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antique pictorial needlework sampler harriet clapp 1811 northampton massachusetts

Northampton MA Pictorial Sampler Dated 1811 »

Circa 1870: Petite one quart Southwestern Pennsylvania canning jars are extremely popular among collectors, and this 6.75" tall wax sealer has nice contast and dark clearly legible cobalt block lettering.

For Sale: $7,450

antique american rooster weathervane for sale

Antique American Rooster Weathervane »

Circa 1900: There really is no more classic weathervane than the rooster. Europe's oldest surviving weathervane, a rooster known as Ramperto's Cock, dates to circa 820-840 AD and is photographed and discussed on page 17 of Robert Shaw's American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds (Rizzoli Electra 2021).

For Sale: $7,250

b.c. milburn alexandria virginia antique blue decorated stoneware crock for sale

Fine B.C. Milburn Decorated 2 Gallon Ovoid Storage Jar »

Circa 1841-1873: This wildly decorated 12.25" tall two gallon semi-ovoid storage crock impressed with Bendict Cuthbert Milburn's classic "B.C. Milburn Alexa" comes straight from the unmatched Al and Billy Steidel Alexandria, Virginia, stoneware collection and is illustrated on page 255 of Eddie Wilder's Alexandria, Virginia Pottery: 1792-1876 (Wadsworth Publishing Company 2007).

Sale Pending

antique american painted tin windup toy gunthermann Jack Sprat

Superb Gunthermann Jack Sprat Dancers Tin Windup »

Circa 1890-1920: This tin windup toy from the German firm Gunthermann portrays famed nursery rhyme couple Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat: "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, / His wife could eat no lean. / And so between them both, you see, / They licked the platter clean."

For Sale: $3,950

18th century english lignum vitae mortar and pestle

Outstanding Lignum Vitae Mortar and Pestle »

Circa 2nd Half 18th Century: This exuberantly turned English mortar and pestle is signed J. Salsbury on both pieces.

For Sale: $3,750

large antique stoneware blue decorated striped crock

L. B. Dilliner 6 Gallon Decorated Striper Crock »

Circa 1870s: With the expanded interest in the striped stoneware of West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania, finding unusual examples of this type of stoneware has become increasingly difficult because of its high demand and relatively low supply.

For Sale: $3,695

19th century antique paint decorated wooden checkers gameboard in unusual colors of blue, pink and white

Unusual Paint Decorated Ladies Checkers Board »

Circa Late 19th Century: We have handled a lot of gameboards, but we have never come upon another hand painted checkers games with pink and white squares. Made by a a professional carriage maker, this large highly graphic eight-color checkerboard was most probably commissioned as a gift to a lady

For Sale: $3,450

early american tin articulated double horse bell toy james fallows and sons philadelphia pennsylvania

Rare James Fallows Double Horse Bell Toy »

Circa 1880s: This whimsical 7.75"H x 8.75"L x 4.5"D early American tin atriculated bell toy with an eye catching pair of yellow horses atop a green base was manufactured by Philadelphia's James Fallows and Sons.

For Sale: $3,250

antique j de p tin windup delage limousine made in paris france

Large J de P Delage Tin Wind-up Limousine »

Circa 1928-1932: A finer example of this sleek Jouets de Paris (J de P) 13" long Delage Limousine would be extremely difficult to find because this beautiful French tin wind-up retains nearly all of its untouchedd original polychromatic paint decoration and has only minor in use wear.

For Sale: $3,250

rare antique ohio harvest jug

Elisabeth Harpster's Small 3 Cup Stoneware Harvest Jug »

Circa 1850-1870: This incredibly rare and important Ohio harvest jug inscribed "Elisabeth Harpster / Flat Rock / Seneca Co / O" stands a mere 7" high to the top of its handle and has a capacity of only 24 ounces. On top if its small size, it is the only known harvest jug of this type that has a woman's name on it, making it extremely scarce.

For Sale: $3,150

R.T.Williams Pennsylvania antique blue decorated stoneware double handled 5 gallon jug crock

R. T. Williams 5 Gallon Double Handled Jug »

Circa 1890-1895: This 20.5" tall freehand stencil decorated example from New Geneva's storied potter Robert T. Williams, who was murdered in 1895 at the top of his career, is in completely original condition, including the handles.

