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Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware For Sale

The wide variety of 19th century American decorated crockery in its myriad of forms appeals to collectors from all regions.
rare alexandria virginia blue decorated stoneware pitcher

E.J. Miller and Son Alexandria VA Merchant Pitcher »

Circa 1876-1880: After the last pottery in Alexandria, Virginia, shut its doors in 1876, long time local merchant E.J. Miller & Son began to commission their salt glazed stoneware from the storied Greensboro, Pennsylvania pottery firm James Hamilton and Company.

For Sale: $4,950

Branch Green Philadelphia Pennsylvania small one pint blue decorated antique stoneware snuff jar

Rare Highly Decorated 1 Pint Snuff Jar »

Circa 1820s: This incredible one pint snuff of tobacco jar attributed to early American potter Branch Green's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, production stands a mere hair over 5" tall and 4" in diameter at the widest point.

For Sale: $4,500

antique blue decorated rare virginia stoneware jar stamped b.c. milburn

Important B.C. Milburn 2 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1841-1873: This attractive 12" tall two gallon storage jar impressed "B.C. Milburn Alexa" is decorated with a super folksy and rare sunflower and is illustrated on page 253 of Alexandria, Virginia Pottery: 1792-1876, where author Eddie Wilder asserts that it is "a very important collectible piece."

For Sale: $4,250

b.c. milburn alexandria virginia antique blue decorated stoneware crock for sale

Fine B.C. Milburn Decorated 2 Gallon Ovoid Storage Jar »

Circa 1841-1873: This wildly decorated 12.25" tall two gallon semi-ovoid storage crock impressed with Bendict Cuthbert Milburn's classic "B.C. Milburn Alexa" comes straight from the unmatched Al and Billy Steidel Alexandria, Virginia, stoneware collection and is illustrated on page 255 of Eddie Wilder's Alexandria, Virginia Pottery: 1792-1876 (Wadsworth Publishing Company 2007).

For Sale: $3,995

West Virginia Blue Decorated Stoneware Merchant Churn

Rare Double Signed West Virginia Merchant Churn »

Circa 1870s-1890s: Decorated top to bottom with five freehand stripes, a capacity mark, and rarely encountered stencil decorations for both potter and merchant, this beautiful 16" tall four gallon churn has a great gray coloration and contrasting dark blue cobalt.

For Sale: $3,950

antique blue decorated west virginia jackson court house merchant stoneware crock

Jackson C.H. West Virginia Milburn 4 Gallon Merchant Jar »

Circa 1880s: West Virginia stoneware collectors love their local merchant jars, and this 15" tall four gallon storage jar made for "A.W. Kidd and Sons, dealers in stoves, grates and general hard ware" in Jackson C.H. (now Ripley), West Virginia, is desirable because jars from towns that no longer exist or have been renamed are scarce and fewer large pieces were manufactured.

For Sale: $3,850

rare antique redware political campaign charger yellow slip 19th century hancock for ever

Hancock for Ever! Presidential Campaign Redware Plate »

Circa 1880: This historically significant and possibly unique 9 5/8" slip script redware plate reads "Hancock for Ever!" and was produced on the occasion of the beloved Union Civil War General Winfield Scott Hancock's 1880 bid for the presidency against James A. Garfield, who would be assassinated in 1881.

For Sale: $3,750

large antique stoneware blue decorated striped crock

L. B. Dilliner 6 Gallon Decorated Striper Crock »

Circa 1870s: With the expanded interest in the striped stoneware of West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania, finding unusual examples of this type of stoneware has become increasingly difficult because of its high demand and relatively low supply.

For Sale: $3,695

early 19th century yellow slip script decorated name plate for c.g. payne made in norwalk connecticut

C. G. Payne 10" Script Decorated Redware Plate »

Circa 1800-1850: This handsome and unusual presentation 10" script decorated redware plate made for C.G. Payne was more than likely manufactured in Norwalk, Connecticut, by Absalom Day or the firm Smith and Day.

For Sale: $3,250

rare antique ohio harvest jug

Elisabeth Harpster's Small 3 Cup Stoneware Harvest Jug »

Circa 1850-1870: This incredibly rare and important Ohio harvest jug inscribed "Elisabeth Harpster / Flat Rock / Seneca Co / O" stands a mere 7" high to the top of its handle and has a capacity of only 24 ounces. On top if its small size, it is the only known harvest jug of this type that has a woman's name on it, making it extremely scarce.

For Sale: $3,150

crolius early antique ovoid stoneware storage jar marked with blue decoration

Clarkson Crolius Sr. Ovoid Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1835-1838: Here is a very rare example of a beautiful 9.25" tall Clarkson Crolius Sr. one gallon jar with tabbed, rather than open, handles.

