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Antique Firkin in Original Mustard Grain Paint

Circa 19th Century: Measuring 9.5" tall with a top diameter of 8.75" and a bottom diameter of 9.5", this attractive middle of the stack lidded firkin in beautifully worn origninal mustard grain painted decoration features long, thin finger joints secured with brass tacks and tiny square wooden pegs. The original handle and turned wooden pegs are in excellent condition but have lost their paint through good honest wear and many years of gentle use, which is very typical of firkins in yellow and mustard paint. This is a fine 19th century firkin in an excellent state of originality. Ex. Gary and Diane Kamp Collection.

antique wooden firkin sugar bucket in original mustard grain paint

mustard grain painted antique firkin all original

19th century painted sugar bucket

early american wooden bucket for sale

bottom view mustard firkin

shabby chic antique american sugar bucket in original paint

country farmhouse antique painted firkin

Antique Firkin in Original Mustard Grain Paint

For Sale: $450

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