale: $395

Patriotoic Americana Watercolor Folk Art Painting Racing Schooner Joseph Pulitizer New York 1896 American Flag Race Boat

Patriotic Painting of Racing Schooner Ship Joseph Pulitzer »

Circa 1896: Measuring a compact and desirable 11 1/2" x 14" in its original 14 3/8" x 16 5/8" frame and housed under good, old wavy glass, this superbly rendered folk art guache or heavy watercolor painting of the racing schooner Joseph Pulitzer retains its vibrant colors, is labeled with Mr. Pulitzer's name three times, and is pictured with its American flag waving in the Atalantic Ocean's summer breeze.

For Sale: $1,850

Five Gallon Southwestern Pennsylvania Salt Glazed Cobalt Decorated James Hamilton Crock For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Greensboro PA James Hamilton & Co. 5 Gallon Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1870s: This five gallon freehand and stencil decorated James Hamilton & Co. salt glazed storage jar features three bold freehand stripes and an unusual grape stencil. This fabulous piece of Greene County Pennsylvania stoneware measures 15" in height, has great contrast, and is decorated from top to bottom. The crock's large size, scarce decoration, and excellent visual appeal cobine to make it a very desirable piece of Southwestern Pennsyvania stoneware, and we're sure that the new owner will be pleased with this hansome storage jar turned on the wheel at one of the most renowned potteries on the storied Monongahela River.

For Sale: $895

Antique American Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig in Original Paint Decoration For Sale

Painted Wooden Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig »

Circa 1890-1910: This handsome and expertly carved blue-eyed soldier whirligig stands just under 9" tall with its propellers at 19" end to end and comes to you in its striking original four color paint decoration of red, blue, beige, and black. The soldier's hat has a delicately pinstriped red top rim with its little red medallion, and the artist even took the time to add the detail of a red stripe on the sentry's pantlegs. Note that this is one of two museum quality whirligigs we are offering by the same as yet unkown carver. Both of these whirligigs are so skillfully wrought that surely there must be others out there. Perhaps a folk art scholar will one day identify this superb folk artist's work and pull their name from the long annals of American history.

For Sale: $2450

Antique Tin Windup Toy Jackee The Hornpipe Dancer Trademark Patents Applied for The Ferdinand Strauss Corp. New York, N.Y. For Sale

Antique Tin Windup by Strauss: Jackee The Hornpipe Dancer »

Circa 1920s: Ferdinand Strauss's representation of the dancing sailor, Jackee, from the roaring twenties, celebrates tin litho printing by giving us a large platform in the shape of a boat that is adorned throughout with seven dancing sailors and a six piece band. Red, white, blue, yellow and green, with bold 20s illustrative styles bring life to this great 9" tall patriotic Americana toy in excellent as found working condition with minor in use play losses to the lithography.

For Sale: $795

Original Museum Quality Sage Green Paint Decorated Antique Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig For Sale

Antique Sage Green Painted Folk Art Whirligig of Carved Wooden Soldier »

Circa 1880-1910: The incredible detail on this petite New England folk art soldier whirligig in unusual original sage green and black paint points to the masterful skill level of its anonymous carver. Notice, for instance, that the carver has hand cut six tiny tin washers and applied them with hand cut brads to serve as buttons on the soldier's coat. This is one of two whirligigs made by the same anonymous carver that we are offering on the open market.

For Sale: $1950

Antique Tin Windup Toy 1930s Louis Marx and Company Moon Mullins and Kayo on a Handcar New York  N.Y.

Antique Tin Windup by Mark: Moon Mullins & Karo on a Handcar »

Circa 1930s: The Louis Marx & Co. toy company has solidified itself as one of the foremost manufacturers of early American tin toys. This example of one of the great comic duos, showcases Moon Mullins and his sidekick Kayo (standing on a dangerous box of dynamite), pumping a handcar. Checkered hobo pants and bowler hats, a large of the period cigar and confident graphic illustrations on the box are just a few of the toy's attractive details.

