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American folk art carving silvio zoratti

Pair of Silvio Zoratti Folk Art Carvings »

Circa 1976: Silvio Peter Zoratti (1896-1992) was an Italian immigrant who came to America after being released from a WWI German prisoner of war camp. He had been trained as a stone carver in Europe and settled in Ohio, where, in 1923, he took a stonemason position on the Nickel Plate Railroad and worked there until his retirement in 1961.

For Sale: $1,200

19th century portrait painting watercolor silhouette for sale

1830s Portrait of a Gentleman with Riding Crop »

Circa 1830s: The gentleman's curly hairstyle and sideburns, his early bow tie, his formal jacket with its low cut shoulders, his linen vest and trousers, and his painted fancy chair were all popular during the 1830s and thus provide clues as to when this skillfully wrought image was created.

For Sale: $795

antique folk art carousel with eleven carved wooden painted figures

Folk Art Carousel with 11 Figures »

Circa 1930s:This outstanding 12" folk art carousel in 7 color original polychromatic paint decoration contains 11 indivudually carved and painted human figures with articulated arms, facial features (notice the tiny ears!), and clothing.

For Sale: $2,500

antique folk art wooden carving of an african american man

Articulated Folk Art Full Figure Carving »

Circa 1930s: Standing 9.75" tall, this articulated sculpture of a bald man in wire-rimmed spectacles features original six-color finely crazed polychromatic paint decoration and is signed WC on the back of its yellow shirt.

For Sale: $695

Antique american folk art wooden carved painted whirligig 19th century

Antique Wooden Painted Folk Art Whiligig Lumberjack »

Circa 1900: This charming mustached lumberjack sports vibrant yellow paddles, blue pants with red side pinstripes, a protective red coat, blue hat and folky tiny black boots.

For Sale: $2,350

black and mustard paint decorated wooden antique parcheesi gameboard

Mustard and Black Parcheesi Gameboard »

Circa 1920s: Measuring 23.25" x 18", this striking mustard and black Parcheesi gameboard has great honest play wear and a beautifully original painted surface that exhibits proper crazing.

For Sale: $625

Turned Head Antique Wooden Painted Carved Duck Decoy For Sale

Early Turned head Redhead Duck Decoy »

Circa 19th Century: Square nail eys, wonderful old surface and a turned head make this antique carved wooden decoy a very nice example.

For Sale: $650

Cats Antique folk art carnival knockdowns canvas painted wooden bottom

Pair of Painted Cats Carnival Knockdowns »

Circa 1920-1940: Two fancily dressed cats make the most whimsical pair of knockdowns we have ever seen. Measuring 13" tall.

For Sale: $2,750

Antique Gold Gilded  Weathervane For Sale Cod Fish 19th Century Americana Folk Art

Antique American Codfish Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: The highly detailed fish is constructed completely out of copper and has a fine honest weathered surface of verdigris and gold gilt.

For Sale: $4,250

19th Century Antique Oil Paiting on Canvas Portraits from Monmouth Illinois Rare Pair 1830s Midwestern Portraits Americana

Boy with Hoop Toy Early American Folk Art Oil on Canvas Portrait »

Circa 1840s: Early American folk art paintings of children with their toys are especially desirable.

For Sale: $5,500

Antique American Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig in Original Paint Decoration For Sale

Painted Wooden Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig »

Circa 1890-1910: This handsome and expertly carved blue-eyed soldier whirligig stands 19" end to end.

For Sale: $2,450

Original Museum Quality Sage Green Paint Decorated Antique Hand Carved Folk Art New England Soldier Whirligig For Sale

Antique Sage Green Painted Folk Art Whirligig of Carved Wooden Soldier »

Circa 1880-1910: The incredible detail on this soldier whirligig points to the masterful skill level of its anonymous carver.

For Sale: $1,950

American folk art carving adam and eve silvio zoratti Mid Century outsider art

Silvio Zoratti Wooden Carving of a Adam and Eve »

Circa 1963: Stamped on front "Adam and Eve About to Fall" and showing remnants of bright red and green paint, from Ohio carver Silvio Zoratti's backyard garden of eden.

For Sale: $1,250

1976 folk art wooden carving of a white rearing horse by Silvio Zoratti American folk artist

Silvio Zoratti Rearing White Horse »

Circa 1976: This 20" tall fanciful carving of a rearing white horse in orginal paint is impressed "Made by S. P. Zoratti 1976.