For Sale: $2,950

18th century antique american ash burl wooden bowl

Highly Figured Early American Ash Burl Bowl »

Circa 1780-1820: This outstanding early American burl bowl of New England origin features an unusually high profile, a superb warm surface, a highly graphic grain, decorative grooved turnings, and a nicely defined foot.

For Sale: $2,895

antique painted wooden pointing hand trade sign

6 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Water Cooler »

Circa 1870s: This massive Northeast Ohio water cooler attributed to Akron potter Freierick Weeks stands just over 15" tall and is nearly 12" in diameter.

For Sale: $2,850

Free hand blue decorated antique stoneware crock made by Bougner from Greensboro Pennsylvania

A and W Boughner 2 Gallon Freehand Decorated Jar »

Circa 1852-1864: This 12" tall two gallon salt glazed storage crock is easily attributable to brothers Alexander and William Boughner, sons of Daniel Boughner, Greensboro, Pennsylvania's first potter.

For Sale: $2,795

Redware Slip Decorated Plate

Rare Berlinware Early American Paint Decorated Document Box »

Circa 1810: Paint decorated tinware box with rare blue ground from Berlin Conneticut, attributed to the group IV makers in Berlin, CT.

For Sale: $2,795

highly decorated freehand blue 3 gallon pennsylvania stoneware crock

Freehand Decorated 3 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1870: Southwest Pennsylvania stoneware covered in freehand cobalt decoration is always in demand among discerning collectors, and this three gallon jar has all the bells and whistles: stripes, squiggles, flowers, vines, and a beautifully done three gallon capacity mark.

For Sale: $2,495

brilliant blue antique stoneware crock from hamilton and jones

Vibrant Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Storage Jar »

Circa 1870: Although the Greensboro, Pennsylvania, firm of Hamilton and Jones, partnered by Frank Hamilton and John Jones, was in business from 1866-1897, this stunning two gallon jar was most probably thrown in the first decade of the company's long 31 year tenure when the Greene County pottery's most highly decorated stoneware was fired in the kiln.

For Sale: $2,450

Antique American Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig in Original Paint Decoration For Sale

Painted Wooden Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig »

Circa 1890-1910: This handsome and expertly carved blue-eyed soldier whirligig stands 19" end to end.

For Sale: $2,450

black americana stevens and brown althof bergmann clockwork tricycle velocipede

Rare Stevens and Brown Clockwork Velocipede »

Circa 1870s: The Stevens and Brown velocipede, forerunner of the modern tricycle, is one of the earliest and most cherished American clockwork toys, and this example is the scarce version with a young African American male driver.

For Sale: $2,450

Signed John Bell Blue Decorated Antique Crock

Signed John Bell 3 Gallon Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1850-1880: Of all the people in the long line of Bell family master potters, John Bell is considered the best of them, and this highly decorated and superbly thrown three gallon storage jar is an excellent example of his work.

For Sale: $2,350

early american antique new england pine storage box in original lipstick red paint decoration

Colorful Paint Decorated New England Storage Box »

Circa 1830s: Signed "June the 20 1837" in period script on the underside of the lid, this striking white pine New England storage box retains its original six- color paint decoration on a bright tomato red ground.

For Sale: $2,250

antique new york blue decorated stoneware pitcher with bird on branch for sale

Brady and Ryan 2 Gallon New York Bird Pitcher »

Circa 1878-1897: Large two gallon New York stoneware pitchers with bird decoration are difficult to find, and this hefty 12" tall stamped "Brady and Ryan / Ellenville, N.Y." is an attractive example of the form.

For Sale: $2,250

antique blue decorated pennsylvania stoneware batter pitcher crock for sale

Sipe and Sons Blue Decorated Stoneware Batter Jug »

Circa 1879-1893: This attractive one gallon batter jug from the storied Williamsport PA firm of Sipe and Sons is a classic example of the wares that author Phil Shaltenbrand describes on page 63 in his seminal volume Big Ware Turners (Westerwald Press 2002) as "light in weight, beautifully handled and tastefully decorated."

