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Mechanical Banks: Antique American Cast Iron Toys

Original cast iron mechanical banks are always in style and prove to be one of the best investments in the antiques field.
Original Antique Dark Town Battery Baseball Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Dark Town Battery Baseball Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1888: Originally advertised as the Base Ball Bank, James H. Bowen’s superbly designed Dark Town Battery was manufactured and distributed by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J. & E. Stevens Company and stands as a lasting celebration of America’s first professional Negro Baseball League in 1887. This immensely popular and highly desirable mechanical bank is the finest piece of 19th century sporting Black Americana ever produced.

For Sale: $6,850

Original Antique Shepard Hardware Cast Iron Santa Claus Mechanical Bank

Antique Santa Claus Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1889: Buffalo, New York's Shepard Hardware Co. manufactured a bevy of classic mechanical banks, and the iconic Santa Claus standing at the chimney remains one of its most popular and endearing creations.

For Sale: $2,850

boy on trapeze mechanical bank original paint

Boy on Trapeze Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1888: Cast iron Boy on Trapeze mechanical bank, J. Barton Smith Co., Philadelphia PA, excellent original paint, no chips, cracks, or repairs, 9.5”H x 5”L x 5”D.

For Sale: $2,450

original monkey and coconut mechanical bank

Monkey and Coconut Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1888: Cast iron Monkey and Coconut mechanical bank, J & E Stevens, superb original paint, no chips, cracks, or repairs, working condition, excellent example of a scarce and beautiful mechanical bank, 8.5"H x 3"L x 4.75"D.

For Sale: $3,000

jonah and the whale mechanical bank

Jonah and the Whale Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1890: Original Jonah and The Whale cast iron mechanical bank, Shepard Hardware Company, superb original paint, works great, wonderful example, 5.5"H x 10.25"L x 3.75"D.

For Sale: $4,750

Punch and Judy Mechanical Bank

Punch and Judy Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1884: The Shepard Hardware Company in Buffalo, New York, manufactured cast iron mechanical banks for a scant ten year period and is known for the high quality and beautiful paint schemes of their ingenious mechanical banks, most of which, like the ever popular Punch and Judy bank, were designed by Peter Adams, Jr.

For Sale: $4,250

Paddy and the Pig Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Paddy and the Pig Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1882: Made by the Connecticut company J. and E. Stevens, out of Cromwell Connecticut.

For Sale: $2,450

Humpty Dumpty Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale

Humpty Dumpty Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1882: This example has 85% of its original paint, has never been touched up or repainted, and has no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $1950

slot in book owl mechanical bank for sale

Kilgore Cast Iron Owl Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1926: Standing just under 6" in height, Kilgore's Owl mechanical bank was designed by sculptor M. Elizabeth Cook for the important Westerville, Ohio, toy company.

For Sale: $695

Tammany Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

Kyser and Rex Cast Iron RoostermMechanical Bank »

Circa 1880-1890: This rooster bank retains a high percentage of original paint, has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and includes its original lever.

For Sale: $850

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank For Sale

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1876: This patriotic red, white, and blue Magic Bank has no chips, cracks, repairs, or touch-ups.

For Sale: $2250

Novelty Bank Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Antique 19th Century Cast Iron J. & E. Stevens Novelty Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873:  This colorful red, yellow, and blue Novelty Bank is in great condition and has no chips, cracks, touch ups, or repairs.

For Sale: $1,750

Halls Liliput Paint Decorated Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank 19th Century American Toys

Original 19th Century Cast Iron Hall's Liliput Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1875: This bank was made in many color schemes , but this patriotic variation in red, white, and blue remains the most endearing.

For Sale: $1450

Presto Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank  Kyser and Rex Marked 485

Presto Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892:This example comes complete with its coin drawer and key, which are almost always missing.

For Sale: $395

Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank Rare Yellow Base Variation Spise a Mule 19th Century Stevens Company for Sale

Yellow Base Variation of I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897:This bank retains a high percentage of its original paint and has the highly desirable and eye poppingly graphic yellow base.

For Sale: $2,950

Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank I Always Did Spise a Mule

Little Joe Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1915: The Little Joe mechanical bank is the slightly smaller English cousin of the famous Jolly Bank.

For Sale: $450

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