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Early American Stoneware

Early Antique Toys For Sale:
Mechanical Banks, Antique Bears, Cast Iron Vehicles, Chromolithography American Games,
Tin-Litho Wind Ups and other Unusual Americana

Early American Tin Horse and Rider Bell Toy Antique Pull Toy Althoff Bergmann For Sale

Antique Tin Windup Lehmann Paddy and the Pig »

Circa 1924: Marked on the bottom "MADE IN GERMANY D.R. PATENT LEHMANN PATD 1903, 1905 1907," this Lehmann Paddy and the Pig is one of the most whimsical and fantastic German tin windup toys of the early 20th century, featuring an Irishman saddled atop a pig and ready for the ride of his life.

For Sale:$1250

Antique American Doll Sled with Original Painted Surface For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Red Paint Decorated Doll Sled in Original Surface »

Circa 1890-1910: Measurung a petite 14 1/2" long, 5" wide, and 3 1/4" in tall, this five color polychromatic painted doll sled boasts floral decoration surrounded by a double border of gold stenciling inside a blue pinstripe. Its cast iron runners in original green have red striping, and the sled even includes its original rope so that a little girl of the daycould pull her favorite doll through the snow on a bright winter day. This gorgeous doll sled was gently used and exhibits the good honest wear that advanced collectors desire in their antiques.

For Sale: $1,450

Stump Speaker Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale Black Americana

Antique Cast Iron "Stump Speaker" Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: Designed by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams Jr., the Stump Speaker is perhaps the greatest Black Americana mechanical bank ever produced. The Stump Speaker, adorned with his tiny and comical tophat and bright green suit, stands on a four by five inch grey, red and gold base.

For Sale: $2950

Halls Liliput Paint Decorated Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank 19th Century American Toys

Original 19th Century Cast Iron Hall's Liliput Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1875: Manufactured just in time for the 1876 Centennial by The J. & E. Stevens Company in Cromwell, Connecticut and designed by John Hall, the Liliput mechanical bank measures a petite 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide and takes its name from Jonathan Swift's wildly popular Gulliver's Travels. This bank was offered in many paint schemes, but the patriotic red, white, and blue bank with the beige teller's window remains the most endearing and classic color combination of this small but enticing architectural mechanical bank.

For Sale: $1450

Halls Excelsior Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Original Hall's Excelsior Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1869: Designed by John Hall and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut's J. & E. Stevens Company, the Hall's Excelsior Bank is one of the earliest and most puplar of the great mechanical banks. As a testament to its popularity, the bank was made in at least 12 different hand-painted color schemes.

For Sale: $550

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Rare Cast Iron Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto »

Circa 1905: What a pleasure it is to offer this extremely scarce Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto to the antique toy collecting community! Comic character automotive toys are far and few between, but the hefty 10" Sight-Seeing Auto is in a class of its own. This spectacular example is completely original, including its paint, steering wheel, and its five characters, which include Gloomy Gus, The Sailor, Mama Katzenjammer, Papa Katzenjammer and Happy Hooligan.

For Sale: $5,500

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board »

Circa 1900: Both sides of this striking and large handmade antique gameboard are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The unusual corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye and point the viewer to the game's central home square. The reverse is equally pleasing with its over-sized Nova Scotian checkerboard and its wide expanse of dark Indian red paint. This handsome example of turn of the century utilitarian folk art is sure to please even the most advanced collector.

For Sale: $2,250

Antique Cast Iron Fire Truck Original Red Paint Hubley For Sale

Antique Hubley Cast Iron Fire Truck »

Circa 1930: 14" Long, Original Red Paint. Hubley cast iron fire truck in original red paint, circa 1930. Hubley was the largest and longest producer of cast iron toys and it is here, in the fired departments ladder truck that Hubley celebrates the growing efforts of the early 20th century volunteer fireman. Three drivers, cast in great detail.

For Sale: $1,195

Early American Antique Painted Tin Toy Elephant on Base with Wheels

Larger Elephant on Wheeled Platform
Early American Antique Painted Tin Toy »

Late Nineteenth Century: Collectors of early American tin will appreciate the larger size of this elephent on wheels and the abundance of original, untouched paint left on its surface. Lovely pink details decorate the mouth and trunk and a bright red sadle is trimmed in yellow. This antique American tin pulltoy will make a nice addition to any collection. Measures 8" long x 6" tall.

