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Antique American Games

American games reflecting the events of history and the spirit of the people showcase the height of chromolithography and illustration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Companies such as McLoughlin Brothers, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers set the bar for quality and craftsmanship and their lithography exhibits the glory days of printing.

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose Picture Cubes

Antique Picture Games Puzzle Blocks by McLoughlin Bros. »

Copyright 1898: McLoughlin Brothers picture puzzle game in original box and spectacular condition

For Sale: $895

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Chiromagica game for sale

Antique Game: Chiromagica 1879, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

19th Century American game from the McLoughlin Brothers, features a fabulous wizard with wand surrounded by novelties. The lithography is fantastic and the condition is extremely good. The game is complete, working, and a joy to play.

For Sale: $995



Antique Game: Early American Chiromagica: Hand of Fate: McLoughlin Bros. New York: Vintage Game for Sale

Chiromagica or the Hand of Fate: 1901, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

McLoughlin Brothers second version of the popular question and answer game with moving pointing finger under glass. Striking wizard and eagle atop a globe by the premier chromolithographers at McLoughlin Bros.

For Sale: $495



Rare Antique Game of Nosey

The Game of Nosey »

This early McLoughlin Brothers game was designed by the infamous Man on the Moon Game artist. Its beautiful lithography is shocking to the eye.

For Sale: $350

Circa 1900-1910 Antique American Board Game Milton Bradley Game of Troublesome Pigs

Game of Troublesome Pigs »

Circa 1900-1910, Milton Bradley: After raiding the garden, those troublesome pigs flee the angry farmer and his trusty dog as the farmer waves his fist and swings his hickory stick. This is some of Milton Bradley's finest chromolithography, rivaling that of McLoughlin Brothers. This wonderful early game also has a highly complex game board with a fabulously illustrated image of a group of pigs raiding a cornfield.


Antique American Game: Across the Sea: 1910 Milton Bradley Sailor Boy in Blue, Girl in Red

Across the Sea »

Circa 1910: Especially charming color lithograph showcasing the countries of Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Holland,Venice, and Egypt. Established by Milton Bradley in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1860 and absorbing the McLoughlin Brothers in the 20s, The Milton Bradley Company has become a household name in American games.


McLoughlin Bros. Whirlpool Game Antique American Game

Antique American Game: Whirlpool Game »

McLoughlin Brothers: This wonderful example of turn of the 20th century chromolithography by the masters themselves has superb graphic appeal with its ship succumbing to the ocean's depths and its crew members attempting to escape certain death.


Two Game Combination U.S. Mail and Checkers Milton Bradley Early American Antique Game Train Railroad Board Game For Sale

Two Game Combination US Mail & Checkers »

Milton Bradley Antique Board Game, Circa 1920: The powerful image of a speeding coal-powered locomotive on the boxtop of this lovely Milton Bradley board game from the first quarter of the 20th century combines adventure with the American work ethic and the advancing technologies of the day.


Antique Game: Little Messenger Boy Game: McLoughlin Bros. New York

Little Messenger Boy Game »

McLoughlin Bros., New York: This excellent example of early chromolithography pictures the Little Messenger Boy, telegram in hand, sprinting to his next destination.


Antique Game The New Game of Blow Football English British Football Soccer Sports

The New Game of Blow Football »

The New Game of Blow Football is a fabulous example of an early 20th century antique British game featuring English football, or soccer, as we call it across the pond.

For Sale: $125

Antique American Game: Barber Bole: Parker Brothers Ring Toss Game

Antique American Game: Barber Pole »

Played much like Tiddly Winks, this great early Parker Brothers ring toss game has wonderful graphics and comes complete with a neat little barber pole and all its original game pieces.


Antique American Game: My Mother Sent me to the Grocery Store: Parker Brothers Vintage Game

Antique American Game: My Mother Sent Me to the Grocery Store »

This nice early American antique game from Parker Brothers features a charming image of a toddler galloping home from the grocery story on his imaginary steed, a tiny whip in one hand and a basket of apples on the opposite arm.

For Sale: $75

Antique American Game: Black Beauty: Chromolithograph Horse

Black Beauty | Milton Bradley Antique Game »

Circa 1910: Striking early chromolithograph of great black full figure horse. Early game from Milton Bradley. Wonderful inside graphics as well.

For Sale: $95



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