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Early American Stoneware

Antique Gameboards For Sale:
Original Paint Decoration, Checkers, Parcheesi, Backgammon, Double Sided, Early 20th and 19th Century Game Boards.

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Deep River, Indiana, Dated Double Sided Paint Decorated Wooden Gameboard »

Circa 1858: This double sided checkerboard and Nine Men's Morris gameboard retains it original mustard and black paint decoration and is inscribed "1858 Deep River, Ind." Hung diagonally, as was its original intention, this wonderfully crazed and aged painted gameboard forms a visually dynamic 23 1/2" x 23 1/2" diamond.

For Sale: $1250

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Petite American Chinese Checkers Game Board with Orange Ground »

Circa 1920s-1930s: Because small gameboards are difficult to find and also fit in a wider variety of places than do their larger counterparts, collectors are always searching for petite borads. This handsome seven color paint decorated 14" x 12" oak Chinese checkerboard housed in its original frame certainly fits the bill. The delightful and unusual orange ground calls attention to the game and makes it a major focal point even though its size is diminutive.

For Sale: $950

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

Vibrant Parcheesi Game Board on White Ground »

Circa 1930s-1940s: Measuring 16" square, this homemade folk art Parcheesi board with a beautifully crazed surface has an eye catching white ground that accentuates the other bright colors, especially the barn red, of the second quarter 20th century oil based enamel paint. One can tell this board is a genuine example of naive folk art rather than a professionaly made piece because of the bleeding and inexact points and thicknesses of the stripes, which add charm to this lovely gameboard.

For Sale: $895

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

OctagonalChinese Checkers Gameboard with Chrome Yellow Border »

Circa 1920s: The chrome yellow border and unique octagonal shape on this old wooden single board Chinese checkers gameboard frame the game in a graphically pleasing way that contrasts with the six-pointed star's hexagonal center. The bright colors and crazed surface with strong patina on the reverse help date this painted seven-color board to the early 20th century when the game of Chinese checkers and other marble games became popular in America.

For Sale: $850

1930s 1940s Wooden Gameboard Painted Red Black Checkers Relief Carved Bold Graphic For Sale

1930s-1940s Painted Red and Black Checkerboard »

Circa first half 20th Century: The previous owner cleverly hung this board diagonally, and we've left it that way. Striking and simple, this 16" square painted black and red wooden gameboard is bold and striking with carved relief trays and highly imaginative circular inset playing field adding to its bold, sculptural three-dimensional elements.

For Sale: $750

1930s 1940s Wooden Gameboard Painted Red Black Checkers Relief Carved Bold Graphic For Sale

Antique American 5 Color Painted Gameboard »

Circa 1900: Note the wonderful honest use, history, and completely original first surface on this well crafted five color antique American checkerboard. This turn of the last century gameboard boasts two highly contrastingl reds -- one vibrant, one like red velvet cake -- separated with well executed black lines even more superbly outlined in gold. Two windsor green lines keep opponents at bay, finishing out this wonderfully utilized piece of American folk art.

For Sale: $695

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board »

Circa 1900: Both sides of this striking and large handmade antique gameboard are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The unusual corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye and point the viewer to the game's central home square. The reverse is equally pleasing with its over-sized Nova Scotian checkerboard and its wide expanse of dark Indian red paint. This handsome example of turn of the century utilitarian folk art is sure to please even the most advanced collector.

For Sale: $2250

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique 3 Color Pennsylvania Parcheesi Board »

Circa 1880s: The excellent compass decoration on this 19th century folk art gameboard is a sure sign that it has a Pennsylvania origin as this type of design can be traced back to 18th century Pennsylvania German immigrants. Fine detailed lines in bright mustard yellow and vibrant bittersweet on an oxidized red ground with original molding with great hand forged square nails make this a perfectly original game board. Great crackling in the paint and excellent condition on the original paint decoration. Measures 23" square.