For Sale: $1,450

Mickey Mouse Tin Wind Up Linemar Antique Toy Pluto Wind up

Mickey Mouse Tin Wind Up »

Excellent condition on this early Linemar wind up vintage Mickey Mouse toy in great working condition

For Sale: $595

Halls Liliput Paint Decorated Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank 19th Century American Toys

Antique Cast Iron "Creedmoor" Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1877: Manufactured by J. & E. Stevens Co., the Creedmoor bank was produced in half a dozen variations. This original version is the first and earliest version, designed in Philadelphia by James H. Bowen and cast in Cromwell, Connecticut.

For Sale: $650

Antique Cat and Mouse Mechanical Bank For Sale

Scarce J. & E. Stevens Co. Cat and Mouse Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1891: Designed by James H. Bowen and manufactured by the storied J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut, the cat and mouse mechanical bank is difficult to find. This example of the cat balancing variation has an original base, retains over 80% of its completely original paint, and contains no chips, cracks, or repairs. The action of this bank is simple but surprising and works extremely well. One places the coin on the platform below the mouse's head and clicks the lever on the front of the bank. Quickly, the mouse strikes at the coin, and the cat appears with a mouse and ball between its legs. This handsome and appealing antique mechanical bank will be a welcome addition to any fine collection of banks, toys, or early American antiques.

For Sale: $2850

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Antique 19th Century Mechanical Bank Two Frogs »

Circa 1882: Originally marketed as the Bullfrog Bank and the Frog Bank, James H. Bowen’s strikingly visual Two Frogs mechanical bank was manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut bank giant J. & E. Stevens Company and imitates, in comic fashion, a frog catching its prey, in this case a child’s coin... nearly mint untouched paint decorated surface.

For Sale: $4,950

19th Century Antique Mechanical Bank Leap Frog

Leap Frog Antique Cast Iron 19th Century Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1891: Shepard Hardware Company’s Leap Frog mechanical bank illustrates the centuries old children's game and depicts two youths playing leapfrog next to the fence in their yard. To operate the bank, one puts a coin into the slot on top of the tree and clicks the button on the rear of the bank. This releases the boy in the yellow shirt who flies over his companion and hits the tree's lever on the way past it, sending the coin into the bank.

For Sale: $2,800

Novelty Bank Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Antique 19th Century Cast Iron J. & E. Stevens Novelty Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873: The J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut manufactured Charles H. Johnson’s Novelty Bank in many color patterns, and this handsome red, yellow, and blue variation is a real stunner. This is a terrific Novelty Bank from the beginnings of the great age of mechanical banks and will be a fine addition to any collection of antique banks, early toys, or American antiques.

For Sale: $1,750

Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Mother Goose Picture Cubes

Antique Picture Games Puzzle Blocks by McLoughlin Bros. »

Copyright 1898: McLoughlin Brothers picture puzzle game in original box and spectacular condition

For Sale: $895

Antique Uncle Sam Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Antique Cast Iron Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: Shepard Hardware's Uncle Sam mechanical bank is the most widely recognized patriotic 19th century toy, which makes it highly prized among today's collectors of mechanical banks, cast iron toys, and patriotic Americana. This iconic mechanical bank is in completely original condition with no repairs and all original paint. This is a very fine bank in exellent condition.

For Sale: $2,650

Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Bank I Always Did Spise a Mule

I Always Did 'Spise a Mule Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1897: Patented to James Bowen on April 72, 1897 and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut's J & E Stevens Company , the iconic boy on bench variation of the I Always Did 'Spise a Mule cast iron mechanical bank stands as one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana and is a must have for all collectors of antique mechanical banks and Black Americana.

For Sale: $2850

Santa Clause At Chimney Cast Iron Mechanical Bank For Sale Shepard Hardware Company

Santa Claus Mechanical Bank Shepard Hardware Company, Buffalo, New York »

Circa 1889: Buffalo's Shepard Hardware Co. maufactired a lot of mechanical banks, but the iconic Santa Claus standing at the chimney remains one of its most popular and endearing models. The bank's movement is very simple, but no child could grow tired of Santa Clause dropping the gift of money into the chimney chute. This antique mechanical bank is completely original with no paint touch-ups, chips, cracks, or repairs and has great cross over appeal into several areas of collecting, thus making examples of this quality ighly desirable and especially difficult to find on the open market.

