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Original Paint Decoration, Checkers, Parcheesi, Backgammon, Old Mill, Double Sided, Early 20th and 19th Century Game Boards.
antique double sided wooden gameboard in red black and mustard yellow paint decoration for sale

Wooden Double Sided Old Mill and Checkers Gameboard »

Circa 1880-1920: This 1" thick single board is in great original condition. The black and mustard on red ground is classic and the fine yellow striping shows a niave, but trained hand. Measures 19" x 15.5".

For Sale: $650

Antique American Folk Art Paint Decorated Wooden Game Board For Sale

"Ludo" Antique Wooden Paint Decorated Gameboard »

Circa 1920s-1930s: Interesting, likely Midwestern, Ludo hand made gameboard painted in rich dark green and decorated with hand painted red stripes.

For Sale: $495

black and mustard paint decorated wooden antique parcheesi gameboard

Mustard and Black Parcheesi Gameboard »

Circa 1920s: Measuring 23.25" x 18", this striking mustard and black Parcheesi gameboard has great honest play wear and a beautifully original painted surface that exhibits proper crazing.

For Sale: $625

Double Sided Backgammon and Checkers Gameboard »

Circa Late 19th Century: Bold red paint decoration with a fabulous surface makes this a stand out board. Measures 15" x 15" and is all original.

For Sale: $1,250

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

7 Color Wahoo Gameboard »

Circa 1930s-1940s: Measuring 16" square, this homemade Wahoo board has a white ground that accentuates the other bright colors.

For Sale: $895

1930s 1940s Wooden Gameboard Painted Red Black Checkers Relief Carved Bold Graphic For Sale

Antique American 5 Color Painted Gameboard »

Circa 1900: Note the wonderful honest use, history, and completely original first surface on this well designed checkerboard.

For Sale: $695

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique 3 Color PA Parcheesi Board »

Circa 1880s: The excellent compass decoration on this 19th century folk art gameboard is a sure sign that it has a Pennsylvania origin.

For Sale: $2,350

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique Country Primitive Checkerboard with Mustard and Black Borders »

Circa 1910-1940: This antique American checkerboard has an unusual seven board construction and great black and mustard borders.

For Sale: $450

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Early American Red, Brown, and Mustard Checkerboard »

Circa 1840-1860: This 12" square poplar checkerboard in orignal three color paint decoration is the earliest gameboard we have owned.

For Sale: $350

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