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Silvio P. Zoratti Pair of Busts

Circa 1976: Silvio Peter Zoratti (1896-1992) was an Italian immigrant who came to America after being released from a WWI German prisoner of war camp. He had been trained as a stone carver in Europe and settled in Ohio, where, in 1923, he took a stonemason position on the Nickel Plate Railroad and worked there until his retirement in 1961. Zoratti did a few folk art stone sculptures for himself starting in 1958, and he began working in wood after his retirement and would continue carving until the 1980s when he stopped because of failing eyesight.

Silvio and Beatrice Zoratti Folk Art Busts For Sale

Silvio Zoratti Folk Art Bust

Zoratti completed around 300 sculptures and had them displayed outside in his garden and around his tool shed. Because the carvings were kept outside and survived the harsh northeastern Ohio winters along Lake Erie, they are often more weathered on the side that faced the oncoming winds. In 1923, Silvio Zoratti married Beatrice Stockmaster, and the Zorattis would spend the rest of their lives together. Impressed "Made by S. P. Zoratti 1976," this 12.5" tall pair of busts of Beatrice and Silvio Zoratti portray the couple after 53 years of wedded bliss.

 Busts of Silvio and Beatrice Zoratti

Beatrice Zoratti Folk Art Bust by Silvio P Zoratti

Made by S P Zoratti 1976

Side View Silvio and Beatrice Zoratti Folk Art Busts

Zoratti's self portrait is a hair taller than that of his beloved Beatrice, and Zorratti's head is tilted slightly upward surveying the horizon as his wife stares furtively ahead into the great unknown. These sculptures are well carved and highly evocative, and they showcase Zoratti's artistry at the pinnacle of his abilities.

Silvio Zoratti Folk Art Wooden Sculptures For Sale

Master Folk Artist Silvio Zoratti Carvings For Sale

Zoratti gave these carvings a light coat of varnish, and they survive in excellent weathered condition as photographed.

Silvio P. Zoratti Pair of Busts

For Sale: $1,200

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