For Sale: $1850

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Nodder Large German Americana Toy

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Americana Nodder»

Late Nineteenth Century: This large antique German Uncle Sam nodder is a fantastic find. The great long legs harken to the Palmer Cox Brownie figures of the era. Wonderful Red and White striped pants and a bright yellow vest with little black buttons, a fancy blue tail coat, white gloves and a tall top hat dress up this wonderful antique Americana toy.

For Sale: $1,650

Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Lines Trolley Car  Circa 1890-1894

Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Trolley Car »

Circa 1890-1894 | Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Lines Trolley Car with white horse.

For Sale: $1,895

Rare Antique Game of Nosey

The Game of Nosey »

This early McLoughlin Brothers game was designed by the infamous Man on the Moon Game artist. Its beautiful lithography is shocking to the eye.

For Sale: $350

Tammany Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

Original Paint Decorated Cast Iron Tammany Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873: One of the most popular mechanical banks ever produced, the J. & E. Stevens Company Tammany mechanical bank portrays crooked New York politician William M. "Boss" Tweed and retains over 90% of its original paint, an unusually high amount for this particular bank.

For Sale: $750

Antique Humpback Teddy Bear, Early American Bear for Sale

Early Humped Back Teddy Bear »

Long arms, long snout, long mohair and humped back bring great character to this old bear.

For Sale: $795

Previously Sold Pieces:
Buster Brown R Bliss School's Out Paper Litho Target Game For Sale from Z and K Antiques

Buster Brown School's Out Dart Board Target Game »

Circa 1902-1914: This Bliss paper litho on wood target game portrays Buster Brown in a messenger outfit, Mary Jane in a dress with a comical oversized bow, and Tige squeezing a pair of schoolbooks and sporting a party hat, the three of them caught forever winking at each other and ready to begin one of their famous pranks.


Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank in Original Paint

Antique Mechanical Bank Trick Dog »

Circa 1888: This 1880s Hubley Trick Dog cast iron mechanical bank with six-part base has excellent original paint, comes in completely original condition and includes a key for the coin trap. It is easy to see why the Trick Dog was popular with the youth of the late Victorian era and remains just as popular with 21st century mechanical bank collectors who are sure to be pleased with this handsome 19th century American bank manufactured by Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Hubley Manufacturing Company.



Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Antique Cast Iron Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1888: Originally advertised as the Base Ball Bank, James H. Bowen’s superbly designed Dark Town Battery was manufactured and distributed by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J. & E. Stevens Company and stands as a lasting celebration of America’s first professional Negro Baseball League in 1887. This immensely popular and highly desirable mechanical bank is the finest piece of 19th century sporting Black Americana ever produced, and this example features and incredibly vibrant and nearly complete untouched paint decorated surface.


Jolly Nigger Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Original J. & E. Stevens Cast Iron Jolly N Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892: It is more than safe to say that the Jolly N is the most popular mechanical bank ever created because no other mechanical bank has been made in more variations, manufactured in more nations, or produced for a longer span of time. Here is a fine example of Stevens' version of the Jolly bank. It is completely original with no chips, cracks, or repairs and retains its original painted surface.


Antique Speaking Dog Mechanical Bank For Sale

Blue Dress Variation of the Speaking Dog Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1885: Shepard Hardware Company’s Speaking Dog mechanical bank was so popular that, when J. & E. Stevens took over Shepard’s line of mechanical banks, they produced their own version of the bank. The Speaking Dog, like the Girl Skipping Rope, is one of a handful of mechanical banks marketed specifically for girls. Note that this bank does not rely on stereotypical imagery but on the pure innocent beauty of a yellow-haired Caucasian girl petting her friendly and obedient dog as it wags its tail in approval.


Boy Scout Camp Mechanical Bank For Sale

Boy Scout Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1912-1917: The Boy Scout Camp Bank does not often find its way to the open marketplace, and this wonderful example of the scarce and complex J. & E. Stevens Company masterpiece mechanical bank is attributed to highly acclaimed bank designer Charles A. Bailey and celebrates the 1910 formation of The Boy Scouts of America.



Antique Game Board  American Conneticut Checker Board in Original Paint

Antique American 4 Color Paint Decorated Game Board »

Circa 1880: Here is a wonderful four-color checkerboard in an unusual and pleasing color scheme: brown, hunter green, mustard, and black. This Connecticut gameboard was obviously made by a professional, perhaps a carriage painter as evidenced by the thin green border and well-painted squares, and is in untouched original condition with the good, honest wear advanced collectors like to see. This lovely antique checkerboard is an excellent example of 19th century American folk art and will compliment any collection of early game boards, antique country primitves, or high quality americana.


