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antique arts and crafts black and gold wooden trade sign for sale

Art-O-Craft Studio Wooden Trade Sign »

Circa 1895-1925: The Arts and Crafts movement was extremely popular in America from the mid 1890s through the first quarter of the 20th century, and the nation was ablaze with a myriad of businesses selling craftsman furniture, lamps, pottery, metalwork, and other products.

For Sale: $2,895

antique wooden painted trade sign for tools and saws sharpened in white black and green stripe

Tools & Saws Sharpened Figural Trade Sign »

Circa 2nd Quarter 20th Century: This snazzy double sided wooden trade sign has fantastic visual appeal with its figural cut out, black lettering on a white ground, and thin green pinstriped border that mimics the popular neon signs of the era.

For Sale: $1,995

antique painted wooden trade sign steamship agent

Steamship Agent & Foreign Money Orders Sign »

Circa 1880: This 37" x 8" 19th century double sided Steamship Agent & Foreign Money Orders trade sign in original red, black, and gray weathered paint decoration has breadboard ends attached with hand cut nails.

For Sale: $1,250

Shafer Insurance Agency 1920s painted double sided trade sign for sale

Shafer Insurance Agency Double Sided Trade Sign »

Circa 1920s: This wonderful oval double sided Shafer Insurance Agency trade sign in blue and white paint measures approximately 43"L x 21"H including its original hangers.

For Sale: $1,250

1940s Rare Single Sided Porcelain Castillion V.O. Congnac Sign

Castillon V.O. Cognac Porcelain Sign »

Circa Late 1940s: Porcelain liquor signs are scarce, and this 30" x 17" Castillion Cognac sign in red, white, and blue is exceptionally hard to find.

For Sale: $1150

antique country store painted wooden trade sign no smoking black and white painted framed wood

Country Store Wooden Painted No Smoking Trade Sign »

Circa 1900-1925: Smoking was much more prevalent and socially acceptable 100 years ago than it is today, and this NO SMOKING / ALLOWED IN HERE sign (in different fonts no less) , which most probably was nailed over a shop's doorway and certainly cast its stern proclamation to all who entered, seems dryly humorous when viewing it from a 21st century perspective.

For Sale: $995

antique tin hats shoes phone number early trade sign

Kirksville Hat & Shoe Works Tin Trade Sign »

Circa 1920: Measuring approximately 34"L x 21"H, this stencil decorated tin trade sign advertises a hat and shoe repair business run by two young Greek immigrants, brothers Paul and George Johnson, who found their way to St. Louis in 1909.

For Sale: $950

the delaware insurance company of philadelphia founded 1835 tin sign

The Delaware Insurance Company of Philadelphia Sign »

Circa 1890-1910: Measuring approximately 24"L x 18"H, this handsome black and gold single sided tin sign was manufactured by New York's Sentenne & Green.

For Sale: $795

1820s historical staffordshire blue transferware plater united states by clews

Paint Decorated Orchard Real Eastate Sign

Circa 1920s-1930s: Measuring 11.5"H x 20"W, this eye catching real estate sign in original black and white paint advertises an entire fruit orchard for sale for "only $9750.00." Such a deal!

For Sale: $650

antique wooden painted saws filed trade sign with breadboard ends

Saws File 3 Color Wooden Trade Sign

Circa 1920s-1930s: Antique signs that advertise services for tools are always popular to trade sign collectors and this small black, white, and gray Saws Filed sign freatures outlined letters and a pinstriped border with a cut corner design.

For Sale: $585

original antique enamel no smoking gas station sign for sale

Early No Smoking Filling Station Porcelain Sign »

Circa 1920s: This 24"L x 9"H porcelain No Smoking sign is signed by Chicago, Illinois' Enameled Sign Company and would have hung by the pumps in an old gas station.

For Sale: $575

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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