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Early American Stoneware

Antique Country Primitives:
Paint Decorated Pantry Boxes, Toleware and Tinware, Yellow Slip Decorated Redware, Early Blue Decorated Stoneware, Early American Country Furntiture and other Fine Early American Antiques for Sale

Early American Folk Art Paint Decorated Baske

Antique Country Primitive Original Paint Decorated Basket »

Early 20th Century: This amazing paint decorated antique basket showcases five bold original colors— salmon, windsor green, red and a brilliant robins egg blue as the center stripe. Quickly picked from Tim Chambers, the basket probably originates from the midwest. In excellent condition, without damage.
Measures 10 1/2" w x 13" h

For Sale: $850

Early American Antique Painted Candle Box For Sale: Large Country Primitive Antique Green Reeded Lid Unusual Pennsylvania Dutch 19th Century

Antique Mustard Grain Painted Wooden Sugar Bucket »

Circa 1880-1900: Very nice construction and condition on this fancy grain painted antique wooden firkin.

For Sale: $850

Antique Painted Wooden Sugar Bucket Firkin Country Primitive

Antique Painted Wooden Firkin Sugar Bucket »

Late 19th Century Country Primitive: Green over gray, in nice condition and solid construction. Most desirable early nail and wooden peg construction. Nice large size. Measures 14" tall x 11" wide.

For Sale: $750

Antique Chrome Yellow Painted Wooden Bucket with Bail Handle 19th 20th Century

Yellow Painted Wooden Bucket with Bail Handle »

Circa 1910: This bright yellow painted wooden bucket makes a great accent for those that like color and woodenware. The form is nice as well with canted sides. Simple lines with bail handle. Top stamped with message. Found in outside Pittsburgh, PA.

For Sale: $650

Antique Bail Handled Firkin in Original Blue Paint

Antique Bail Handled Firkin in Original Blue Paint »

Circa 1900: What a treat to find an antique bail handled pantry box in original paint—especially in a brilliant blue. This example boasts an original surface and nice original condition. Bail handle and simple hardware complete this early 20th century antique painted firkin.

For Sale: $675

Antique American Five Color Painted Game Board Red Black Gold Green Brown

Antique Five Color Painted Gameboard »

Circa 1900: Wonderful use history and surface on this well crafted five color antique American checkerboard. This game boasts two wonderful reds, one vibrant, one like red velvet cake, seperated with well executed black lines even more superbly outlined in gold. Two windsor green lines keep opponents at bay, finishing out this wonderfully utilized piece of American folk art. Measures 18" x 13"

For Sale: $950

Early 19th Century Stoneware Ovoid Blue Decorated New York Jar Marked Clark

Antique American Blue Decorated Two Gallon Ovoid Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1838-1846: Standing 11 1/2"in height, this highly ovoid storage jar was maufactured by the storied New York Clark family of potters. This mark was used only for eight years and is fairly scarce on today's market. The crock has one outside rim chip and a couple minor inside dings but has no cracks or repairs and is in excellent condition for a piece of its advanced vintage. The large freehand numeral 2 leaves no mistake of its two gallon capacity and gives the crock a great country primitive appeal.

For Sale: $395

Early American Antique Painted Candle Box For Sale: Large Country Primitive Antique Green Reeded Lid Unusual Pennsylvania Dutch 19th Century

Large Pennsylvania Dutch Candle Box in Original Windsor Green Paint »

Circa 1800-1850: Measuring a monumental 20 ½” wide, 9” tall, and 11 ¾” deep, this magnificent early American painted white pine candle box features hand cut dovetail and square nail construction, a beautiful and rare reeded lid, a fragment of a label written in German (pointing to a PA Dutch creation), and a completely untouched original paint decorated Windsor green surface with perfect wear in all the right places.