Antique American Game Board in Original Red and White Paint

Antique Double Sided Gameboard in Original Red & White Paint »

Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original red and white paint.


Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank in Original Paint

Antique Mechanical Bank I Always Did 'Spise a Mule »

Circa 1880: Patented to James Bowen on April 22, 1879 and manufactured by Cromwell, Connecticut's J & E Stevens Company in 1880, the iconic jockey over variation of the I Always Did 'Spise a Mule cast iron mechanical bank stands as one of the most recognizable pieces of 19th century Black Americana and is a must have for all collectors of antique mechanical banks and Black Americana.



Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank in Original Paint

Antique Mechanical Painted Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank »

Very nice, working, original condition on this Antique Mechanical Clown on Globe Bank. Yellow based version also sports a unique ruffle, hat and costume combination.



Punch and Judy Mechanical Bank

Punch and Judy Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1884: This bank represents a typical Punch and Judy theatre, scenery, curtain and all. Judy receives the coin in a plate in her hand, a lever is pressed and Punch rushes forward brandishing a club, when Judy turns quickly and deposits the coin in the bank. Name "Punch and Judy Bank" above the stage opening. Two varieties, one has smaller letters in the name than the other. Buffalo, N.Y. July 15, 1884.


Antique Buddy L Express Line Truck in Original Paint

Antique Buddy L Screenside Express Line Van»

Circa 1920s: This superb 25" Buddy L Express Line Van is one of the wildly popular and highly desirable large pressed steel toy vehicles manufactured by Fred Ludahl's Moline Pressed Steel Company in Moline, Illinois, home of the famous John Deere tractor!



W.S. Reed Toy Company The Five Jolly Darkies Way down in Old Virginia The Old Plantation Black Americana

Antique Paper Chromolitho Black Americana Mechanical Toy »

1881-1896: W.S. Reed Toy Company was founded in 1881 in Leominster Massachusetts. Interesting paper chromo-litho depicting a two man band consisting of a fiddle player and a bones player. Bones is a musical clacking of loose rib bones, or simple sticks, that produce a much sharper sound than the zydeco or washboard and mimicsrattling a bone up and down a fixed ribcage. Nice to see a depiction of Early African American folk art music, rather than some of the more derogatory scenes. Wooden crank on side moves characters up and down and produces the clacking sound.


Girl Skipping Rope Mechanical Bank For Sale

Original Girl Skipping Rope Mechanical Bank »

Fresh to the Market with No Apologies: Circa 1890: There are approximately 30 original Girl Skipping Rope mechanical banks known today, and it is extremely rare and exciting when an undocumented example of this holy grail of mechanical banks surfaces on the open market. This bank was found on the fireplace mantel of a New York home and had been passed down through the family since its purchase in 1890. In other words, this bank has never seen the inside of an auction house or has never been passed through another collector’s hands and is an important and completely fresh to the market specimen of this truly wondrous invention. The J. & E. Stevens Company’s Girl Skipping Rope is mechanical bank designer James H. Bowen’s paramount creation.



Antique Cast Iron mechanical bank for sale, jonah and the whale

Jonah and the Whale Antique Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1890: Designed by Peter Adams, Jr. and produced by Shepard hardware Company of Buffalo, New York, the Jonah and the Whale mechanical bank plays on the famous Old Testament story of Jonah being swallowed by the whale. However, in true comic fashion, this version of the bank depicts Jonah feeding the whale coins and is meant instead to teach children the moral value of saving money.


New Creedmoor Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

New Creedmoor Mechanical Bank »

New Creedmoor mechanical bank in original polychrome painted finish with William Tell figure shooting penny into tree stump, base with raised escutcheon reading New Creedmoor Bank with patent number, 2.8" x 10.15" x 6.75" high. A very interesting mechanical bank that was designed to fire a gunpowder cap while sending coin into tree truck.


arcade cast iron fageol bus for sale large 12 inch size: brilliant original blue paint

Arcade Cast Iron Fageol Bus »

Brilliant blue paint and great form on this early antique cast iron Arcade large 12" Fageol Bus


Antique Halloween Dancing Witch and Pumpkin Windup German Paper Mache Toy

Antique Halloween Windup Toy Dancing Witch and Pumpkin »

Collectors of early toys, windups and halloween toys will rejoice at this example. Perfectly preserved and working, this rare antique Halloween windup of a dancing witch and pumpkin wheels playfully around. Recently acquired and fresh to the market the condition of this example is stupendous.


