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Vintage Fiesta© Disc Pitchers for Sale | Circa 1938-1972

The original vintage Fiesta disc water pitcher is the most universally recognized shape in the entire vintage Fiesta pottery line, so famous that it recently made the cover of a US Postage Stamp. The disc shaped pitcher was introduced in the spring of 1938 and was available in all six of the original colors. Large, but not overwhelming, the iconic pitcher holds 71 ounces and stands 7 1/2" tall. The vintage Fiesta disc pitcher remained a staple in the original line until its production ceased in 1972. Found in 13 original vintage Fiesta colors, including medium green, the disc water pitcher remains the classic American tableware shape that personifies an era.
Fiestaware Disc Water Pitchers Quick Facts
  • Production dates: June 1938-December 1972 (34.5 years).
  • Measurements: 7.5" h x 8.75" w. (holds 71 ounces).
  • Colors: Red, Ivory, Cobalt, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Gray, Rose, Chartreuse, Forest Green, Medium Green, Amberstone, Antique Gold.
  • Fun fact 1: In 2011, the red vintage disc water and yellow juice pitchers were featured on a U.S. postage stamp.
  • Fun fact 2: Four sizes of the water pitcher were considered (90oz., 71oz, 53oz., and 30oz. versions).
original red vintage fiesta disc water pitcher

Red Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher »

Circa 1938-1943/1959-1969: This piece of vintage Fiesta pottery became so famous that it was put on a postage stamp but was not, oddly, part of the original line's release in 1936.

For Sale: $185

vintage fiestaware Disc water pitcher in original old ivory colored glaze for sale

Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher in Ivory »

Circa 1938-1951: The classic piece in the Vintage Fiesta repertoire, the disc water pitcher, shown here in original ivory, is the quintessential shape from the famous West Virginia pottery.

For Sale: $175

voriginal green vintage fiesta disc water pitcher

Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher in Original Cobalt Blue »

Circa 1938-1951: The rich blue cobalt glaze on the most iconic Fiesta shape of them all, the Vintage Fiesta disc water pitcher, makes a bold statement.

For Sale: $175

vintage fiesta 12 inch vase in cobalt blue colored glaze original homer laughlin fiesta tableware for sale

Vintage Fiesta Disc Pitcher in Original Green »

Circa 1938-1951: The Vintage Fiesta disc water pitcher may well be the most recognized shape in HLCC's most famous line. Large, but not overwhelming, the Fiesta pitcher holds 71 ounces and stands 7 1/2" tall.

For Sale: $175

original turquoise vintage fiesta disc water pitcher

Turquoise Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher »

Circa 1938-1969: The classic iconic piece of the Vintage Fiesta line, the disc water pitcher, is shown here in original turquoise with a great even glaze and nice rich application.

For Sale: $175

original yellow vintage fiesta disc water pitcher

Yellow Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher »

Circa 1938-1969: When designer Frederick Rhead began creating the Fiesta dinnerware line, his hope was to develop a shape based upon concentric fluted circles. Rhead's ingenious design uses the pitcher's handle to complete his famous tableware's trademark element.

For Sale: $165

1950s Fiesta Colors Disc Water Pitchers
Four of the six original fiestaware colors were discontinued in the '50s while Homer Laughlin released four new modern colors—chartreuse (lemon yellow green), rose (dusty and subdued), forest green (as dark as the original cobalt blue), and gray (as elegant as ivory). It is worth noting that the original yellow and turquoise glazes continued production so that the storied tableware's six colors could still be mixed and matched.
1950s vintage fiestaware Disc water pitcher in the original chartreuse green glaze for sale

1950s Fiestaware Chartreuse Disc Water Pitcher »

Circa 1951-1959: A new color palette for Fiesta pottery was introduced at the beginning of the 50s. All of these colors are harder to find, and chartreuse remains the most desirable; so it's delightful to see chartreuse on the most classic shape of them all— the vintage Fiesta disc water pitcher.

For Sale: $185

1950s original rose vintage fiesta disc water pitcher

Vintage Fiesta Disc Pitcher in Rose Colored Glaze »

Circa 1951-1959: The first run of six colors lasted about fifteen years for the Fiesta pottery line. Slowing sales prompted the release of four new colors. The rose colored glaze shows off this upgraded sophistication and marks a new era for the now famous Fiesta tableware line.

For Sale: $165

1950s fiestaware pitcher in forest green

Forest Green Disc Water Pitcher »

Circa 1951-1959: The dark green vintage Fiesta disc water jug was in production for 8 years, and this example is in excellent collector quality conditon with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $175

1960s Fiesta Colors Disc Water Pitchers
The 1960s marked the slow decline of fiestware sales, and many shapes were discontinued. The '50s colors were replaced with the single color of medium green. Again worth noting is that yellow and turquoise continued being produced and the original red was brought back into the line to run alongside medium green, albiet with depleted uranium in its formula. Collectors will enjoy mixing and matching this quartet of medium green, original red, yellow and turquoise into their Fiestaware tablescapes.
Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Pitcher

Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher in Medium Green »

Circa1959-1969: This lovely and difficult to find vintage medium green water pitcher has an excellently applied glaze and is in superb condition.

For Sale: $1,150

Vintage Fiesta Disc Juice Pitchers
Homer Laughlin loved to create different sized versions of the same shape, and none is better enjoyed than the 30 ounce juice pitcher, which is a perfect miniature match to the famous disc water pitcher. The original fiestaware line didn't produce many colors in the speciality item; so collectors will be limited to yellow, red, gray and celedon green disc juice pitchers.
1950s fiestaware gray disk juice pitcher rare vintage fiesta

Fiesta Disc Juice Pitcher in '50s Gray Glaze »

Circa 1951 or 1952: The gray glaze was the only mid century Fiestaware color to make it onto the disk juice pitcher, and this 30 ounce pitcher in gray is extremely scarce.

For Sale: $2,250

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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