For Sale: $1250

Antique Stoneware Pitcher Blue Decorated Salt Glazed

Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware from Morgantown, WV »

Circa 1880s: Highly prized blue decorated stoneware produced in Morgantown, West Virginia, is hard to come by in any condition, and this handsome, folksy two-gallon storage jar with Morgantown's signature feather decoration has no chips, cracks, or repairs. Painted from top to bottom of its field in rich, pure, bold, and confident cobalt strokes, this superb example of antique American folk art pottery has the high blue/gray contrast and striking quantity of cobalt embellishment the discerning stoneware collector desires.

For Sale: $1450

Antique Miniature Three Drawer American Empire Chest | circa 1830-1850

Miniature Three Drawer American Empire Chest »

Circa 1850: Great original porcelain knobs and simple tappered legs set apart this hand made American miniture chest.

15" H x 15 3/4" W x 8 1/2" D

For Sale: $895

Cobalt Blue Decorated Beaver County PA Salt Glaze Stoneware Jar with Freehand Decoration

Freehand Decorated Beaver County, PA Semi-Ovoid
Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock  »

Circa 1850s: Wide swaths of freehand cobalt blue floral decoration populate the pleasing lines of this semi-ovoid salt glazed western Pennsylvania Beaver County two gallon storage jar. Beaver County stoneware is known for its bold and primitive decor against the region's dark clay, and this wonderful antique crock bears the classic attributes of its county's pre Civil War pottery. Decorated on front and back, this primitively elegant two gallon jar will hold its own among any fine collection of early American country wares.

For Sale: $950

Antique American Game Board in Original Red and White Paint

Antique Double Sided Gameboard in Original Red & White Paint »

Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original red and white paint.

For Sale: $1,350

19th Century Antique American Pigeon Carrier Basket Country Primitive

Antique American Pigeon Carrier Basket »

Circa 1880-1900: This extremely rare pigeon carrier basket is the most interesting unusual example of early American basketry we have yet to offer to the buying public. With bentwood handle, footed bottom, round construction, and topside opening, this basket was meant to use carry homing pigeons. The construction of this unusual primitve basket is absolutely ingenius.

For Sale: $950

Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Wheel House Nautical Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign "Wheel House"»

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.

For Sale: $750

Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Chart Room Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign »

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.

For Sale: $750

Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Kokomo, Indiana 1854 Sarah Jenkins Woolwork American Sampler »

Circa 1854: Signed “Sarah Jenkins, her work aged 11 done in the year of our Lord 1854.” Adornment on this sampler includes a young girl holding a puppy in her lap, a man standing in front of a house, three birds, two butterflies, a buck deer, flowers, a vine border, rows of alphabets, numbers, family initials, and the inscription “Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”

For Sale: $895

Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Historically Important 1819 New York Female Association School Sampler »

Circa 1819: Susan Anderson's rare and important antique American Quaker sampler has distinctive motifs that make it part of the important group of samplers described in Betty Ring's book (Vol ll,page 318) as The New York Female Association School group .What makes this so significant is the naming of the instructress Rebecca Leggett, the needlerwork teacher responsible for creating these highly identifiable motifs documented on the other  known examples.

For Sale: $2750

19th Century Early American Antique Wallpaper Boxes

19th Century Wallpaper Box »

Circa 1870s: Great Color on this early wallpaper box. Wonderful greens, mustards, golds and browns wrap around this delightful lidded wallpaper box.

For Sale: $495

Four Strip Cobalt Blue Decorated Pennsylvania Antique American Salt Glazed Storage Crock Jar for Sale

Four Stripe Cobalt Decorated Antique American
Pennsylvania, Salt Glazed Storage Jar  »

Circa 1880: This excellent 8" antique Southwestern PA storage crock sports four bold and highly contrasted stripes and a thick, shiny salt glaze. Condition and form are excellent on this handsome piece of 19th century American stoneware.