Magician Mechanical Bank For Sale

Magician Antique Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1901: Designed by virtuoso bank inventor Charles A. Bailey for Cromwell, Connecticut’s J. & E. Stevens Company, the Magician Bank is based on the timeless vanishing rabbit trick.  When one places a coin under the magician’s top hat and presses the lever, the hat covers the coin, and the coin “magically disappears,” sliding down a cleverly designed (and hard to detect) chute. Upon the lever’s release, the magician raises his hat, revealing an empty table. This ingenious optical illusion was sure to delight its young turn of the century owners and help them save their change for that proverbial rainy day.



Early American Tin Horse and Rider Bell Toy Antique Pull Toy Althoff Bergmann For Sale

Althof Bergmann Early American Tin
Articulated Horse and Rider Bell Toy »

Circa 1870: Early American tin horse and rider pull toys don't get any better than this handsome 14" x 12" Althof Bergmann jumbo articulated bell toy with early heart-shaped wheels that approximate a horse's gait and facilitate the ringing of the bell when the toy is in motion. Condition is excellent on this rare beauty, with only a couple spots of solder on the tips of the feet and one leg possibly soldered from the inside. The paint is original, and for a 150-year-old tin toy that was never primed, one should consider the paint as truly excellent. The large size of this wonderful antique tin toy will make it the centerpiece of any advanced toy collection. Moreover, this toy was once owned by the late famed toy and folk art collector and author Bernard Barenholtz (American Antique Toys, 1830-1900) and has come to us through storied Americana dealers Steven Score, Marilyn Simmons, and Tom Rawson. If you are looking for an outstanding early American tin toy with first class provenance, then this fantastic Althof Bergman Jumbo horse and rider pull toy should fit the bill.


Antique American Game Board in Original Mustard and Black Paint

Antique American Gameboard in Original Yellow and Black Paint »

Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original yellow and black paint.


Bing Teddy Bear: Antique Teddy Bear For Sale

Circa 1920 20" Bing Teddy Bear »

This rare Bing bear is in superb original condition. In their price guide Buying & Selling Teddy Bears published in 2000, teddy bear experts Terry and Doris Michaud place a value on this bear at $4,500.00. You can own this fantastic 20" Bing teddy bear for a fraction of that price!


Unique and Rare Antique Paddy and the Pig Mechanical Bank For Sale

Paddy & the Pig Mechanical Bank »

James H. Bowen of Philadelphia, Pa., was the inventor and designer of Paddy And The Pig. It was manufactured by the J. & E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Conn. They pictured it for sale in a number of their catalogs and at the time the name "Shamrock Bank" was used.



Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank

Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886-1892: Shepard Hardware Co., designed by Charles Shepard & Peter Adams, patentedJune 8th, 1886. This wonderful Uncle Sam mechanical bank has especially well-painted eyes! This highly prized bank is in completely original condition with no touch ups or repairs. It even comes with its original key!


Antique Game 19th Century McLoughlin Brothers Chiromagica game for sale

Antique Game: Chiromagica 1879, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

19th Century American game from the McLoughlin Brothers, features a fabulous wizard with wand surrounded by novelties. The lithography is fantastic and the condition is extremely good. The game is complete, working, and a joy to play.


Antique Schoenhut Jointed Wooden Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat by Schoenhut »

Circa 1925: Nice large 8" size. Painted, wooden, fully jointed, with original stickers and leather ears. Copyrighted by Pat Sullivan.


Elephant Swings Trunk  Mechanical Bank

Elephant Swings Trunk Cast Iron Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1905: Scarce Large Gold Version— This nice Ravenna, Ohio, A. C. Williams Manufacturing Company Elephant Swings Trunk – Large cast iron mechanical banks simply moves its trunk when a coin is inserted into its slot. The bank features a completely original and untouched painted surface, has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and works perfectly. This is a great little beginning tier antique cast iron mechanical bank in the scarce gold paint version, and will fit in perfectly into a collection of period toys or banks.



Antique Toys: Cast Iron Mechanical Banks and Tin Windups

Early Americana and Other Fine American Antiques