For Sale: $2,195

fish butler doorstop for sale

Hubley Cast iron Footmen Doorstops »

Circa 1920s: Large and small cast iron Hubley footmen doorstops designed by Anne Fish, excellent original paint, large footmen 12 1/8"H x 8 3/8"W, small footmen 9"H x 5 7/8"W. Selling as a set.

For Sale: $1,900

Rare and hard to find Foell and Alt blue decorated stoneware jug from east birmingham PA

Foell & Alt 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Jug »

Circa 1857-1872: One of the more difficult 19th century Southwestern Pennyslvania stoneware pieces to find is work from the East Birmingham firm of Foell and Alt, and this 14" tall two gallon jug with both freehand and stencil decoration is a fantastic example of their output.

For Sale: $1,850

antique paint decorated childs chest

Untouched Original Paint Decorated Child's Chest

Circa 2nd Quarter 19th Century: Measuring a petite 19.25"H and constructed entirely of poplar, this dynamically flame mahogany grain painted child's chest bears a strong resemblance to the furniture of storied Hanover, Pennsylvania, cabinet maker John Rupp.

For Sale: $1,750

blue decorated lidded antique stoneware cake crock

Baltimore 1 Gallon Lidded Cake Crock »

Circa 1850: Measuring 6.25" tall and 11" in diameter (including lid and handles), this handsome two gallon cobalt decorated Baltimore cake crock was most probably made by Peter Herrmann.

For Sale: $1,695

Antique Nantucket Basket Original Sewing Fabric Ferdinand Sylvaro Lightship Basket for Sale

Antique Ferdinand Sylvaro Nantucket Lightship Sewing Basket »

Circa 1930: This unusual Nantucket Lightship sewing basket still retains its orginal fabric and looks as if it has never been used.

For Sale: $1,650

country blue antique wooden wallpaper box with flowers urn vine border and lid

Blue Wallpaper Bandbox with Compote of Flowers »

Circa Mid 19th Century: This incredibly striking New England bentwood bandbox wood peg construction is covered in early blue wallpaper, its lid featuring an outstanding compote of flowers flanked by hovering dragonflies and encircled by a lovely grapevine.

For Sale: $1,650

Antique Bell Pull Toy Heart Wheels Hunter and Rabbit

Hunter and Rabbit Cast Iron Bell Toy »

Circa 1900: East Hampton, Connecticut's N.N. Hill Brass Company innovated the manufacture of small bells and produced a superb line of cast iron pull toys that incorporated their bells.

For Sale: $1,650

Antique Paint Decorated Miniature Wooden Firkin in Black and White Marblized Painted Country Primitive Decoration for Sale

Antique Paint Decorated Marblized Small Wooden Firkin »

Circa 1880: At only 4.75 in height, this little firkin in marbelized black and white paint is a rare find.

For Sale: $1,650

antique flowerpot tanware pennsylvania stoneware 19th century 1880s old country farmhouse decor

6" Pennsylvania Tanware Flowerpot »

Circa 1880-1900: The flowerpot with attached saucer is a desirable tanware form and this example, fully decorated all around, does not disappoint.

For Sale: $1,650

folk art smoke decorated flat top storage box

Smoke Decorated Storage Box on White Ground »

Circa mid 19th century: Smoke decorated box on white ground with blue sponged border on green ground, typical age splits, dovetail and square nail construction, 9"H x 21"L x 13"D.

For Sale: $1,600

yellow smoke decorated chest

Smoke Decorated Chest on Yellow Ground »

Circa mid 19th century: Highly graphic petite original smoke decorated chest on yellow ground with red and green borders, original hardware, dovetail and square nail construction, typical pieced and nailed repairs to lid, lacking key, 9.25"H x 24"L x 11.5"D.

