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Antique Weathervanes and Whirligigs

Rare Hales Green Mountain Morgan Horse Weathervane

Hale's Green Mountain Morgan Horse Weathervane

Circa 1909: This large and exceedingly scarce full bodied weathervane in its untouched orginal weathered surface depicts the Morgan horse by which all other Morgans are measured, Hale's Green Mountain Morgan, 42 A.M.H., who was sired somewhere between 1832 and 1834 in Vermont, right about the time the famous Morgan racehorse Blackhawk was born.

For Sale: $17,500

antique american rooster weathervane for sale

Antique American Rooster Weathervane »

Circa 1900: There really is no more classic weathervane than the rooster. Europe's oldest surviving weathervane, a rooster known as Ramperto's Cock, dates to circa 820-840 AD and is photographed and discussed on page 17 of Robert Shaw's American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds (Rizzoli Electra 2021).

For Sale: $7,250

folk art wooden carved and painted antique whiligig of a boxer

Outstanding Antique Folk Art Boxer Whirligig

Circa 1st Quarter 20th Century: With its arms extended, this incredible folk art boxer whirligig stands close to 15" tall including its original base. The black, white and gray paint scheme is also completely original.

For Sale: $4,500

antique folk art carved wooden original surface and paint policeman whirligig

Folk Art Policeman in Blue Uniform Whirligig »

Circa Late 19th Century: The superb original three-color blue, white, and black paint scheme on this early rotating policeman whirligig is breathtakingly beautiful, and the policeman's carved form with its rounded edges, painted facial features, and wide arms is absolutely charming.

For Sale: $4,250

Folk Art 19th Century American Whirligig Wooden Painted Carving for Sale

Man in Top Hat Whirligig »

Circa Late 19th Century: From the same maker as shown on pg. 122 of A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs, this great folk art, mixed media man stands 13.5" tall and is in excellent, original condition.

For Sale: $3,950

folk art beaver sheet metal antique weathervane

Folk Art Sheet Metal Beaver Weathervane »

Circa 1st Quarter 20th Century: This unusual weathervane in originial naturally weathered green paint measures an ample 32.5" long by 14.25" tall including its custom made museum stand.

For Sale: $3,500

antique eagle weathervane 19th century gold copper and zinc head with arrow and stand

Antique American Eagle Weathervane »

Circa 1880s: This 18" tall (including modern museum stand) 19th century eagle weathervane has an 18.5" wingspan and a 17.5" arrow sports an old historic weathered in use regilding with verdigis patina.

For Sale: $2,850

Antique American Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig in Original Paint Decoration For Sale

Painted Wooden Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig »

Circa 1890-1910: This early, colorful whirligig stands 19" tall including propellers.

For Sale: $2,450

antique copper and zinc small eagle weathervane by fiske for sale

Petite Eagle Weathervane Attributed to Fiske

Circa Late 19th Century: Measuring 10" tall (17" tall including its folksy modern mount) and having an 11.75" wingspan, this small eagle weathervane is attributed to New York City's J.W. Fiske and Company.

For Sale: $1,950

antique folk art weathervane painted wood carving robin bird

Early 20th Century Folk Art Robin Weathervane »

Circa 1920s: Found in a New England home and mounted on a 15" long piece of driftwood, this beautiful carved wooden robin weathervane with inserted sheet copper tail fin directional has exceptional finely crazed orginal paint and most probably was mounted atop a birdhouse.

For Sale: $1,250

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