For Sale: $895

Antique Paint Decorated Miniature Wooden Firkin in Black and White Marblized Painted Country Primitive Decoration for Sale

Antique Paint Decorated Marblized Small Wooden Firkin »

Circa 1880: Measuring 4 3/4" high, this highly stylized paint decorated antique firkin is a delightful beauty. Marblized techniques were popular in the mid to late 1800s and the painting techniques were applied to a variety of objects. Finding any marblized painted pieces from this era is a treat and finding the whimsical decoration on this already hard to find small sized firkin makes it even better. The example of the marblizing talents on this small firkin are spectacular. Black paint swills and drips into mesmerizing patterns. The lid is exceptionally crafted and even the bottom is painted as no detail is left out. Picked from a kitchen on a buying call, this little beauty is fresh to the market and we are very pleased to offer it for sale.

For Sale: $1650

Original Green and Black Paint Decorated Antique Country Primitive American Splint Woven Gathering Basket For Sale

Antique Splint Woven Basket in Original Green and Black Paint »

Circa 1920s: Measuring 13.5" wide by 12.5" tall to the top of the handle, this wonderful splint woven gathering basket retains its orginal vibrant green and black paint. Condition is excellent with a few typical minor usage breaks but nothing that takes away from the basket's visual or structural appeal. Early 20th century baskets with orginal polychromatic paint decoration are hard to find, and this one is a real eye catcher that will fit in with any advanced collection of antique American basketry or early American country primitives.

For Sale: $650

Lehmann antique tin windup ehe red white blue vehicle

Antique Tin Windup Lehmann EHE  »

Circa 1907-1935:Here is a nice 7" German tin litho Lehmann EHE & Co 570 open bed truck. The mechanism works, and the paint is all original with no touch-ups or repairs. Because the truck reads "made in Germany," this particular toy was manufactured post 1920 and is a fine example of early 20th century tin lithography made by the most famous German toy company of its day.

For Sale: $500

1860s Antique American Wallpaper Box For Sale Seaweed Decoration New York Newspaper

1860s Antique American Wallpaper Covered Wooden Box »

Circa 1860s:Collectors of antique wallpaper boxes will appreciate the unusual shape and size (9" wide, 2.75" tall, 6.75" deep) of this 1860s Civil War era wooden wallpaper covered box. We love the wonderful muted pallette with its seaweed like decoration in golden ochre and blue printed paper cover. The inside is lined with marriage certificate to be used in 186_, along with an etching of a horse drawn cannon. The newspaper lined bottom even retains a column on capital punishment taken from a New York paper. Solid condition and unusual size make this interestingly decorated wallpaper box an attractive and desirable piece of mid 19th century country Americana.

For Sale: $475

Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Dueling Barnyard Roosters

Antique American Folk Art Double Roosters Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: This handsome antique folk art hooked rug of a pair of roosters eyeing each other is graphically pleasing because the roosters are presented on a neutral cream background and framed in six thin multi-colored borders. These elements give our cocky barnyard friends a lot of visual pop and force the viewer to focus on their beauty and poise. Measuring 34.5" x 19.5", this punchy antique country hooked rug comes to you professionally mounted and ready to hang.

For Sale: $1595

Primitve Antique Country Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Horses

Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Primitive Horses »

Circa First Half 20th Century: These naively done horses in a seldom used muted green color scheme give this superb 33" x 16" professionally mounted folk art hooked rug an unusually fine visual appeal reminiscent of the likes of renonwned outsider artists such as Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Bill Traylor, and Mose Tolliver.

For Sale: $1450

Antique 1920s Locksmith Box Roosevelt Hotel NYC Paint Decorated Americana

Antique 1920s Locksmith Box from The Roosevelt Hotel, NYC »

Circa 1920s: Measuring 15" wide, 4.75" tall, 4.5" deep, this wonderful as found wooden black and white painted locksmith box boasts a great original surface, with hand done black lettering, including "PAT" on one edge. Found with the included note that it came from the Roosevelt Hotel, this charming piece of Americana from New York City, The Big Apple itself, will make a great addition to the modern antique collection.

For Sale: $345

Antique American Felt Needlework Greyhound Whippet Worcester Mass Phillipps

Antique American Felt Needlework of Greyhound Whippet »

Circa 1840: This early American antique felt needlework picture of a greyhound whippet is a fun and charming piece. Exquisite details include colorful pink and red stiching for the nose, mouth and teats. Simple, yet energetic needlework decorates the foundation in whimsical flowers and leaf paterns. Scribed on the reverse "Worked by Priscilla Phillips, ... Worcester Mass 1793- ... from Alice ... Phillipps ... Jan. ... 1841"

For Sale: $2,450

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Antique 19th Century Mechanical Bank Two Frogs »

Circa 1882: Originally marketed as the Bullfrog Bank and the Frog Bank, James H. Bowen’s strikingly visual Two Frogs mechanical bank was manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut bank giant J. & E. Stevens Company and imitates, in comic fashion, a frog catching its prey, in this case a child’s coin... nearly mint untouched paint decorated surface.

