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Schoenhut Two Hump Painted-Eyed Camel

Circa 1918-1933: This regular sized wooden Schoenhut two hump camel with painted eyes measure 8" long not including its original tail. This figure was part of the popular early 20th century Schoenhut Circus and is in completely original condition with no paint touch-ups or restoration. The camel is in excellent played with condition and shows mild expected high point and joint wear to the paint as photographed. This is a very nice example of a classic antique American toy.

Antique Schoenhut Circus Camel

rear view wooden schoenhut painted eye camel

schoenhut two hump camel

Regular size two hump antique schoenhut camel

early wooden schoenhut circus camel

Antique Schoenhut Two Hump Camel with Painted Eyes

For Sale: $295

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