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Double Sided Old Mill Game and Checkers Gameboard

Circa 1880-1920: Measuring 19" x 15.5", this three color red, yellow, and black checkerboard and Old Mill Game is constructed from a heavy 1" thick single board that, judging by its weight, is probably walnut or oak. The untouched surface shows proper play wear, and the paint is crazed just as it should be. The board has two stable tight age splits that do not detract from its visual or structural integrity. This early gameboard is equally graphic on both sides, though we admit that we have a hankering for the Old Mill Game with its black and yellow playing field bordered in deep red.

wooden double sided gameboard for sale

detail old mill game black yellow and red paint

wooden antique checkerboard painted double sided gameboard for sale

Antique Painted Three Color Double Sided Gameboard For Sale

antique old mill and checkers double sided painted wooden gameboard

Double Sided Old Mill Game and Checkers Gameboard

For Sale: $650

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