For Sale: $2,995

R.T.Williams Pennsylvania antique blue decorated stoneware double handled 5 gallon jug crock

R. T. Williams 5 Gallon Double Handled Jug »

Circa 1890-1895: This 20.5" tall freehand stencil decorated example from New Geneva's storied potter Robert T. Williams, who was murdered in 1895 at the top of his career, is in completely original condition, including the handles.

For Sale: $2,950

blue decorated ohio stoneware water cooler

6 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Water Cooler »

Circa 1870s: This massive Northeast Ohio water cooler attributed to Akron potter Freierick Weeks stands just over 15" tall and is nearly 12" in diameter.

For Sale: $2,850

Free hand blue decorated antique stoneware crock made by Bougner from Greensboro Pennsylvania

A and W Boughner 2 Gallon Freehand Decorated Jar »

Circa 1852-1864: This 12" tall two gallon salt glazed storage crock is easily attributable to brothers Alexander and William Boughner, sons of Daniel Boughner, Greensboro, Pennsylvania's first potter.

For Sale: $2,795

highly decorated freehand blue 3 gallon pennsylvania stoneware crock

Freehand Decorated 3 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1870: Southwest Pennsylvania stoneware covered in freehand cobalt decoration is always in demand among discerning collectors, and this three gallon jar has all the bells and whistles: stripes, squiggles, flowers, vines, and a beautifully done three gallon capacity mark.

For Sale: $2,495

brilliant blue antique stoneware crock from hamilton and jones

Vibrant Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Storage Jar »

Circa 1870: Although the Greensboro, Pennsylvania, firm of Hamilton and Jones, partnered by Frank Hamilton and John Jones, was in business from 1866-1897, this stunning two gallon jar was most probably thrown in the first decade of the company's long 31 year tenure when the Greene County pottery's most highly decorated stoneware was fired in the kiln.

For Sale: $2,450

Signed John Bell Blue Decorated Antique Crock

Signed John Bell 3 Gallon Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1850-1880: Of all the people in the long line of Bell family master potters, John Bell is considered the best of them, and this highly decorated and superbly thrown three gallon storage jar is an excellent example of his work.

For Sale: $2,350

Rare blue striped decorated antique salt glazed pennsylvania stoneware chamber pot

Rare Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Chamber Pot »

Circa 1870-1890: Although every 19th century American household needed at least one chamber pot by necessity, very few stoneware chamber pots have survived, and this is the only specimen of the form we have owned in our nearly twenty years in the business.

For Sale: $2,250

antique blue decorated pennsylvania stoneware batter pitcher crock for sale

Sipe and Sons Blue Decorated Stoneware Batter Jug »

Circa 1879-1893: This attractive one gallon batter jug from the storied Williamsport PA firm of Sipe and Sons is a classic example of the wares that author Phil Shaltenbrand describes on page 63 in his seminal volume Big Ware Turners (Westerwald Press 2002) as "light in weight, beautifully handled and tastefully decorated."

For Sale: $2,195

Greensboro Pennsylvania Hamilton and Jones Cobalt Decorated Double Handled Jug

Hamilton and Jones Double Handled Stoneware Jug »

Circa 1870s: Double handled stoneware jugs from Southwestern Pennsylvania, like this stenciled example from Greensboro's storied firm Hamilton & Jones are an extremely hot commodity in today's market.

For Sale: $1,950

rare john bell redware ladies spittoon

Rare John Bell Redware Ladies Spittoon »

Circa 1850-1880: This petite signed "John Bell / Waynesboro" ladies cuspidor, the smallest produced by the Pennsylvania potter, was decorated with manganese and then glazed with lead as was common practice with 19th century redware.

For Sale: $1,895

wheeling west virginia wines and liquors advertising blue decorated stoneware jug

Louis P. Frobe Wheeling WV 2 Gallon Merchant Jug »

Circa 1875: West Virginia stoneware collectors love their local merchant jugs, and this two gallon stencil decorated jug made for "Louis P Frobe / Wines and Liquors / 1041 Market St / Wheeling W VA" is a terriffic example of the wares produced for over 100 different merchants in Wheeling in the last quarter of the 19th century.

For Sale: $1,795

rare antique ohio harvest jug

Scarce Pomeroy, Ohio Tanware Merchant Jug »

Circa 1880s: Ohio stoneware collectors are always looking for something different to scratch their itch, and this bottle form half gallon tanware jug made in Southwest Pennsylvania for Pomeroy, Ohio merchant J. A. Franz is a rare find, indeed.

For Sale: $1,750

blue decorated lidded antique stoneware cake crock

Baltimore 1 Gallon Lidded Cake Crock »

Circa 1850: Measuring 6.25" tall and 11" in diameter (including lid and handles), this handsome two gallon cobalt decorated Baltimore cake crock was most probably made by Peter Herrmann.

