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Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher in Original Red Glaze

Circa 1938-1943, 1959-1969: Although popular in all eleven vintage HLCC Fiesta glazes, the Fiestaware disc water pitcher dipped in the fiery original red is the one that has most often won the pottery collector's heart. Right from the hugely successful Newell, West Virginia dinnerware line's debut in 1936, original red cost more than its sister colors to produce due to the expensive uranium used in the glaze formula. Red even commanded its own column on Laughlin's Fiestaware marketing brochures.

Red Vintage Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher

Red Vintage Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher

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bottom marking fiesta made in usa

vintage fiesta disk water pitcher in red

The gorgeous orange red glaze was retired by 1943 due to the Manhattan Project's use of uranium in developing the weapon that would, for better or worse, punctuate the end of WWII and forever change the world. In 1959, the Homer Laughlin China Company was permitted to reintroduce its infamous red glaze by substituting depleted uranium in the glaze's list of ingredients and produced the pitcher in red for the next ten years.

Red Vintage Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher

Free of chips, cracks, and repairs, this handsome vintage Fiesta water pitcher in original red has a nice shiny glaze and is impressed in the mold with the renowned West Virginia pottery firm's "HLC fiesta MADE IN U.S.A" signature mark. This is vintage Fiesta pottery at its iconic best.

Red Vintage Fiesta Disc Water Pitcher

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