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Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Dueling Barnyard Roosters

Antique American Folk Art Double Roosters Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: This handsome antique folk art hooked rug of a pair of roosters eyeing each other is graphically pleasing because the roosters are presented on a neutral cream background and framed in six thin multi-colored borders. These elements give our cocky barnyard friends a lot of visual pop and force the viewer to focus on their beauty and poise. Measuring 34.5" x 19.5", this punchy antique country hooked rug comes to you professionally mounted and ready to hang.

For Sale: $1650

19th Century Antique American Folk Art Shirred Rug of Dog Named Pootsie

Antique American Folk Art Shirred Rug of Dog Named Pootsie »

Circa Late 19th Century: One has to smile at the thought of a dog named Pootsie! This charming shirred rug (forerunner of the ever popular hooked rug) measures 36" x 23" and depicts Pootsie against a blue and white background and flanked on both sides by colorful summer flowers. The rug's rounded corners add a graceful touch to this endearing antique folk art textile.

For Sale: $1650

Primitve Antique Country Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Horses

Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Primitive Horses »

Circa First Half 20th Century: These naively done horses in a seldom used muted green color scheme give this superb 33" x 16" professionally mounted folk art hooked rug an unusually fine visual appeal reminiscent of the likes of renonwned outsider artists such as Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Bill Traylor, and Mose Tolliver.

For Sale: $1450

Antique Folk Art Hooked Rug Pair Horses, Cats, Sheep, Owls, Birds, Dated Country American Primitive For Sale 1935

Dated 1935 Antique Folk Art Hooked Rug with Horses »

Circa 1935: This friendly farmyard scene showcases an abundance of animal pairs. Measures 45" x 25"

For Sale: $1250

Rare Folk Art Warsaw Illinois Early American Sampler Signed Clarinda Park 1834

Early American Antique House Sampler from Warsaw Illinois »

Circa 1834: Rare piece of early American folk art— Illinois samplers are rare and desirable, and Clarinda Park's incredibly eye catching 1834 house sampler from Warsaw is an early example from already rare and hard to find Illinois samplers.

For Sale: $6,500

Antique American Felt Needlework Greyhound Whippet Worcester Mass Phillipps

Antique American Felt Needlework of Greyhound Whippet »

Circa 1840: This early American antique felt needlework picture of a greyhound whippet is a fun and charming piece. Exquisite details include colorful pink and red stiching for the nose, mouth and teats. Simple, yet energetic needlework decorates the foundation in whimsical flowers and leaf paterns. Scribed on the reverse "Worked by Priscilla Phillips, ... Worcester Mass 1793- ... from Alice ... Phillipps ... Jan. ... 1841"

For Sale: $2,450

Folk Art Antique American Hooked Rug of Dogs Named Bob and Rose

Folk Art Hooked Rug "Bob & Rose" with Stars & Hearts »

Circa Early 20th Century: Measuring a robust 64" by 27", this charming and colorful folk art hooked rug depicts a love story between two fine dogs, Bob and Rose. Note that our canine friends are looking into one another's eyes and are wagging their tails.

For Sale: $3750

Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Historically Important 1819
New York Female Association School Sampler »

Circa 1819: Susan Anderson's rare and important antique American Quaker sampler has distinctive motifs that make it part of the important group of samplers described in Betty Ring's book (Vol ll,page 318) as The New York Female Association School group .What makes this so significant is the naming of the instructress Rebecca Leggett, the needlerwork teacher responsible for creating these highly identifiable motifs documented on the other  known examples.

For Sale: $2750

Antique Sampler with House, Alphabets, Birds, Lions and Keys

Early 19th Century Georgian Silk Embroidered Picture »

Circa 1810-1830: Silk and Watercolor on Silk with Exceptional Stitching: This captivating silk embroidered picture depicts a seated woman flanked by a donkey and a lion and measures 12 iches by 10 inches, not including the frame.

For Sale: $1495

Folk Art Hooked Rug Horse Antique For Sale

Folk Art Horse Hooked Rug »

Circa 1890-1910: This fabulously folky and naive hooked rug depicts one full-bodied horse and one horse's head. The rug measures 25" by 17 1/2" including its unusual hand woven burlap fringe.

For Sale: $895

Early 19th Century Folk Art Beaded Antique Purse

Early 19th Century Beaded and Woven Bag »

Circa 1830-1850: Wonderful signed reticule, Mary Smith. Bottom adorned with tree motif, and bold stripes of black, greens, browns and creams make this little early antique purse charming.

For Sale: $325

Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

1938 Red, White and Blue Folk Art Hooked Rug »

Signed and Dated: EF '38, one of three by the same maker

Circa 1938: Strong and bold graphic content, great clor and whimsical theme, signed by EF '38, one of a trio of folk art hooked rugs by the same artist. Vibrant colors and superb graphic appeal.

For Sale: $550


Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

Folky, Whimsical Vintage Hooked Rug »

Signed: EF, one of three by the same maker

Circa 1930s: Charming and vibrant, signed EF , one of a trio of folk art hooked rugs by the same artist.

For Sale: $450

Previously Sold Pieces:
Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Kokomo, Indiana 1854 Sarah Jenkins Woolwork American Sampler »

Circa 1854: Signed “Sarah Jenkins, her work aged 11 done in the year of our Lord 1854.” Adornment on this sampler includes a young girl holding a puppy in her lap, a man standing in front of a house, three birds, two butterflies, a buck deer, flowers, a vine border, rows of alphabets, numbers, family initials, and the inscription “Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”


Antique American Hooked Rug Folk Art Rooster Fight Cocks Cock Fighting

Folk Art Fighting Cocks Hooked Rug »

Circa 1936: The rooster is one of the iconic images in American folk art, and this rare 32" x 23" fighting cocks hooked rug has all the bells and whistles that the advanced collector expects in a piece of this quality.



