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Vintage Fiesta© Relish Trays for Sale | Circa 1936-1946

Part of the original release in January 1936, the vintage Fiesta relish tray, or lazy-susan, is one of the highlights of the Fiesta pottery line. Originally sold in single color sets, they were quickly mixed and matched, even at the store, to make a myriad of combinations and color choices. Next to the nesting bowl set, the relish tray remains the liveliest vintage Fiesta mix-n-match item of them all with its myriad of exciting color variations. Inserts were marked and unmarked while centers and bases were always marked.
Complete Six Piece Fiesta Relish Tray Sets Quick Facts
  • Production dates: January 1936-Late 1946 (11 years).
  • Measurements: 10 7/8"w x 1 1/2"t (base).
  • Colors: Red, Ivory, Cobalt, Yellow, Green, Turquoise.
  • Fun fact: Was probably copied from a Japanese original!
vintage fiestaware radioactive red relish tray for sale

All Red Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray »

Circa 1936-1943: Fully Marked Set— Boasting a fully embossed set of bottom marks and matching thick-walled inserts, this red Fiesta relish tray is as good as they come.

For Sale: $575

ivory fiestaware relish tray

All Ivory Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray »

Circa 1937-1946: Fully Marked Set— Purest collectors will appreciate assembling the fiesta relish trays in solid color sets, as they were originally meant to be sold. It's harder to find single color sets, especially like this all ivory example.

For Sale: $525

vintage fiesta original turquoise color relish tray for sale

All Turquoise Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray »

Circa 1937-1946: Fully Marked Set— This collector quality turquoise relish tray has a fully embossed collection of bottom marks and thick-walled inserts.

For Sale: $525

vintage fiestaware relish tray all six original vintage colors for sale

Six Colors Vintage Fiesta Relish tray on an Original Cobalt Blue Base »

Circa 1937-1943: Fully Marked Set—This Fiestaware relish tray features all six colors in a striking combination that pairs a cobalt base with a red center.

For Sale: $485

vintage fiesta relish tray in yellow fiestaware colored glaze for sale

Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray in All Yellow »

Circa 1936-1946: Those who enjoy the sophisticated richness of the original yellow glaze will delight in displaying it on one of Fiesta's most desirable pieces.

For Sale: $475

six color vintage fiestaware relish tray with an ivory base, yellow center, and four original colored fiesta side inserts in red, cobalt, turquoise, and green

Six Color Fiesta Relish Tray on an Old Ivory Original Base »

Circa 1937-1943: Fully Marked Set— The ivory base on this fully marked Fiestaware relish tray is a fantastic canvas for its five companion colors.

For Sale: $475

vintage fiesta lazy susan original relish tray for sale

Six Color Fiesta Relish Tray on an Original Green Base »

Circa 1937-1943: The wide lip of this original green Fiesta relish tray base is perfectly etched with concentric rings that frame its colorful inserts. Who says dishes aren't art?

For Sale: $475

six color vintage fiesta relish tray red center yellow base

Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray with Yellow Base and Red Center »

Circa 1937-1943: This six-color Vintage Fiestaware relish tray with no chips, cracks, or repairs features a sunny original yellow base and red center insert.

For Sale: $475

Vintage Fiestaware relish tray in all six original colors turquoise base, green center and red, yellow, cobalt and ivory side inserts

Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray with Turquoise Base and Center Insert »

Circa 1937-1946: It's amazing how a simple switch of color can change the mood. This Fiestaware relish tray is for all you cool cats.

For Sale: $395

Rare Red Striped Vintage Fiesta Relish Tray Quick Facts
  • Production dates: Late 1935-Early 1936 (est. 6 months).
  • Measurements: 10 7/8"w x 1 1/2"t (base).
  • Colors: Ivory with hand applied red stripes.
  • Fun fact: Very rare find, probably made only for special orders, like weddings.
Vintage Fiesta Red Striped Relish Tray Rare Collectable Fiestaware for Sale

Vintage Fiesta Ivory Relish Tray with Rare Red Stripes »

Circa 1936: This astonishing original old ivory vintage Fiesta relish tray with the rare three graduated red stripes pattern is one of three examples known to date.

For Sale: $4,250

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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