For Sale: $4,950

Historical Staffordshire American Scene Philadelphia Library JW Ridgway

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Level) 10" Historical Staffordshire Plate »

Circa 1825-1828: Enoch Wood & Sons produced dark blue historical Staffordshire transferware of American scenes in the two decades following the War of 1812 as a way to rekindle England's trade relationship with the United States. Their shell border with circular center series consists of American and Canadian views, and one of the most desirable scenes in today's market is the B & O Railroad plate with the level view. Both the level and incline views of the Baltimore and Ohio Railiroad plates were manufactured to commemorate the beginning of the railroad's construction in 1828 and thus were made prior to trains being used in America, thus making these views truly futuristic!

For Sale: $950

Odd Fellows Twelve Piece Folk Art Collection of Fraternal Symbols

Twelve Piece Folk Art Set of Odd Fellows Fraternal Symbols »

Circa 1930-1950: This set of twelve Odd Fellows fraternal symbols recently came out of the lodge in Kewanee Illinois. This is a very special and unique opportunity to acquire a whole set of carved American folk art in one collection. The symbols are fantastic, inclucing the most seen I.O.O.F. gravemaker symbol or emblem, The Chain With Three Links, meaning Friendship, Love, and Truth. Odd Fellows are also known as “The Three Link Fraternity.” 

For Sale: $2,400


Early American Tin Horse and Rider Bell Toy Antique Pull Toy Althoff Bergmann For Sale

Antique Tin Windup Lehmann Paddy and the Pig »

Circa 1924: Marked on the bottom "MADE IN GERMANY D.R. PATENT LEHMANN PATD 1903, 1905 1907," this Lehmann Paddy and the Pig is one of the most whimsical and fantastic German tin windup toys of the early 20th century, featuring an Irishman saddled atop a pig and ready for the ride of his life.

For Sale:$1250

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Rare Cast Iron Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto »

Circa 1905: What a pleasure it is to offer this extremely scarce Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto to the antique toy collecting community! Comic character automotive toys are far and few between, but the hefty 10" Sight-Seeing Auto is in a class of its own. This spectacular example is completely original, including its paint, steering wheel, and its five characters, which include Gloomy Gus, The Sailor, Mama Katzenjammer, Papa Katzenjammer and Happy Hooligan.

For Sale: $5,500

Folk Art Antique American Hooked Rug of Dogs Named Bob and Rose

Folk Art Hooked Rug "Bob & Rose" with Stars & Hearts »

Circa Early 20th Century: Measuring a robust 64" by 27", this charming and colorful folk art hooked rug depicts a love story between two fine dogs, Bob and Rose. Note that our canine friends are looking into one another's eyes and are wagging their tails.

For Sale: $3750

Ohio Document Box in Original Red Paint and Newspaper Lining

PA Document Box in Original Red Paint and Newspaper Lining »

Circa 1840: Made of chestnut and poplar, this Pennsylvania document box in the form of a miniature blanket chest sports original red paint decoration, simple scalloped feet, square nail construction, and newspaper lining from the July 23, 1838 edition of the Philadelphia Messenger, a weekly publication begun in 1837. Measuring 8"H x 12 1/2"W x 8 1/2"D, this handsome country primitive chest has a fitted lid cased on all four sides, thus eliminating the need for hinges. 

For Sale: $650

Antique Indiana Stoneware 2 gallon Blue Decorated Crock by Upton Stucky

Attributed Upton Stuckey 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1860-1880: Measuring 10.75" tall and 8.25" in diameter, this 2 gallon straight-sided stoneware crock with freehand cobalt decoration is attributed to Upton Stuckey's Martin County pottery in Loogootee, Indiana, which Upton Stuckey owned with his father Martin, the first potter in Martin County, for about 50 years.