For Sale: $1,600

virginia antique apple green painted sewing basket

Fine Apple Green Lidded Sewing Basket »

Circa 1890-1920: Virginians love their painted baskets, and this stunning lidded sewing basket in original apple green paint most likely originates from Page County in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

For Sale: $1,495

Rosewood antique paint decorated Hudson River scene 19th century antique laptop desk

Rosewood Lap Desk with Hudson River Valley Landscape »

Circa 1850-1875:This fine rosewood lap desk with poplar secondary wood and patriotic shield shaped mother of pearl escutcheon features an oil painting of Hudson, New York and is based on an 1830s William Henry Bartlett engraving entitled "View of Hudson City and the Catskill Mountains."

For Sale: $1,495

hickerson shenandoah valley of virginia blue decorated salt glaze crock

J. M. Hickerson 4 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1879-1897: This large 14.5" tall four gallon signed J.M. Hickerson Strasburg VA storage jar features fantastic dark blue freehand floral decoration on both sides.

For Sale: $1,495

Antique Sampler with House, Alphabets, Birds, Lions and Keys

Early 19th Century Georgian Silk Embroidered Picture »

Circa 1810-1830: This captivating silk embroidered picture depicts a seated woman flanked by a donkey and a lion.

For Sale: $1,495

Early Antique Staffordshire Earthworm Decorated Multi-colored Mochaware Bowl: Large, Rare For Sale

Antique Mochaware Earthworm Pearlware Bowl» 

Circa 1840-1860: This mochaware footed bowl features gorgeous slip decoration, and its whopping 11" diameter makes it a very rare find.

For Sale: $1,495

antique wooden paint decorated gameboard

Folksy Handmade Parcheesi and Checkers Board »

Circa 1880s: Measuring 17 3/8" x 17 5/8", this charming three color double sided Parcheesi and Checkers gameboard with square nail construction has fantastic folk art allure.

For Sale: $1,450

Blue decorated freehand large antique country crock from maryland

Pre Civil War Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1840-1860: This handsome one gallon stoneware pitcher with floral decoration was most probably potted by Baltimore, Maryland's Mauldin Perine or William Linton.

For Sale: $1,450

signed hingham mass original mustard painted 19th century antique wooden firkin sugar bucket

S. Hingham MA Firkin in Original Mustard Paint »

Circa 1870s: It's always a treat to find firkins made in South Hingham, Massachusetts, and this large signed "C. Wilder & Son So. Hingham Mass." firkin in desirable original mustard paint decoration makes one smile.

For Sale: $1,450

antique blue decorated stoneware pitcher for sale 1830-1850 potted by david parr in baltimore maryland

David Parr 1 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1830-1850: This early and beautifully decorated one gallon stoneware pitcher is attributed to David Parr's production in Baltimore because of the color of the clay and the skillful thin potting not found on his Richmond output.

For Sale: $1,450

Sailor Made Ditty Box with Three Stars

Sailor Made Ditty Box with Three Stars »

Circa 2nd Half 19th Century: This handsome sailor made folk art ditty box features an original five color polychromatic paint scheme and a complex sgraffito encircled star within a star within a star pattern on its lid.

For Sale: $1,450

1730 english sampler for sale

Dated 1730 Sampler by Elizabeth Norris »

Circa 1730: Silk on linen sampler, English, signed “Elizabeth Norris July the 15 1730,” excellent condition, 16.75”H x 8.5”W housed in modern 21.5”H x 13.5”W frame.

For Sale: $1,450

half gallon baltimore md blue decorated antique stoneware pitcher

Half Gallon Decorated Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1870s: Standing 9" tall, this petite half gallon stoneware pitcher with classic double flower decoration was most probably potted by Baltimore, Maryland's Peter Herrmann.

For Sale: $1,450

blue striped pennsylvania stoneware crock for sale

1 Quart 5 Striper with Dot Stoneware Canning Jar »

Circa 1870-1890: Stoneware collectors love decorated one quart wax sealers, and this petite barrel form canner with five stripes and a blue dot for good measure is an interesting and attractively decorated example of the 19th century stoneware manufactured in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $1,395


11.5" Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Blue Paint »

Circa 1860-1880: This outstanding bail handled pantry box in original dark blue paint was found in the Shenandoah Valley and is constructed of southern yellow pine; so it most likely was made right here in Virginia.

