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Antique Historical Staffordshire Pottery: Early Staffordshire, Liverpool, and other English Pottery

rare 1820s historical staffordshire blue transferware plater hudsan rivier high lands scene

High Lands Hudson River Dark Blue Platter

Circa 1820s: This petite historical Staffordshire transferware platter with the desirable shell border depicts the scarce American view of High Lands Hudson River, a scene featuring an early sidewheeler and several other vessels on the Hudson River.

For Sale: $2,350

historical staffordshire dark blue covered vegetable dish clews landing of lafayette

Lafayette's Landing Covered Vegetable Dish »

Circa 1820s: The Landing of General Lafayette At Castle Garden, New York, 16 August, 1824 celebrates the starting point of the heroic French general's first visit to the United States since his historic leadership in the American Revolutionary War nearly fifty years earlier.

For Sale: $1,975

1820s historical staffordshire blue transferware plater united states by clews

16.75" Clews Historical Staffordshire States Platter

Circa 1820s: The States pattern, also called America and Independence, is perhaps the most popular series of dark blue historical Stafforshire created for the Ameircan market by English brothers James and Ralph Clews. The names of fifteen American states are sparated by patrioc stars and are festooned around a piece's border.

For Sale: $1,875

antique historical staffordshire blue and white platter boston state house

State House Boston Historical Staffordshire Platter »

Circa 1822-1835: Manufactured for the American market by English ceramicist Jospeh Stubbs, this dark blue serving platter depicts an urban yet pastoral landscape of the Boston State House and neighboring buildings with cattle lounging in the foreground and a few people, including one on horseback and one with a dog, strolling the avenue.

For Sale: $1,850

niagara falls antique blue historical transferware platter enoch wood 19th century staffordshire

Niagara Falls Dark Blue Historical Staffordshire States Platter

Circa 1820s: Niagara Falls has long been a spot of romance, and this dark blue transferware platter with shell border was manufactured for the American market by English firm Enoch Wood and Sons and depicts Niagara from the American Side.

For Sale: $1,795

historical staffordshire dark blue  vegetable dish clews landing of lafayette

Rare Small Lafayette's Landing Vegetable Dish »

Circa 1820s: In part one of Sam Laidacker's seminal 1938 study Anglo-American China, he lists four sizes of vegetable dishes made in Clews' famous The Landing of General Lafayette At Castle Garden, New York, 16 August, 1824, pattern, the small 7.75" size being the rarest and most valuable.

For Sale: $1,495

Early Antique Staffordshire Earthworm Decorated Multi-colored Mochaware Bowl: Large, Rare For Sale

Antique Mochaware Earthworm Pearlware Bowl »

Circa 1840-1860: This mochaware footed bowl's whopping 11' diameter makes it a rare find.

For Sale: $1,495

Historical Staffordshire American Scene Philadelphia Library JW Ridgway

Erith on the Thames Historical Staffordshire Platter »

Circa 1818-1846: The scene on this platter depicts one of the great tourist attractions in early 19th century England.

For Sale: $950

historical staffordshire dark blue transferware cream jug clews states pattern america and independence

America and Independence Dark Blue Cream Jug »

Circa 1820s: English potters James and Ralph Clews created the popular America and Independence dark blue transferware series, which is also commonly called the States pattern because of the swag border with the printed names of the first fifteen American states.

For Sale: $895

Historical StaffordshirePottery Platter Oxford Views Ridgway Blue and White 19th Century Ceramics

Historical Staffordshire Platter: Wadham College »

Circa 1835: This large historical Staffordshire platter of Wadham College has no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $795

historical staffordshire teacup and saucer commodore macdonnoughs victory war of 1812

Commodore MacDonnough's Victory Teacup and Saucer »

Circa 1820s: In order to promote commerce between England and America after the War of 1812, potters in Britain began to manufacture transferware with American views and patriotic American slogans to export to the United States.

For Sale: $650

Hudson River Valley Historical Staffordshire

Park Theatre, New York | Historical Staffordshire »

Circa 1830s: Dark blue Historical Staffordshire ten inch dinner plate with acorn border from Stevenson and Williams.

For Sale: $550

Historical Staffordshire American Scenes Fairmount Near Philadelphia

Historical Staffordshire America Scenes: Fairmont Near Philidelphia »

Circa 1830s: Joseph Stubbs' popular eagle border frames this picturesque view of a well to do Pennsylvania couple.

For Sale: $450

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