For Sale: $1,150

Antique Wooden Painted Carved Wisconsin Magnum Canvasback Hen Decoy For Sale

16" Canvasback Hen Duck Decoy with Glass Eyes »

Circa Mid 20th Century:Because of its chunky curved back, this large 16" long canvasback hen decoy in original paint most probably hails from Wisconsin.

For Sale: $375

Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Dueling Barnyard Roosters

Antique American Folk Art Double Roosters Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: This punchy double roooster hooked rug comes professionally mounted and ready to hang.

For Sale: $1,650

1885 GW Ross Machine and Repair Shops Wooden Trade Sign McKean County PA For Sale From Z and K Antiques

1885 Paint Decorated Pennsylvania Machine Shop Wooden Trade Sign »

Circa 1885:This superb 38" x 19" dated 1885 trade sign in orginal black and white paint decoration hails from Bradford, Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $1,750

Bluebill with glass eyes Antique Wooden Painted Carved Duck Decoy For Sale

Bluebill Drake Duck Decoy with Glass Eyes »

Circa Mid 20th Century:This folksy glass-eyed 13" long bluebill drake decoy was definitley hunted over because the the beak has some shotgun pellet holes typical of decoys used on the water.

For Sale: $275

Primitve Antique Country Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Horses

Antique American Folk Art Hooked Rug of Two Primitive Horses »

Circa First Half 20th Century: These naively done horses in muted green give this 33" x 16" hooked rug an unusually fine visual appeal.

For Sale: $1,450

Antique Paint Decorated Miniature Wooden Firkin in Black and White Marblized Painted Country Primitive Decoration for Sale

Antique Paint Decorated Marblized Small Wooden Firkin »

Circa 1880: Measuring just 4 3/4" high, this highly stylized paint decorated antique firkin is delightful and rare.

For Sale: $1,650

Patriotic Americana Civil War Lebanon County PennsyvaniaFolk Art Scherenschnitte Papercut with 34 Star American Flag For Sale

Important Patriotic Civil War Era Pennsylvania Folk Art Scherenschnitte »

Circa 1861-1863: This 17" x 20" papercut in a 21.5" x 24.5" frame is an example of one of the most iconic scherenschnittes ever created.

For Sale: $5,800

Folk Art Antique American Hooked Rug of Dogs Named Bob and Rose

Folk Art Hooked Rug "Bob & Rose" with Stars & Hearts »

Circa Early 20th Century: This charming and colorful folk art hooked rug depicts a love story between two fine dogs, Bob and Rose.

For Sale: $3,750

Antique Civil War GAR Canteen with Patriotic Flags and Original Paint Decoration

Civil War Canteen with Patriotic Flags and Folk Art Paint Decoration »

Circa 1876: This Civil War canteen belonged to Charles H. Davis, who served in Company G. of the 12th Massachusetts Volunteers.

For Sale: $7,250

1840 Hannah Davis Wallpaper Box Blue Floral Newspaper Lined Labeled Jaffrey New Hampshire

Hannah Davis Large Blue Wallpaper Bandbox »

Circa 1840: Measuring 12.5"L x 9"W x 9"H, the paper trade card on the bottom of the box lid reads: "WARRANTED NAILED Band-Boxes. MADE BY HANNAH DAVIS, Jaffrey, N. H."

For Sale: $1,100

19th Century Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane For Sale

Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: We love the honest weathered surface on this diminutive eagle weathervane that measures 14.25" H x 16" W.

For Sale: $3,950

Original Green and Black Paint Decorated Antique Country Primitive American Splint Woven Gathering Basket For Sale

Antique Splint Woven Basket in Original Green and Black Paint »

Circa 1920s: Measuring 13.5" wide by 12.5" tall to the top of the handle, this gathering basket retains its orginal vibrant paint.

For Sale: $650

Antique Nantucket Basket Original Sewing Fabric Ferdinand Sylvaro Lightship Basket for Sale

Antique Ferdinand Sylvaro Nantucket Lightship Sewing Basket »

Circa 1930: Measuring 7" wide by 8 1/2" tall to the top of the handle, this basket still looks as if it has never been used.

For Sale: $1,650

Highly Painted Pintail Duck Decoy

Turned Head Illinois River Decoy »

Circa 1920s-1940s: The mallard hen decoy is done in the hollowed out two-piece construction common to Illinois River birds.