For Sale: $395

Early 19th Century Watercolor Portrait Woman in Blue Dress Man with Top Hat and Watch Fob

Paul T. Sargent (1880-1946) Oil On Canvas Painting »

Circa 1906-1912: Sargent earned an art degree at Eastern Illinois University and then travelled to Chicago to study at the prestigious Art Institute from 1906 to 1912. It was there he completed this 23" x 27" study of a nude wman reclining. Although known for his landscape paintings and extensive work with the Brown County Indiana Art Society, this early student work of a highly unusual subject matter for Sargent shows his confident use of color and brushwork, especially the long brush strokes evident in his later paintings. Bold, heavy application of subdued colors harken to the arts and crafts era. This may be the only known Sargent oil on canvas female nude yet to surface and is a rare find for collectors of Illinois and Indiana art.

For Sale: $2150

Enoch Fowler Beaver County Pennsylvania 3 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Churn For Sale

Enoch Fowler Beaver County PA 3 Gallon Blue Decorated Churn »

Circa 1850s: Enoch Fowler is one of Beaver County, Pennsylvania's most celebrated potters, and this hefty three gallon cobalt decorated churn is super well potted and beautifully decorated to boot, showing why wares from Fowler's kiln were so popular in Western Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $795

19th Century American Folk Art Budget Box of The Linnaean Literary Society

Antique Folk Art Budget Box of The Linnaean Literary Society »

Circa 1814-1822: This wonderful paint decorated folk art Budget Box of The Linnaean Literary Society is a rare and unusual slice of 19th century history. According to Wikipedia, "The Linnaean Society of New England...was established in Boston, Massachusetts, to promote natural history. The societry organized a natural history museum and also arranged lectures and excursions for its members."

For Sale: $1250

Antique American Doll Sled with Original Painted Surface For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Paint Decorated Doll Sled in Original Surface »

Circa 1890-1910: Measurung a petite 14 1/2" long, 5" wide, and 3 1/4" in tall, this five color polychromatic painted doll sled boasts floral decoration surrounded by a double border of gold stenciling inside a blue pinstripe. Its cast iron runners in original green have red striping, and the sled even includes its original rope so that a little girl of the daycould pull her favorite doll through the snow on a bright winter day. This gorgeous doll sled was gently used and exhibits the good honest wear that advanced collectors desire in their antiques.

For Sale: $1,450

Early 19th Century Watercolor Portrait Woman in Blue Dress Man with Top Hat and Watch Fob

Early 19th Century Full length Double Watercolor Portrait »

Circa 1830: Here, an unknown itinerant artist makes use of his talent in this interesting tale of a tall, portly gentleman holding his hat and making eye contact with a petite, educated, slightly older lady, book in hand, in an amazingly vivid blue dress as they stand on a boldly decorated carpet. Each gazing forward with their own purpose and past, this unlikely duo is captured in this charming early watercolor.

For Sale: $2350

Williams and Reppert Greensboro PA 2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Crock

2 Gallon Williams & Reppert Greensboro PA Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1880s: Here is a nice example of a two gallon storage jar potted by the Greensboro, Pennsylvania firm of Williams and Reppert. This crock is made from red clay prevalent in Southwestern PA and has the usual dark slip with freehand and stencil cobalt decoration.

For Sale: $395

Hamilton and Jones Blue Decorated Rose Stencil Salt Glazed Wax Sealer Stoneware Crock

Hamilton & Jones Rose Stencil Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1870-1880: This 10", 1 gallon, Hamilton & Jones stoneware crock is decorated with a large rose stencil. No chips, cracks or restoration, minor crazing over surface, on this popular Hamilton and Jones motif. James and William ‘Leet’ Hamilton, arrived from New Brighton, Pennsylvania, around 1850 to start a pottery manufactory of their own.

For Sale: $495

Early Antique Staffordshire Earthworm Decorated Multi-colored Mochaware Bowl: Large, Rare For Sale

Antique Mochaware Earthworm Pearlware Bowl »

Circa 1840-1860: Brilliant blue ground is stunning with rich black striping. This mochaware footed bowl features gorgeous slip decoration, and its whopping 11 inch diameter makes it a very rare find. This bowl is incredilbly eye catching and could serve as the centerpiece in any collection of early decorated slipware.