For Sale: $2,350

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique Country Primitive Checkerboard with Mustard and Black Borders »

Circa 1910-1940: This antique American checkerboard has an unusual seven board construction and great black and mustard borders with black squares over a brown ground. The round nails are oxidized and point to an early 20th century construction. This great gameboard is in its untouched original conditon and is priced to sell. Measures 24 1/2" x 20 1/2".

For Sale: $450

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Early American Red, Brown, and Mustard Checkerboard »

Circa 1840-1860: This 12" square poplar checkerboard in orignal three color paint decoration is the earliest gameboard we have owned. This delightful board has great use wear and dates from before the Civil War when most homemade folksy boards were small, light, and completely utilitarian in function, and it will be completely at home in a collection of early American country antiques and primitives.

For Sale: $350

Previously Sold Pieces:
19th Century Paint Decorated Antique Wooden Parcheesi Gameboard

Antique 4 Color Paint Decorated Patriotic Parcheesi Game Board »

Circa 19th Century: Because of the red, white, and blue color scheme, this double sided Parcheesi and checkers gameboard was most probably made by a professional carriage painter around the time of the 1876 US Centennial. The black dots, lines, and painted edges help make the other colors pop and show off the maker's skill. Measuring a hefty 18" x 17.75", this nearly square antique gameboard has a desirable crazed surface and an eye catching visual appeal that will make it stand out in any setting.


19th Century 5 Color Checkerboard with Slate Blue Gray Border Paint Decorated Antique Wooden Parcheesi Gameboard

19th Century 5 Color Checkerboard with Slate Blue Gray Border »

Circa 19th Century: Measuring just about 18" square, this checkerboardboard is an exceptional example of folk art paint decorated antique wooden gameboards. The appealing slate blue gray border with decorated white freehand border pattern graphically frames the graphic and unusual checkered central field. Chrome yellow, white, black, gold, and deep blue are used conservatively cover the surface to create a modern Escher-like feel with the gameboard's great positive and negative visual play.


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi / Checkers Board in Original Paint »

Circa 1870s: Both sides of this striking 15 3/4" square nine-color antique game board are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The wonderful star corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye, point the viewer to the game's central home square, and symbolize America's centennial anniversary and the coming together of a healing nation in the decade after the Civil War. The reverse is equally pleasing with its checkerboard and its spectacular dry and undisturbed first surface.


Folk Art Antique Gameboard Red Yellow Black Parcheesi Original Paint 19th Century American Antiques for Sale

Yellow, Red and Black Parcheesi Gameboard with Breadboard Ends »

Circa 1900: In the days before radio took over as America's foremost evening pasttime, board games in front of the fireplace were our most popular form of family entertainment. People would spend many hours constructing one of a kind handmade gameboards for home use, and these endless variations prove a visual delight to the 21st century folk art collector.


Black and White 1880s Parcheesi Gameboard Original Untouched Surface For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Black and White 19th Century Paint Decorated Parcheesi Board »

Circa 1880s: Measuring a generous 19.5" square, this superb 19th century gameboard in original undisturbed black and white painted surface features extremely well rendered compass done pinstripe decoration that includes four arrows whose paths would connect at the center of the home square and twelve precisely placed eight-pointed stars on the playing field. The Parcheesi board's pinstriping is so fine and the subtle decoration is so expertly done and the compass work is so exact that only a practiced professional painter (most probably a carriage painter) could construct such a beautifully complex yet understated gameboard.


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Gamboard in Salmon, Apple Green, and Black Paint »

Circa Late 19th Century: Both sides of this striking 16 1/4" x 16" handmade antique gameboard are pleasingly graphic. The Old Mill Game, also known as Cowboy Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, Marelles, and a host of other monikers, is an ancient board game that can be traced back at least as far as the Roman Empire. This handsome board consists black lines on an unusual salmon ground, with the checkerboard in apple green with inpainting similiar to grain painting.