For Sale: $1,350

Antique wooden childs sled paint decorated salmon black fancy maine 1900s

Toddler's Sled in Salmon, Black and Oyster Paint  »

Circa Early 20th Century: Probablty manufactured in Maine, this whimsical painted child's sled measures a mere 27.5" L x 10.5" W.

For Sale: $1,350

19th century painted architectural elements large wooden newel posts in original gray blue paint for sale

Large 19th Century Painted Newel Post Finials »

Circa 1850-1880: Measuring 13" tall and 7.5" square, these large wooden newel post finials retain their original weathered gray paint decorated surface and are rare survivors from a bygone era.

For Sale: $1,295

early american antique basswoood and poplar polychromatic paint decorated new england keeping box

Early New England Paint Decorated Keeping Box »

Circa Mid 19th Century: This petite basswood and poplar pintle-hinged New England keeping box with square nail construction retains its original surface with gilt-bronze stenciled motifs.

For Sale: $1,295

Shafer Insurance Agency 1920s painted double sided trade sign for sale

Shafer Insurance Agency Double Sided Trade Sign »

Circa 1920s: This wonderful oval double sided Shafer Insurance Agency trade sign in blue and white paint measures approximately 43"L x 21"H including its original hangers.

For Sale: $1,250

Large 18 inch original paint green round woodenware antique country kithcen primitives for sale

18"D Bottom of the Stack Original Green Wooden Pantry Box »

Circa Late 19th Century: Over ten inches high and eighteen inches wide this box works on the bottom of the stack and is in nice sturdy condition.

For Sale: $1,250

19th century antique wallpaper top hat box newspaper lined

Mid 19th Century Wallpaper Hat & Hat Box »

Circa 1850: This beautiful man's high hat wallpaper box iwith three color leaf and vine pattern printed wallpaper includes the early 7" tall period beaver skin stovepipe hat found with the box.

For Sale: $1,150

antique country farmhouse painted kitchen spice pantry box for cloves in green and gold

6.5" Oval Pantry Box in Original Green and Gold Paint

Circa 1850-1880: Pantry boxes with labeled contents are always desirable in advanced collecting circles and this handsome original polychromatic paint decorated oval pantry box is stenciled "Cloves" on the base and has decorative stencils on its lid.

For Sale: $975

blue striped antique pennsylvania stoneware crock for sale

Unusual Half Gallon Southwest Pennsylvania 4 Striper »

Circa 1870s: It's always nice to find something a little different to pique one's interest. We have never come across a striper in this form, and this four striped half gallon storage jar with a widely flared lip is in superb as made condition.

For Sale: $950

mid 19th century antique paint decorated wooden box for sale

Oil on Board Portrait of Gentleman with Tiny Hand »

Circa 2nd Quarter 19th Century: This small oil on sigle thick chamfered tulip poplar board folk art portrait of a gentleman is housed in a period (and possibly original) lemon gold frame. This is a fine example of American folk art portraiture depicting a well-dressed man, his small out of proportion hand draped comfortably over the sofa's arm.

For Sale: $950

4 color mustard black and grain painted antique wooden gameboard

4 Color Checkers Board on Mustard Ground »

Circa 1900: This unusual 22.5" x 15" checkers game was painted on an old lap board, a testament to the utilitarian nature of folk art gameboards themselves. This style of board with keepers on either end was popular right around the turn of the twentieth century and, when combined with the paint colors used and the finely crazed surface we love to see, we can date the board to that general time period.

For Sale: $950

antique sugar bucket in original bittersweet paint decoration

S. Hingham MA Firkin in Original Bittersweet Paint »

Circa Late 19th Century: It's always a treat to find firkins made in South Hingham, Massachusetts, and this desirable signed "L. Gardner S. Hingham Mass." firkin in difficult to find original bittersweet paint decoration is a real winner.

For Sale: $950

small blue decorated antique salt glazed pennsylvania stoneware crock

James Hamilton and Company 1 Quart Canning Crock »

Circa 1870: Petite one quart Southwestern Pennsylvania canning jars are extremely popular among collectors, and this 6.75" tall wax sealer has nice contast and dark clearly legible cobalt block lettering.

