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Vintage Fiesta Medium Green Disc Water Pitcher

Circa 1959-1969: Designer Fredrick Rhead's classic fiesta disc pitcher exemplifies the art deco movement and is shown here in the desirable medium green glaze. Strangely, the now iconic disc water pitcher was not put into production until 1938, two years after Homer Laughlin's release of the legendary dinnerware line.

Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Pitcher, Rare Fiesta

Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Pitcher

Although medium green, which can best be described as Kelly green or John Deere tractor green, was produced for a full decade, it was marketed at a time when Fiesta's popularity was on the wane. Thus, much less total Fiesta was manufactured in the 1960s, making pieces in the elusive medium green awfully hard to come by almost a quarter of the way into the 21st century. Fiesta scholars have also conjectured, though it is difficult to believe, that the gorgeous green glaze of the sixties was not popular with the buying public, thus contributing to even fewer pieces in this lovely deep green being fired in the famous HLCC kilns. Whatever the reasons, the extrememly desirable vintage medium green is the pot of gold at the end of the great Fiesta rainbow and should be treated as such.

Rare Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Jug

Vintage Fiesta Medium Green Disk Water Jug

Vintage Fiestaware Medium Green Disk Water Pitcher, Rare Fiesta

Condition on this scarce medium green Fiestaware disc water pitcher is excellent with no chips, cracks, or repairs and a beautifully dipped glaze.

Medium Green Fiesta Disk Pitcher

For Sale: $1,150
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