For Sale: $395

1920s Antique Wooden Gameboard Checkers Black Yellow Border Octagonal Cutout For Sale

7 Color Wahoo Gameboard »

Circa 1930s-1940s: Measuring 16" square, this Wahoo board with a has a white ground that accentuates the other bright colors.

For Sale: $895

Rare Folk Art Warsaw Illinois Early American Sampler Signed Clarinda Park 1834

House Sampler from Warsaw NY »

Circa 1834: Clarinda Park's large New York house sampler is in excellent condition and is graphically pleasing.

For Sale: $3,950

Early 20th Century Antique American Folk Art Whirligig in original paint decoration

OOB Antique American Naive Folk Art Painting Signed W. F. Warren »

Circa 1900-1920: William Fairfield Warren (March 13, 1833 – December 7, 1929) was the first president of Boston University.

For Sale: $1,250

Odd Fellows Twelve Piece Folk Art Collection of Fraternal Symbols

Twelve Piece Folk Art Set of Odd Fellows Fraternal Symbols »

Circa 1930-1950: This set of twelve Odd Fellows fraternal symbols recently came out of the lodge in Kewanee Illinois.

For Sale: $2,400

Redware Slip Decorated Plate

Rare Berlinware Early Paint Decorated Document Box »

Circa 1810: Paint decorated tinware box with rare blue decoration is attributed to the group IV makers in Berlin, CT.

For Sale: $2,795

Folk Art George Washington Patriotic Americana Drawing mid 19th century. Pen and Ink Drawing Antique

Antique American Patriotic Folk Art Pen and Ink Drawing of George Washington on Horseback »

Circa 1850s: This folk art pen and ink drawing of George Washington on horseback is modeled after the 1850 Currier and Ives print.

For Sale: $650

Sleepy Eye Blue and White Decorated Pitcher: Signed and Dated 1910 by Frank Haw

Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 »

Circa 1910: Potter Frank Haws dated and signed this one of a kind exuberantly cobalt decorated Old Sleepy Pitcher in 1910.

For Sale: $2,250

Early American Walnut Childs Chest of Drawers Antique American Furniture

Folk Art Paint Decorated Child's Chest »

Circa 1870: Measuring a useful 30" H x 28" W x 13" D, this playful antique chest will make a bright addition to any room in the house.

For Sale: $3,500

Folk Art Hooked Rug Horse Antique For Sale

Folk Art Horse Hooked Rug »

Circa 1890-1910: This fabulously folky and naive hooked rug depicts one full-bodied horse and one horse's head.

For Sale: $895

Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

1938 Red, White and Blue Folk Art Hooked Rug »

Circa 1938: This great dated hooked rug of three mice and flower has wonderful patriotic colors.

For Sale: $550

Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

Folky, Whimsical Vintage Hooked Rug »

Circa 1930s: Charming and vibrant this musical hooked rug one of a pair of folk art hooked rugs by the same artist.

For Sale: $450

Fok Art Schoolgirl Drawing Pen and Ink 1911

"Going to School" Pen and Ink Drawing »

Circa 1911: A charming red cloaked girl ties her boots and says, "Wait for me," her lunch pail at her feet and her petticoat showing.

For Sale: $295

American folk art carving silvio zoratti Mid Century outsider art

Silvio Zoratti Wooden Carving of a Pileated Woodpecker »

Circa 1962: Ohio folk art carver Silvio Zoratti carved his version of the pileated woodpecker in 1962. A commerical stonecarver, Zoratti's works are uniquely stylized. Signed on the bottom.

For Sale: $950

19th Century Antique American Quill Copper and Gold Weathervane For Sale

Petite 19th Century Quill Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: Measuring 18" long, this charming antique weathervane boasts a rich surface of weathered coppper patina and gold gilding. Condition is excellent.

For Sale: $4,750

Antique American Original Paint Decorated Folk Art Memory Jugs

Best Pair of Antique American Folk Art Memory Jugs »

Circa 1900: Standing 13" in height, this pair of highly decorated folk art memory jugsis an impressive sight to behold.

For Sale: $950

Antique American Folk Art Paint Decorated Wooden Game Board For Sale

"Ludo" Antique Wooden Paint Decorated Gameboard »

Circa 1920s-1930s: Interesting, likely Midwestern, Ludo hand made gameboard painted in rich dark green and decorated with hand painted red stripes.

For Sale: $495

Happy Heidi Vintage Fiestaware Pottery for Sale all old colors complete collection

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