For Sale: $1,495

Early Antique Staffordshire Earthworm Decorated Multi-colored Mochaware Bowl: Large, Rare For Sale

Early Staffordshire Mochaware Bowl with Earthworm Decoration »

Circa 1840-1860: Pearlware Bowl with Tri-Color Decoration. This lovely mochaware bowl features blue and white earthworm decoration on a blue-green ground and is bordered on top and bottom with dark brown-black stripes.

For Sale: $750

1830s Ovoid Ohio Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar with Freehand Decoration

Early Ohio Two Gallon Ovoid Salt Glazed Storage Jar  »

Circa 1830s: This lovely cobalt decorated ovoid storage crock is the country decorator's dream. The rustic mottled gray of the glaze, the primitive cobalt tulip, the stone pops and pock marks of a 180 year history, and its early ovoid form combine to make this ruggedly handsome storage jar a perfect fit on painted crock bench or in an old open cupboard.

For Sale: $695

Rare Folk Art Warsaw Illinois Early American Sampler Signed Clarinda Park 1834

Early American Antique House Sampler from Warsaw Illinois »

Circa 1834: Rare piece of early American folk art— Illinois samplers are rare and desirable, and Clarinda Park's incredibly eye catching 1834 house sampler from Warsaw is an early example from already rare and hard to find Illinois samplers.

For Sale: $6,500

Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank I Always Did Spise a Mule

Little Joe Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1915: The Little Joe mechanical bank is the slightly smaller English cousin of the famous Jolly Bank, which was wildly popular and made in more variations for a longer period of time by more companies than any other original cast iron mechanical bank. .

For Sale: $450

Jolly Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank

Jolly Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1935-1950: Manufactured in England by Sydenham & McOustra (known more commonly as S & M), this cast iron Jolly Black Man mechanical bank retains a high percentage of original paint. The pink lips, bright red jacket, and robin's egg blue tie and buttons make this bank stand out in a collection. Later versions of this Black Americana bank were made with aluminum eyes, but this one has the earlier cast iron eyes.

For Sale: $425

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique 3 Color Pennsylvania Parcheesi Board »

Circa 1880s: The excellent compass decoration on this 19th century folk art gameboard is a sure sign that it has a Pennsylvania origin as this type of design can be traced back to 18th century Pennsylvania German immigrants. Fine detailed lines in bright mustard yellow and vibrant bittersweet on an oxidized red ground with original molding with great hand forged square nails make this a perfectly original game board. Great crackling in the paint and excellent condition on the original paint decoration. Measures 23" square.

For Sale: $2,350

Highly Painted Pintail Duck Decoy

Turned Head Illinois River Decoy »

Circa 1920s-1940s: Here is a wonderful Illinois River mallard hen decoy in the turned head form that features completely original and untouched painted surface. The decoy is done in the typical hollowed out two-piece construction common to Illinois River birds and has a flat bottom that would make it balance well in turbulent conditons.

For Sale: $395


Antique Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar from Greensboro Pennsylvania PA

Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1880s: Standing 12" in height, with 5 blue freehand stripes and nice, well done stencil decoration, this is a classic example of the highly collected Hamilton and Jones pottery.

For Sale: $485

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board »

Circa 1900: Both sides of this striking and large handmade antique gameboard are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The unusual corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye and point the viewer to the game's central home square. The reverse is equally pleasing with its over-sized Nova Scotian checkerboard and its wide expanse of dark Indian red paint. This handsome example of turn of the century utilitarian folk art is sure to please even the most advanced collector.

For Sale: $2250

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique Country Primitive Checkerboard with Mustard and Black Borders »

Circa 1910-1940: This antique American checkerboard has an unusual seven board construction and great black and mustard borders with black squares over a brown ground. The round nails are oxidized and point to an early 20th century construction. This great gameboard is in its untouched original conditon and is priced to sell. Measures 24 1/2" x 20 1/2".

For Sale: $450

Early 18th Century New York Female Association School Sampler

Historically Important 1819 New York Female Association School Sampler »

Circa 1819: Susan Anderson's rare and important antique American Quaker sampler has distinctive motifs that make it part of the important group of samplers described in Betty Ring's book (Vol ll,page 318) as The New York Female Association School group .What makes this so significant is the naming of the instructress Rebecca Leggett, the needlerwork teacher responsible for creating these highly identifiable motifs documented on the other  known examples.

