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Fiesta© Pottery | Vintage Homer Laughlin Collectible Tableware

Vintage Fiesta Cream Soup bowl in original medium green glaze

Vintage Fiesta Cream Soup Bowl in Medium Green »

Circa 1959: Produced for only three months, the classic tabbed handled Fiesta cream soup bowl is rarely found in the original medium green fiestaware colored glaze.

For Sale: $1250

Vintage Fiesta Red Striped Relish Tray Rare Collectable Fiestaware for Sale

Vintage Fiesta Old Ivory Relish Tray with Original Hand Applied Graduating Red Stripes »

Circa 1936: This astonishing original old ivory vintage Fiesta relish tray with the rare three graduated red stripes pattern is one of three examples known to date.

For Sale: $4250

Vintage Fiestaware Vases 10" Radioactive Red, Yellow, Cobalt, Rare Fiesta

Fiesta 10" Vase in Original Red Glaze »

Circa 1936-1942: The original red ten inch fiesta flower vase from the Homer Lauglin China Company of Newell WV stands exactly 10" tall and turns any table setting into work of art.

For Sale: $895

Vintage Fiestaware Green Covered Onion Soup Bowl Original Fiesta Pottery

Vintage Fiestaware Onion Soup Bowl in Original Green »

Circa 1936-1937: The covered onion soup bowl is the shape most coveted by vintage Fiestaware collectors, and this example in the original green glaze is a visual delight.

For Sale: $795

Blue Vintage Fiesta Demitasse Stick Handled Coffeepot Original Old Fiestaware

Original Cobalt Blue Vintage Fiesta Demitasse Coffeepot »

Circa 1936-1942: The after dinner stick-handled demitasse coffeepot was first called a chocolate pot by Fiesta dinnerware designer Frederick Rhead, and this example in the lush dark blue glaze is a real winner.

For Sale: $545

Yellow Vintage Fiesta Tripod Candleholders Old Original Marked Fiestaware

Yellow Vintage Fiesta Tripod Candle Holders »

Circa 1936-1942: The Fiesta tripod candleholders are the only piece in Homer Laughlin's iconic dinnerware line that have the architectural influence prevalent in the period's most accomplished art pottery.

For Sale: $545

Vintage Fiestaware Ivory Ice Lip Pitcher

Ivory Vintage Fiesta Ice Lip Pitcher »

Circa 1936-1946: The ice lip pitcher was produced in only the first six fiesta colored glazes— red, ivory, blue, yellow, green and turquoise.

For Sale: $185

Vintage Fiestaware Turquoise Covered Casserole

Turquoise Fiesta Covered Casserole »

Circa 1937-1969: Turquoise is the most popular of the original eleven vintage Fiestaware glazes, and this large Fiesta casserole makes a dazzling splash of color in the china cabinet or on the table.

For Sale: $245

1950s Vintage Fiestaware Gray Coffeepot

1950s Gray Vintage Fiesta Coffeepot »

Large holloware pieces are harder to find in the '50s fiestaware colors and collectors will appreciate the scarcity of the original fiesta coffeepot in the elusive gray glaze color.

For Sale: $650

Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Pitcher, Rare Fiesta

Medium Green Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher »

This lovely and difficult to find vintage medium green water pitcher has an excellent thick glaze and is in superb condition.

For Sale: $1150

Vintage Fiestaware Turquoise Ashtray early version with bottom rings

Turquoise Vintage Fiesta Ashtray »

Circa 1937-1939: Early Version with Bottom Rings The early unmarked version of the ashtray with many rings on the outside bottom was only produced until 1939.

For Sale: $175

Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Platter

Medium Green Fiesta Platter »

Circa 1959-1969: The original fiestaware platter is the perfect place to showcase your favorite color. Shown here in medium green.

For Sale: $175

Vintage Fiestaware Kitchen Kraft stacking refrigerator

Fiesta Kitchen Kraft Stacking Set with Original Labels »

Circa 1938-1942: The scarce Fiesta Kitchen Kraft four piece stacking set is a true rarity when found with original gold and black labels!

For Sale: $1150

Homer Laughlin Decalware Red Stripe Hacienda Teapot for Sale

Harlequin Homer Laughlin Chartreuse Basket Weave Ashtray »

Circa 1950-1959: The Homer Laughlin Cina Comapny of Newell, West Virginia, produced the hugely popular art deco Harlequin dinnerware line to be sold exclusively at Woolworth's.The mid-century glazes are hard to find.

For Sale: $395

Homer Laughlin Decalware Red Stripe Hacienda Teapot for Sale

Vintage Old Ivory Red Stripe Century Teapot with Hacienda Decal »

Circa 1932-1942: Decalware was a popular way to decorate dishes during the 1930s and 1940s. Homer Laughlin produced a great variety of scenes and topped them off with vibrant hand applied stripes.

For Sale: $375

Riviera Homer Laughlin Handled Tumbler in Harlequin Blue Colored Glaze for Sale

Homer Laughlin Riviera Handled Tumbler in Harlequin Blue »

Circa 1938-1942: Homer Laughlin's Riviera line included these fantastic tall handled tumblers. This example showcases the blue glaze used on the Harlequin line.

For Sale: $145

Vintage Fiestaware Bowls Set Nesting Fiesta All Colors for Sale

Vintage Fiesta Nesting Bowls

1938-1944: Produced in seven sizes and numbered 1-7 (1 being the smallest and 7 the largest), the earliest Fiesta mixing bowls will have inside bottom rings, which were removed within the first two years of production in order to simplify the manufacturing process.

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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