For Sale: $1,695

George Fulton signed Virginia stoneware crock for sale

G. N. Fulton Freehand Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1867-1894: This folksy 7 3/4" tall half gallon manganese decorated storage jar bears the signature of Alleghany and Botetourt County, Virginia, potter George Newman Fulton, whose naive and folksy designs are instantly recognizable to and highly sought after by collectors.

For Sale: $1,650

antique flowerpot tanware pennsylvania stoneware 19th century 1880s old country farmhouse decor

6" Pennsylvania Tanware Flowerpot »

Circa 1880-1900: The flowerpot with attached saucer is a desirable tanware form and this example, fully decorated all around, does not disappoint.

For Sale: $1,650

Blue decorated ohio antique folk art stoneware jug with pointing hand

3 Gallon Jug with Cobalt Pointing Hand »

Circa 1870s: This hefty 14" tall three gallon Midwestern presentation jug most likely from Ohio features a rare whimsical slip decorated pointing hand and two sets of initials, JS and GS, probably celebrating the marriage or anniversary of a couple.

For Sale: $1,550

hickerson shenandoah valley of virginia blue decorated salt glaze crock

J. M. Hickerson 4 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1879-1897: This large 14.5" tall four gallon signed J.M. Hickerson Strasburg VA storage jar features fantastic dark blue freehand floral decoration on both sides.

For Sale: $1,495

Antique blue decorated stoneware milk pan

Blue Decorated Stoneware Milkpan »

Circa 1870s: This unusual 7.5" tall by 12" diameter (13" including the handles) two gallon handled milk pan was made to accommodate heavy farm labor with its thick rim and wide spout.

For Sale: $1,450

half gallon baltimore md blue decorated antique stoneware pitcher

Half Gallon Decorated Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1870s: Standing 9" tall, this petite half gallon stoneware pitcher with classic double flower decoration was most probably potted by Baltimore, Maryland's Peter Herrmann.

For Sale: $1,450

Blue decorated freehand large antique country crock from maryland

Pre Civil War Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1840-1860: This handsome one gallon stoneware pitcher with floral decoration was most probably potted by Baltimore, Maryland's Mauldin Perine or William Linton.

For Sale: $1,450

antique blue decorated stoneware pitcher for sale 1830-1850 potted by david parr in baltimore maryland

David Parr 1 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1830-1850: This early and beautifully decorated one gallon stoneware pitcher is attributed to David Parr's production in Baltimore because of the color of the clay and the skillful thin potting not found on his Richmond output.

For Sale: $1,450

signed reggie meaders devil face jug

Reggie Meaders Devil Face Jug »

Circa Late 20th Century: Brother of world famous Georgia folk art potter Lanier Meaders, Reggie Meaders (1919-2009) lived to be 90 years old and is considered a master potter in his own right.

For Sale: $1,450

blue striped pennsylvania stoneware crock for sale

1 Quart 5 Striper with Dot Stoneware Canning Jar »

Circa 1870-1890: Stoneware collectors love decorated one quart wax sealers, and this petite barrel form canner with five stripes and a blue dot for good measure is an interesting and attractively decorated example of the 19th century stoneware manufactured in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $1,395

morgantown west virginia antique blue decorated stoneware crock for sale

4 Gallon Morgantown WV Stoneware Storage Jar

Circa 1870: Morgantown, West Virginia's pottery is hard to come by and this four gallon storage jar is decorated top to bottom with the Thompson family's signature ferns.

For Sale: $1,350

3 Gallon J.M. Hickerson Strasburn Virginia Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock

3 Gallon J. M. Hickerson Strasburg VA Storage Jar

Circa 1879-1897: This fine three gallon J.M. Hickerson Strasburg, Virginia storage jar boasts dark blue freehand decoration on both sides is in excellent condition.

For Sale: $1,195

ohio football sewer tile antique

Ohio Sewer Tile Football Bank »

Circa 1925-1950: Measuring 8" in height, this rare salt glazed sewer tile football on tee bank is most probably the work of legendary Tuscarawas County, Ohio, potter Edward J. Ellwood.

For Sale: $1,150

5 gallon antique stoneware churn made by williams and reppert in greensboro pennsylvania

Williams and Reppert 5 Gallon Stoneware Churn

Circa 1880s: This handsome five gallon churn from the Greensboro, Pennsylvania firm Williams and Reppert stands 17.5" tall, is covered top to bottom with exuberant freehand and stenciled cobalt decoration.

For Sale: $995

Rager Lloyd Palatine WV West Virginia antique blue decorated stoneware crock for sale

Rager Lloyd and Co. 3 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar

Circa 1890s: Rager Lloyd and Company was the final firm to occupy the Palatine, West Virginia, pottery site along the Monongahela River between Polk and Ferry Streets and operated from 1889 through 1901.