For Sale: $2,750

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Early American Red, Brown, and Mustard Checkerboard »

Circa 1840-1860: This 12" square poplar checkerboard in orignal three color paint decoration is the earliest gameboard we have owned. This delightful board has great use wear and dates from before the Civil War when most homemade folksy boards were small, light, and completely utilitarian in function, and it will be completely at home in a collection of early American country antiques and primitives.

For Sale: $350

Antique American Folk Art Painting on Board of Eagle on Perch Pennsylvania Origin

Antique American Folk Art Portrait of Palla’s Fish Eagle »

Circa 1900-1925: Measuring 28 ¼” x 17 ¼” including its original frame, this folksy rendition of Haliaeetus Leucoryphus, commonly known as Palla’s fish eagle and native to Asia, is the second example of this anonymous American folk artist’s bird portraits to pass through our hands.

For Sale: $1,250

Rare Berlinware Early American Paint Decorated Document Box in Rare Blue Ground, Group Four Berlin Conneticut 19th Century Toleware Tinware for Sale

Rare Berlinware Early American
Paint Decorated Document Box »

Circa 1810: Paint decorated tinware box with rare blue ground from Berlin Conneticut, attributed to the group IV makers in Berlin, CT.

For Sale: $2,795

Antique Cast Iron Fire Truck Original Red Paint Hubley For Sale

Antique Hubley Cast Iron Fire Truck »

Circa 1930: 14" Long, Original Red Paint. Hubley cast iron fire truck in original red paint, circa 1930. Hubley was the largest and longest producer of cast iron toys and it is here, in the fired departments ladder truck that Hubley celebrates the growing efforts of the early 20th century volunteer fireman. Three drivers, cast in great detail.

For Sale: $1,195

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Nodder Large German Americana Toy

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Americana Nodder »

Late Nineteenth Century: This large antique German Uncle Sam nodder is a fantastic find. The great long legs harken to the Palmer Cox Brownie figures of the era. Wonderful Red and White striped pants and a bright yellow vest with little black buttons, a fancy blue tail coat, white gloves and a tall top hat dress up this wonderful antique Americana toy.

For Sale: $1,650

A. Conrad New Geneva PA Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware

A. Conrad New Geneva Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

One Gallon: Standing 10" in height, with a blue freehand stripe painted under the rim and nice A. Conrad New Geneva stencil with decoration on the front.

For Sale: $295

Historical Staffordshire American Scene Philadelphia Library JW Ridgway

Historical Staffordshire Beauties of America Scenes »

Philadelphia Library: Blue and White Historical Staffordshire J and W Ridgway makers.

For Sale: $485

Historical Staffordshire American Scenes Fairmount Near Philadelphia
Antique Humpback Teddy Bear, Early American Bear for Sale

Early Humped Back Teddy Bear »

Circa 1910-1925: Long arms, long snout, long mohair and humped back bring great character to this old bear. Measures 12" tall.

For Sale: $795

Sleepy Eye Blue and White Decorated Pitcher: Signed and Dated 1910 by Frank Haw

Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye
Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 »

Circa 1910: Here is the finest Western Stoneware lunch hour piece we have ever seen. Frank Haws, one of the most prolific, highly skilled, and important of Western's potters, crafted this exuberantly cobalt decorated Old Sleepy Pitcher in 1910. Lunch hour pitchers from Western Stoneware are highly prized, and pieces signed by known potters are extremely rare and desirable. This stunning one of a kind Illinois folk art stoneware pitcher is a fabulopus example of American folk art and could be the centerpiece in any advanced collection of Illinois stoneware or blue and white potttery.

For Sale: $2,250

Antique American Original Paint Decorated Folk Art Memory Jugs

Best Pair of Antique American Folk Art Memory Jugs »

Circa 1900, Outstanding Decoration: Standing 13" in height, this pair of highly decorated folk art memory jugsis an impressive sight to behold. Each jug is filled with a myriad of delightful turn of the last century trinkets, including dolls, tokens, silverware, small ears of corn, and much much more! To top it off, these whimsical jugs were set upon nine inch tin plates so that the maker (or makers as the case may be) could have even more room for decoration.

For Sale: $950

Antique Miniature Three Drawer American Empire Chest | circa 1830-1850

Miniature Three Drawer American Chest »

Circa 1850: Great original porcelain knobs and simple tappered legs set apart this hand made American miniture chest.