For Sale: $895

antique stoneware bird jug whites utica new york

N.A. White and Son 2 Gallon Paddletail Bird Jug »

Circa 1867-1886: The most famous cobalt decoration from Utica, New York's N. A. White and Son pottery firm is that of the paddletail bird on branch.

For Sale: $895

1876 original painted firking sugar bucket country primitive farmhouse decor for sale

1876 Centennial Firkin in Original Sage Green Paint »

Circa 1876: It's always a treat to find firkins attributed to South Hingham, Massachusetts, and this beautiful example in unusual original sage green paint decoration is signed "Our Centennial Best 1776 1876," showing that is was made to celebrate America's 100th anniversary as a nation.

For Sale: $895

T O Goodwin West Hartford Connecticut cobalt decorated ovoid 3 gallon stoneware jug

T. O. Goodwin 3 Gallon Ovoid Jug »

Circa 1830: Blue decorated stoneware marked "T O Goodwin W Hartford" and potted by West Hartford, Connecticut's Thomas O'Hara Goodwin (1796-1880) is diffficult to come by, and this beautiful ovoid jug is a fine example of this elusive potter's output.

For Sale: $895

19th century pantry box in original blue paint

9.75" Round Pantry Box in Original Blue Paint »

Circa Late 19th Century: Collectors love blue, and this 9.75"D x 5.25"H round pantry box in original blue paint definitely fits the bill.

For Sale: $895

mcloughlin brothers abc blocks

McLoughlin Bros. Picture and ABC Blocks »

Circa late 19th century: Complete set of seven nested chromolithographed paper on wood boxes, McLoughlin Bros. New York, with nursery rhyme scenes, losses to paper as photographed and a few late small unobtrusive nails added for stability, largest box 6"H x 7 1/8"L x 7 1/8"W, 39.5"H when stacked.

For Sale: $895

conrad new geneva pa blue decorated antique stoneware crock for sale

A. Conrad Half Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1870-1882: This 8" tall half gallon storage jar turned by storied New Geneva, Pennsylvania, potter Alexander Conrad has the rich dark blue decoration and excellent contrast that advanced collectors of Southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware prefer.

For Sale: $875

mid 19th century antique paint decorated wooden box for sale

Dresser Box with Exuberant Folk Art Paint Decoration »

Circa 1840-1860: This wonderful poplar dresser box from the Marshall Goodman collection was, because of its incredibly exuberant decoration and use of multiple techniques and motifs, most probably painted in the second quarter of the 19th century at a schoolgirl academy.

For Sale: $875

New Geneva PA 4 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock R. T. Williams

4 Gallon R.T. Williams New Geneva PA Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1890s: Dark and crisp cobalt freehand and stencil decoration adorns this 15" R.T Williams four gallon storage jar.

For Sale: $850


Rosewood Grain Painted 6 3/8" Oval Pantry Box »

Circa 1850-1880: Expensive imported woods like rosewood and mahogany were all the rage in mid nineteenth century America, and it was popular for furniture makers to paint less expensive woods such as pine and tulip poplar to mimic their pricey counterparts.

For Sale: $795

green red gold christmas antique painted wooden gameboard for sale

3 Color Decorated Checkers Board on Green Ground

Circa 1880s: This graphic 14 7/8"H x 15 1/4" gamboard features an unusual gold center medallion over a red and green playing surface that is bordered by pinstriping and floral cartouches in each corner.

For Sale: $795

19th century antique wallpaper box vibrant red blue green brown family history pennsylvania

Brechbill Family Wallpaper Box »

Circa Mid 19th Century: This striking 8.5"L oval wallpaper box covered in its original period blue, orange green, and brown block printed paper has the names John G. Brechbill, Elizabeth Brechbill, and Fanny Brechbill written inside.

For Sale: $795

antique blue decorated stoneware churn from northeastern ohio

Northeastern Ohio 4 Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn »

Circa Mid 19th Century: Measuring 15" tall, this sleek slightly ovoid 4 gallon Ohio churn sports a big folksy freehand flower with leaves and cobalt decorated handles.