Double Sided Backgammon and Checkers Hand Painted Folk Art Gameboard in Original Surface For Sale from Z and K Antiques

Double Sided Backgammon & Checkers Gameboard in Original Surface »

Circa 1880s: Measuring 15 3/4" x 15 1/4", this outstanding hand painted double sided four color backgammon and checkers board features square nail construction and mitred frame. Both sides of this whimsical folk art gameboard boast an untouched, original surface with high quality craftsmanship. This board shows expected and age appropriate shrinkage to the wood and has the desirable crackled surface appropriate for its age. The backgammon board features hand painted lanes in an alternating color scheme with exhuberant flourishes and the dark lanes having hand painted decoration that mimics graining.


Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Signed F. E. Wentworth Antique Parcheesi Game Board »

Circa 1880s: F.E. Wentworth was a prominent business man in Whitman, Massachusetts. He owned the F.E. Wentworth Carriage Painting store (shown below). Measures 24 " x 20". Signed gameboards are rare, especially when they are done by professional painters. In the late 19th century, it was not uncommon for carriage painters to create elaborate gameboards because they were used to doing complex pinstriping on carriages. This wonderful six color Parcheesi board has two rows of pinstriping around the outside of the board and fabulous pinstriped cartouches in the center home square. The surface of this board is absolutely original and untouched and shows great use wear as if the same two players squared off against each other time after time after time.


Antique Game Board  American Conneticut Checker Board in Original Paint

Antique American 4 Color Paint Decorated Game Board »

Circa 1880: Here is a wonderful four-color checkerboard in an unusual and pleasing color scheme: brown, hunter green, mustard, and black. This Connecticut gameboard was obviously made by a professional, perhaps a carriage painter as evidenced by the thin green border and well-painted squares, and is in untouched original condition with the good, honest wear advanced collectors like to see. This lovely antique checkerboard is an excellent example of 19th century American folk art and will compliment any collection of early game boards, antique country primitves, or high quality americana.


Antique Gameboard Double Sided Paint Decorated Patriotic American Flags 19th Century

Antique American Double Sided Gameboard with Hand Painted
Scenes and Patriotic Shields »

Last Quarter 19th Century: Double sided gameboard with checkers on one side, embellished with four different hand painted scenes and patriotic flag and stars shields with excessive flourishes. The reverse is equally stunning with graphic and bold backgammon in orange, green, yellow and black with exhuberant and highly skilled flourishes. This gameboard is a delight, and of a rare, high calibar that doesn't surface frequently. Just acquired. Measures roughly 17" square


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Antique Game Board | Double Sided Parcheesi & Checkers »

Circa 1910-1930: Measuring 20" square, this visually stunning double sided Parcheesi and Checkers game board is painted on a single piece of early 20th century plywood. The checkerboard has an unusual tiger maple grain painted ground that, in conjunction with the red border and black squares, make it extremely vibrant and eye catching.The Parcheesi side is overly stunning with a rich windsor green ground, deep indian red, bright red dots, an apple green and trimmed in black outlines. Both sides exhibit fabulous patina and aged surface.


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Dated 1898 Parcheesi Board in Original Vibrant Four Color Paint Scheme »

Circa 1898: Measuring 17 1/4"W x 17 3/8"H, this striking modern late 19th century handmade and decorated Parcheesi board is a superb example of turn of the 20th century American folk art. Signed and dated "Made by G.K.S. Dec. 30 1898".


Antique American Game Board in Original Green and White Paint

Antique Double Sided Gameboard in Original Paint »

This beautiful 19th century American double sided checkers and backgammon paint decorated game board was obviously made by a trained carriage painter because of its excellently done pin striping and superbly done flourishes on each of the checkerboard's corners. The original square nail construction evident on the piece's frame plants this antique game board's date of creation solidly into the 1880s. The surface of this handsome folk art game board has excellent patina, and the paint decoration has perfect crazing consistent with a board of 19th century vintage. Both sides of this fine piece of antique Americana are equally graphic, and the condition of this early checkers and backgammon board is off the chart.


Antique american parcheesi game board in original paint, blue, red, yellow, green and black, 19th century antique folk art gameboard for sale

Superb Five Color 19th Century Parcheesi Board »

Great Original Surface: Wonderful large sized board in original paint— red, black, yellow, green, on