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Lehmann Antique German Tin Wind Up Toy New Century Cycle for Sale

Lehmann New Century Cycle Tin Windup »

Circa 1895-1938: From the great German manufacturer Lehmann, comes this charming tin windup. Working condition.

For Sale: $1,450

Lehmann Antique German Tin Wind Up Toy Am Pol for Sale

Lehmann Am Pol Tin Windup »

Circa 1910-1935: This tin litho windup celebrates Roald Amundsen, who, from 1903 to 1906, was the first explorer to cross the treacherous Northwest Passage by sea.

For Sale: $2,500

Arcade Cast Iron Ford Fordor Sedan for Sale

Arcade Cast Iron 6.5" Ford Fordor Sedan »

Circa 1923-1927: Manufactured in Freeport, Illinois, Arcade's Ford Fordor, comes painted in black, gold, silver, and white with its original nickel plated driver.

For Sale: $495

Felix the Cat Antique German Tin Wind Up Toy Comic Character for Sale

Early Felix the Cat German Tin Windup Toy »

Circa 1924: Charming Felix the cat comic character tin windup toy, made in Germany, with original label. Working condition.

For Sale: $950

Lehmann antique tin windup ehe red white blue vehicle

Antique Tin Windup Lehmann EHE »

Circa 1907-1935: Here is a nice 7" tin litho Lehmann EHE & Co 570 open bed truck. The mechanism works, and the paint is all original.

For Sale: $650

1920s Pressed Steel Vehicle American National Giant US Army Truck for Sale

Pressed Steel American National Giant U.S. Army Truck »

Circa Late 1920s: The era of large pressed steel vehicles are highlighted by rare examples like this 27.5" long American National Giant series U.S. Army truck.

For Sale: $3,500

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Petite American Chinese Checkers Game Board with Orange Ground »

Circa 1920s-1930s: This handsome 7 color paint decorated 14" x 12" oak Chinese checkerboard is housed in its original frame.

For Sale: $950

Antique Tin Windup Toy Jackee The Hornpipe Dancer Trademark Patents Applied for The Ferdinand Strauss Corp. New York, N.Y. For Sale

Antique Tin Windup by Strauss: Jackee The Hornpipe Dancer »

Circa 1920s: Red, white, blue, yellow and green, with bold 20s illustrative styles bring life to this great 9" tall patriotic toy.

For Sale: $795

Humpty Dumpty Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale

Humpty Dumpty Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1882: This example has 85% of its original paint, has never been touched up or repainted, and has no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $1,950

Antique Tin Windup Toy 1930s Louis Marx and Company Moon Mullins and Kayo on a Handcar New York  N.Y.

Antique Tin Windup by Mark: Moon Mullins & Karo on a Handcar »

Circa 1930s: . This example of one of the great comic duos, showcases Moon Mullins and his sidekick Kayo pumping a handcar.

For Sale: $895

Stump Speaker Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale Black Americana

High Grade Stump Speaker Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: The Stump Speaker, adorned with his tiny and tophat and bright green suit, stands on a four by five inch grey, red and gold base.

For Sale: $4,500

Antique Cast Iron Arcade 1928 Chevy Coupe

Antique Cast Iron Arcade 8" Improved Chevrolet Coupe »

Circa 1926-1928: This example of Arcade's classic Chevy coupe retains a high percentage of its original, fancy four-color paint scheme.

For Sale: $1,495

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank For Sale

Magic Bank Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1876: The Magic Bank in a number of color variations, and this handsome red, white and blue version is a real stunner.

For Sale: $,2250

Early American Tin Horse and Rider Bell Toy Antique Pull Toy Althoff Bergmann For Sale

Antique Tin Windup Lehmann Paddy and the Pig »

Circa 1924: Lehmann's Paddy and the Pig is one of the most whimsical and fantastic German tin windup toys of the early 20th century.

For Sale:$1,250

Antique American Doll Sled with Original Painted Surface For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Red Paint Decorated Doll Sled in Original Surface »

Circa 1890-1910: This gorgeous doll sled was gently used and exhibits the good honest wear that advanced collectors desire.

For Sale: $1,450

Halls Liliput Paint Decorated Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank 19th Century American Toys

Original 19th Century Cast Iron Hall's Liliput Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1875: The Liliput measures a petite 4.5" H x 3" W and takes its name from Jonathan Swift's classic taleGulliver's Travels.

For Sale: $1,450

Presto Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank  Kyser and Rex Marked 485

Presto Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892: This architectural bank comes complete with its coin drawer, coin slot, and key, which are almost always missing.

For Sale: $395

Rare Cast Iron Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto »

Circa 1905: What a pleasure it is to offer this extremely scarce Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto to the antique toy collecting community!

For Sale: $5,500

Antique Cast Iron Fire Truck Original Red Paint Hubley For Sale

Antique Hubley Cast Iron Fire Truck »

Circa 1930: 14" Long, Original Red Paint. Hubley cast iron fire truck in original red paint, circa 1930.

For Sale: $1,195

Mickey Mouse Tin Wind Up Linemar Antique Toy Pluto Wind up

Mickey Mouse Tin Wind Up »

Excellent condition on this early Linemar wind up vintage Mickey Mouse toy in great working condition

For Sale: $595

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Antique 19th Century Mechanical Bank Two Frogs »

Circa 1882: Originally marketed as the Bullfrog Bank and the Frog Bank, the Two Frogs mechanical bank imitates a frog catching its prey.

For Sale: $4,950

Novelty Bank Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Antique 19th Century Cast Iron J. & E. Stevens Novelty Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873: This is a terrific original Novelty Bank from the beginnings of the great age of cast iron mechanical banks.

For Sale: $1,750

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose Picture Cubes

Antique Picture Games Puzzle Blocks by McLoughlin Bros. »

Copyright 1898: McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose picture puzzle game comes in its original box and is in spectacular condition.

For Sale: $895

Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank I Always Did Spise a Mule

I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897: The boy on bench I Always Did 'Spise a Mule bank is one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana.

For Sale: $2,850

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Nodder Large German Americana Toy

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Americana Nodder »

Late Nineteenth Century: This large antique German Uncle Sam nodder harkens to the Palmer Cox Brownie figures of the era.

For Sale: $1,650

Rare Antique Game of Nosey

The Game of Nosey »

This early McLoughlin Brothers game was designed by the infamous Man on the Moon Game artist.

For Sale: $350

Antique Humpback Teddy Bear, Early American Bear for Sale

Humped Back Teddy Bear »

Circa 1950s: Long arms, long snout, long mohair and humped back bring great character to this mid century bear.

For Sale: $795

Tammany Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

Kyser and Rex Cast Iron Mechanical Bank Rooster »

Circa 1880-1890: This Rooster mechanical bank retains a high percentage of original paint and has no chips, cracks, or repairs.

For Sale: $850

Unique and Rare Antique Paddy and the Pig Mechanical Bank For Sale

Paddy & the Pig Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1882: J. & E. Stevens originally pictured Paddy and the Pig in a number of their catalogs as the Shamrock Bank.

For Sale: $2,450

Fallows Antique Early American Tin Toy Painted Horse Bell Pull Articulated 1880s

James Fallows Horse on Elevated Platform  »

Circa 1880: The horse's large 2.25" diameter bell chimes loudly on its articulated base as it gallops across the terrain.

For Sale: $3,250

Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank Rare Yellow Base Variation Spise a Mule 19th Century Stevens Company for Sale

Yellow Base Variation of I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897: This bank retains a high percentage of its original paint and has the highly desirable and eye poppingly graphic yellow base.

For Sale: $2,950

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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