For Sale: $995

blue striped antique pennsylvania stoneware crock for sale

Unusual Half Gallon Southwest Pennsylvania 4 Striper »

Circa 1870s: It's always nice to find something a little different to pique one's interest. We have never come across a striper in this form, and this four striped half gallon storage jar with a widely flared lip is in superb as made condition.

For Sale: $950

small blue decorated antique salt glazed pennsylvania stoneware crock

James Hamilton and Company 1 Quart Canning Crock »

Circa 1870: Petite one quart Southwestern Pennsylvania canning jars are extremely popular among collectors, and this 6.75" tall wax sealer has nice contast and dark clearly legible cobalt block lettering.

For Sale: $895

antique stoneware bird jug whites utica new york

N.A. White and Son 2 Gallon Paddletail Bird Jug »

Circa 1867-1886: The most famous cobalt decoration from Utica, New York's N. A. White and Son pottery firm is that of the paddletail bird on branch.

For Sale: $895

blue decorated ovoid storage jar beaver county pennsylvania

3 Gallon Beaver County PA Ovoid Storage Jar »

Circa 1850s: Beaver County stoneware was made to last, and this three gallon semi-ovoid storage jar with double flower decoration is a testament to that statement. This handsome jar stands 10" high and is 11" in diameter, not including its handles.

For Sale: $895

T O Goodwin West Hartford Connecticut cobalt decorated ovoid 3 gallon stoneware jug

T. O. Goodwin 3 Gallon Ovoid Jug »

Circa 1830: Blue decorated stoneware marked "T O Goodwin W Hartford" and potted by West Hartford, Connecticut's Thomas O'Hara Goodwin (1796-1880) is diffficult to come by, and this beautiful ovoid jug is a fine example of this elusive potter's output.

For Sale: $895

conrad new geneva pa blue decorated antique stoneware crock for sale

A. Conrad Half Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1870-1882: This 8" tall half gallon storage jar turned by storied New Geneva, Pennsylvania, potter Alexander Conrad has the rich dark blue decoration and excellent contrast that advanced collectors of Southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware prefer.

For Sale: $875

New Geneva PA 4 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock R. T. Williams

4 Gallon R.T. Williams New Geneva PA Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1890s: Dark and crisp cobalt freehand and stencil decoration covers this 15" R.T Williams four gallon storage jar.

For Sale: $850

5 Gallon Beaver County PA Ovoid Stoneware Jar

5 Gallon Beaver County PA Ovoid Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1850s: Beaver County stoneware was made to last, and this five gallon semi-ovoid cream jar with floral decoration is a testament to the longevity of the county's pottery production. Weighing in at a stout 21 pounds, this jar stands 14" tall and is just over 12" wide from ear to ear.

For Sale: $850

antique blue decorated stoneware churn from northeastern ohio

Northeastern Ohio 4 Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn »

Circa Mid 19th Century: Measuring 15" tall, this sleek slightly ovoid 4 gallon Ohio churn sports a big folksy freehand flower with leaves and cobalt decorated handles.

For Sale: $795

neff bros taylorsville ohio highland county blue decorated stoneware crock

Neff Brothers Five Gallon Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1890s: The Neff Brothers' little known pottery was located in Taylorsville, an unincorporated community in Higghland County in the Southwest Ohio.

For Sale: $795

antique virginia blue decorated stoneware crock

W.H. Chrisman Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1883-1885: Because Strasburg VA stoneware merchant William H. Crisman had a mere two-year run in the pottery business, it is always a treat to come across an interesting example of his work.

For Sale: $695

satterlee and mory fort edwards ny blue decorated brandies and wine jug for sale

Satterlee & Mory Wines and Brandies Jug »

Circa 1870-1890: This one gallon stencil decorated P. Cushman & Co. from Albany, New York,stands 11" in height, advertises "wines, brandies & C," and is signed by the legendary Fort Edward NY pottery firm Satterlee & Mory.

For Sale: $650

1880 pennsylvania tanware whiskey jug little brown merchant jug

Dated 1880 S. T. Suit 1 Quart Tanware Whiskey Jug »

Circa 1880: Standing only 7.5" tall and potted in Southwestern Pennsylvania, this attractive tanware Maryland merchant jug is stenciled " S.T. Suit. / Suitland, MD. / Little Brown Jug / The whiskey in this jug / was made in 1869 / and jugged by me / 1880."

For Sale: $525

remmey blue decorated stoneware butter crock from 1870 for sale

Half Gallon Remmey Stoneware Butter Crock »

Circa 1840-1860: Featuring a trio cobalt brushed leaves on front and back and tooled lug handles swathed in blue, this handsome half gallon butter crock was most probably potted by Philadelphia's Henry or Richard Remmey in the mid 19th century.

For Sale: $495

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