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Gentleman with Riding Crop Miniature Portrait

Circa 1830s: This striking 4"W x 4.75H miniature portrait housed in a 6"W x 6.75"H period walnut frame with lemon interior border is straight out of the 1830s. The gentleman's curly hairstyle and sideburns, his early bow tie, his formal jacket with its low cut shoulders, his linen vest and trousers, and his painted fancy chair were all popular during the 1830s and thus provide clues as to when this skillfully wrought image was created. Perhaps the most interesting detail in this composition is the black riding or, perhaps, hunting, crop, which tells us this gentleman loved horses and considered them central to his life. The sitter's face is highly detailed with piercing blue eyes, pursed lips, and even a slightly wrinkled brow. This compelling expression combined with the folksy rendering of the man's clothing, hands, and riding crop make this a very charming and successful piece of 19th century folk art.

19th century miniature portrait

miniature portrait of blueyed man with curly hair

portrait of gentleman in fancy chair

reverse side of portrait of gentleman with riding crop

19th century miniature watercolor of man holding hunting crop

antique watercolor of man with bow tie

Miniature Portrait of Gentleman with Riding Crop

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