Girl with Goose Folk Art Hooked Rug

Girl with Goose Folk Art Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: Great graphics with red flowers and black goose. Girl in bonnet plays little bo peep with the gander. Red flower, geometric bold black border and earth colored stripes create a striking one of a kind.


Antique American Needlework Rare Michigan Schoolgirl Sampler Signed and Dated For Sale

Antique American Folk Art Michigan Schoolgirl Sampler»

Signed "Eliza H. Booth Mich. Aged 10 Years 1850": Michigan samplers are rare, and even advanced collectors can go a lifetime without holding one in their hands. This scarce antique Midwestern textile measures 18 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" tall and is housed in a 22" X 12" frame.


Folk Art Sampler 19th Century Early Massachusetts Antique House Sampler Boston Provenance

1816 Ann Withington Massachusetts House Sampler »

Circa 1816: Ann Gill Withington was born January 11, 1805 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, to Mather and Sarah Withington. Miss Withington's paternal grandfather Ebenezer Withington (1729 - 1800) was involved in the Boston Tea Party.

SOLD To Withington Family

Antique Sampler Earl American Needlework 19th Century Folk Art

1845 Mary Martin Sampler »

Dated 1845: I know that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Mary Martin, Ardwick, Oct. 8, 1845


Early 19th Century Folk Art Beaded Antique Purse

Antique Beaded Reticule with Folk Art Scene »

Circa 1850-1875: 19th century small beaded purse with folk art scene, large graphic florals and charming decorative top border.



18th Century 1781 Adam and Eve Antique Needlework Sampler  Excellent condition and highly decorated colorful motifs

18th Century Needlework Adam and Eve Sampler »

Circa 1781: Striking motifs, black snake, naked adam and eve, rabbit border, hearts, birds, flowers and more, along with excellent condition and early date make this a stand out antique sampler.


Patriotic, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug

Red, White and Blue Americana Patriotic Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: Wonderful color on this art deco era, clam shell, red white and blue antique americana hooked rug.


Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Rare Antique American Schoolgirl Sampler
North Carolina Hairlock Alphabet Needlework  »

Signed Labitha Jane Hanner: Samplers from the American Antebellum South are scarce, and hairlock samplers from any region of the country are rare; so to find a surviving Southern hairlock sampler in excellent condition is a real treat for the early textile collector. Labitha Jane Hanner's primitive and folksy sampler was completed in August 1843 during the dog days of the rural North Carolina summer. This lovely piece of 19th century schoolgirl needlework contains six alphabets, two rows of numbers, a series of practice initials, young Miss Hanner's signature and completion date, and, most importantly, a humble lock of blonde woven into a circle and accented with a small silk ribbon.


1896 Antique American Flag 45 Star Medallion Pattern Parade Flag

Antique American Flag, 1896 Patriotic Medallion Pattern Flag »

Circa 1896: We just acquired this wonderful and rare medallion pattern1896 American flag. The early printed parade flag is in excellent condition with appropriate aging to the cotton and great brillance in the printed red and dark blue.


Patriotic Americana 1890 Unofficial 42 Star Parade Flag For Sale

1890 Unofficial American 42 Star Parade Flag »

Circa 1890: The 42 star American flag was never officially used because Idaho gained statehoodjust before the July 4th deadline, making the official United Statesflag of 1890 have a 43 star count. The 42 star flag was made for under nine months and thus is hard to come by, and this lovely parade flag is, in this condition, a rare survivor. This frame is housed in an unobtrusive modern black frame that keeps the viewer's attention on the graphically pleasing and unusual six by seven star pattern, and we have backed this lovely 19th century American parade flag with acid free board. This wonderful flag will enhance any collection of early patriotic Americana, antique textiles, or early American antiques.


Antique Amish Stumpwork Pillowcase with Six Pointed Stars Red Border

Antique Stumpwork / Plushwork Pillowcase »

Attributed to the Amish: Wonderful raised six pointed stars and delicate red cotton trim (please note the delicate red border does have some small holes) decorate this early folk-art textile from Pennsylvania attributed to the Amish. The bright rainbow yarn in this example plays well against the somber wool squares.


18th Century Flame Stitch Wallet Early American Textile

18th Century Flame Stitch Wallet »

Circa 1780-1800: Vibrant salmon and green colors with bold graphic pattern. Both men and women carried pocketbooks during the last half of the 18th century. These accessories held currency, jewelry, papers, and other valuables.


Antique American Folk Art Tabel Top Penny Rug

Antique Hexagonal Table Top Penny Rug »

Circa 1900-1925: This rug measures a wonderfully petite 26" by 23 1/2" and is in excellent as found condition with no replacements or repairs.


Patriotic, Americana, Red White Antique Hooked Rug

Fantastic Folky Cat Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: Great naive expression on this wide eyed folk art cat hooked rug. Large bold flowers flank both sides of this Welcome rug. The great large white cats tail curves down and breaks the space in a delighful primitve way. Bold reds contrast with the great white cat and create a stunning visual piece of American folk art.


Antique Early Primitive Shirred Hooked Rug 19th Century Wool Shirred Hooked Rug

Antique Early Primitive Shirred Hooked Rug »

Bold and vibrant reds, olive greens, royal blues

Circa 1860-1900: Perfect primitive, country look in this nice small 18" x 30" early shirred wool hooked rug. Great vibrant reds, olive greens, royal blues...



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