For Sale: $795

1840s antique boy with hoop toy hollow cut silhouette in lemon gold frame for sale

Fine Boy with Hoop Toy Hollow Cut Silhouette »

Circa 1840s: Housed in a period (and possibly original) lemon gold frame, this early silhouette of a youth with hoop toy portrays the young man, whose figure is fully embellished with subtle black watercolor details, standing atop a blue foreground.

For Sale: $695

antique oyster painted wooden lap joint fingered pantry box

Antique Oval Pantry Box in Original Oyster Paint »

Circa Mid 19th Century: This 5 1/2"L x 4 1/8"W x 2"H oval pantry box in hard to find original oyster paint features opposing finger joints and square nail construction.

For Sale: $695

Antique American 5 Color Painted Gameboard »

Circa 1900: This turn of the last century gameboard boasts two highly contrasting reds separated with well executed black outlined in gold.

For Sale: $695

antique wooden painted real estate orchard fruit trees sign

Paint Decorated Orchard Real Eastate Sign

Circa 1920s-1930s: Measuring 11.5"H x 20"W, this eye catching real estate sign in original black and white paint advertises an entire fruit orchard for sale for "only $9750.00." Such a deal!

For Sale: $650

19th century antique wooden wallpaper box vibrant gold

Early American Wooden Band Box »

Circa 1825-1850: This 11"L x 8.5"W x 7.5"H wooden band box covered in its original period block printed wallpaper has a bold floral pattern in gold, yellow, and brown on the base and a vibrantly decorated lid

For Sale: $625

antique wooden painted saws filed trade sign with breadboard ends

Saws File 3 Color Wooden Trade Sign

Circa 1920s-1930s: Antique signs that advertise services for tools are always popular to trade sign collectors and this small black, white, and gray Saws Filed sign freatures outlined letters and a pinstriped border with a cut corner design.

For Sale: $585

Original Dark Green Painted Antique American Pantry Box For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Pantry Box in Original Green Painted Surface »

Circa 1870-1880: Measuring 10 1/2"W x 5 1/2"H, this pantry box retains its original hand cut square wooden pegs around the lid.

For Sale: $550

antique wallpaper box pin cushion sewing top 19th century 1800s

Antique Wooden Wallpaper Decorated Slide Lid Divided Box »

Circa 19th Century: Here's a unique divided wooden box with a slide lid decorated with wallpaper. Wonderful salmon and green seaweed pattern and excellent condition.

For Sale: $550

antique wallpaper box green lidded rectangular shape 19th century 1800s

Green Lidded Rectangular Antique Wallpaper Box »

Circa 19th Century: Unique rectangular shaped wallpaper box in lovely early block printed green wallpaper with fantastic oxidation under the lid. Measures 7.25" long.

For Sale: $525

remmey blue decorated stoneware butter crock from 1870 for sale

Half Gallon Remmey Stoneware Butter Crock »

Circa 1840-1860: Featuring a trio cobalt brushed leaves on front and back and tooled lug handles swathed in blue, this handsome half gallon butter crock was most probably potted by Philadelphia's Henry or Richard Remmey in the mid 19th century.

For Sale: $495

Beauties of America Library Philadelphia J and W Ridgeway 8 Dark Blue Historical Staffordshire Plate For Sale

J. & W. Ridgway "Beauties of America" Series» 

Circa 1820s-1830s: . This example from the Beauties of America series features Ridgway's floral border and is in excellent condition.

For Sale: $495

antique wallpaper box pin cushion sewing top 19th century 1800s

Antique Wallpaper Box with Pincushion Top »

Circa 19th Century: Unusual wallpaper box in a horseshoe shape with a pincushion top and inside sewing pouches.

For Sale: $495

new hampshire signed original paint two tone green antique wooden pantry box for sale

Two Tone Green Pantry Box in Original Paint »

Circa 19th Century: The charming two tone paint scheme on this early New Hampshire signed pantry box has excellent contrast.

For Sale: $450

Presto Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank  Kyser and Rex Marked 485

Presto Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892: This Kyser and Rex Presto Building Cast Iron Mechanical Bank includes its original drawer and key.

For Sale: $395

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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