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Antique American Games

American games reflecting the events of history and the spirit of the people showcase the height of chromolithography and illustration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Companies such as McLoughlin Brothers, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers set the bar for quality and craftsmanship and their lithography exhibits the glory days of printing.

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose Picture Cubes

Antique Picture Games Puzzle Blocks by McLoughlin Bros. »

Circa 1898: This McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose picture puzzle game comes in its original box and is in spectacular condition.

For Sale: $895

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Chiromagica game for sale

Chiromagica 1879, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

Circa 1879: The lithography is fantastic, the condition extremely good. The game is complete, working, and a joy to play.

For Sale: $995



Antique Game: Early American Chiromagica: Hand of Fate: McLoughlin Bros. New York: Vintage Game for Sale

Chiromagica or the Hand of Fate: 1903, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

Circa 1903: The box features a striking wizard and eagle atop a globe by the premier chromolithographers at McLoughlin Bros.

For Sale: $495





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