15" H x 15 3/4" W x 8 1/2" D

For Sale: $895

Historical StaffordshirePottery Platter Oxford Views Ridgway Blue and White 19th Century Ceramics

Historical Staffordshire Platter: Wadham College
from J&W Ridgway's Oxford Scenes »

Circa 1835 | Ridgway Historic Scene Large historical Staffordshire pottery platter of Wadham College. The "Oxford Views" series by Ridgway. Marked on reverse "Opaque China Wadham College Oxford J & W Ridgway

For Sale: $795

Hudson River Valley Historical Staffordshire

Park Theatre, New York | Historical Staffordshire »

Circa 1825-1832: Dark blue Historical Staffordshire ten inch dinner plate with acorn border from Stevenson and Williams.

For Sale: $550

Antique American Advertising Store Display Tin with Eagle in Red, Gold, Black and White from Denver Colorados 1920s Eagle Mills

Antique Eagle Mills General Store Countertop Spice Tin »

Circa 1920s: This neat 9 ¾” tall by 6 ¾” wide by 5” deep Denver, Colorado, Eagle Mills Pure Ground Country Store Spice Tin is a colorful example of roaring twenties advertising from the Mile High City’s burgeoning Platte River Valley mill industry in the post World War I American West. The bright gold, red, black, and white four-color paint scheme features an aggressive bald eagle standing proudly atop an American stars and bars shield. This tin beckons back to the high running patriotism in the booming economy between the first world war and the stock market crash of 1929. This wonderfully colorful reminder of the early 20th century west will fit perfectly into a country kitchen or country store collection.

For Sale: $225

Beauties of America Library Philadelphia J and W Ridgeway 8 Dark Blue Historical Staffordshire Plate For Sale

J. & W. Ridgway "Beauties of America" Series »

Circa 1820s-1830s: Dark blue historical Staffordshire transferware with American scenes are the most collected and desirable of the English transferware made for the American market, and smaller plates, such as this lovely 8 1/4" plate depicting the Philadelphia library are more difficult to find than their larger counterparts. This example from the Beauties of America series features Ridgway's floral border and is in excellent condition

For Sale: $495

Cobalt Blue Decorated Tulip Freehand Four Gallon Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock
19th Century Antique American Chestnut Gathering Basket Country Primitive

Antique American Pigeon Carrier Basket »

Circa 1880-1900: This extremely rare pigeon carrier basket is the most interesting unusual example of early American basketry we have yet to offer to the buying public. With bentwood handle, footed bottom, round construction, and topside opening, this basket was meant to use carry homing pigeons. The construction of this unusual primitve basket is absolutely ingenius.

For Sale: $950

Alexandria VA Virginia John Swann Antqiue American Southern Stoneware Cobalt One Gallon Storage Jar For Sale

Early One Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar
Possibly Attributed to John Swann, Alexandria, Virginia »

Circa 1820-1830: Standing ten inches in height, this early and interesting one gallon stoneware storage jar sports a simple but unusual dotted cobalt decoration around its shoulder. Although unsigned, the decoration, glaze color, and form of this jar resemble the work of Alexandria, Virginia's master potterJohn Swann. Swann is known to have begun decoratiing his pottery in order to compete with the potters in Baltimore, who already specialized in blue decorated wares.

For Sale: $695

Antique Sampler with House, Alphabets, Birds, Lions and Keys

Early 19th Century Georgian Silk Embroidered Picture »

Circa 1810-1830: Silk and Watercolor on Silk with Exceptional Stitching: This captivating silk embroidered picture depicts a seated woman flanked by a donkey and a lion and measures 12 iches by 10 inches, not including the frame.

For Sale: $1495

Antique Santa Belsnickle Candy Container Marked Germany

Antique Santa Belsnickle Candy Containter »

Circa 1890-1920: This turn of the century German made paper composition Santa candy container is darling. Great details and craftsmanship on his painted face include blue eyes, red lips and lots of fine coloring. A nice size, measuring 8" and perfect condition make this a nice example for Antique Chrismtas and candy container collectors.

For Sale: $485

Folk Art Hooked Rug Horse Antique For Sale

Folk Art Horse Hooked Rug »

Circa 1890-1910: This fabulously folky and naive hooked rug depicts one full-bodied horse and one horse's head. The rug measures 25" by 17 1/2" including its unusual hand woven burlap fringe.

For Sale: $895

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