For Sale: $275

Antique Game Board  American Conneticut Checker Board in Original Paint

Antique American 4 Color Paint Decorated Game Board »

Circa 1880: Here is a wonderful four-color checkerboard in an unusual and pleasing color scheme: brown, hunter green, mustard, and black. This Connecticut gameboard was obviously made by a professional, perhaps a carriage painter as evidenced by the thin green border and well-painted squares, and is in untouched original condition with the good, honest wear advanced collectors like to see. This lovely antique checkerboard is an excellent example of 19th century American folk art and will compliment any collection of early game boards, antique country primitves, or high quality americana.

For Sale: $1250

Antique Humpback Teddy Bear, Early American Bear for Sale

Early Humped Back Teddy Bear »

Circa 1910-1925: Long arms, long snout, long mohair and humped back bring great character to this old bear. Measures 12" tall.

For Sale: $795

1830s Ovoid Ohio Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar with Freehand Decoration

Early Ohio Two Gallon Ovoid Salt Glazed Storage Jar  »

Circa 1830s: This lovely cobalt decorated ovoid storage crock is the country decorator's dream. The rustic mottled gray of the glaze, the primitive cobalt tulip, the stone pops and pock marks of a 180 year history, and its early ovoid form combine to make this ruggedly handsome storage jar a perfect fit on painted crock bench or in an old open cupboard.

For Sale: $695

Antique Country Primitive Blue Paint Apple Tray Canted Sides For Sale

Early American Primitive Trencher
in Original Slate Green Paint »

Circa 1750-1850: Antique Country Primitives enthusiasts who crave great form and orginal painted surface will love this superb early American poplar dough trencher. At 28" wide, 13"deep, and 4" high, this handsome Pennsylvania or New England trencher will make a bold statement as a centerpiece on an old harvest or sawbuck table and is especially beautiful when filled with stone fruit -- or even the real thing! This is early American painted woodenware at its finest.

For Sale: $1295

Antique American Painted Toleware Tinware Folk Art For Sale

Antique American Trencher in Original Paint »

Circa 1800-1850: Measuring 26" wide, 8 1/4" deep, and 2 3/4" high, this early American signed and paint decorated trencher has all the bells and whistles! Carved from a single board, this unusually narrow trencher has a gorgeous red painted exterior and a wonderful cream painted interior.

For Sale: $1250

Highly Painted Pintail Duck Decoy

Highly Decorated Midwestern Pintail Decoy »

Circa 1910-1930: This striking pintail decoy found in Lafayette, Indiana, has fantastic paint, a gracefully carved head, and a very unusual tail construction.

For Sale: $495


Antique Illinois River Bluebill Decoys Antique American Folk Art

Pair Antique Illinois River Bluebill Decoys »

Circa 1920-1940: This handsome pair of second quarter 20th century Illinois River bluebill working decoys measure 12" long, 6 1/2" high, and 5" wide and feature wonderfully carved wings and unusual painted wood eyes set with tiny finishing nails. These old working decoys are in good condition with a few minor losses and cracks, but they are structurally sound and absolutely gorgeous in their old, if not orginial, paint. The carver of this fine pair of bluebills is unknown to us, but it is obvious that he took great care in both carving and decorating his birds. Note, too, that there a is an old museum or collection number on the bottom of each bird. The previous owner was obviously very proud of these ducks. This is an excellent pair of antique Illinois River decoys at a very affordable price.

For Sale: $650

Antique American Advertising Store Display Tin with Eagle in Red, Gold, Black and White from Denver Colorados 1920s Eagle Mills

Antique Eagle Mills General Store Countertop Spice Tin »

Circa 1920s: This neat 9 ¾” tall by 6 ¾” wide by 5” deep Denver, Colorado, Eagle Mills Pure Ground Country Store Spice Tin is a colorful example of roaring twenties advertising from the Mile High City’s burgeoning Platte River Valley mill industry in the post World War I American West. The bright gold, red, black, and white four-color paint scheme features an aggressive bald eagle standing proudly atop an American stars and bars shield. This tin beckons back to the high running patriotism in the booming economy between the first world war and the stock market crash of 1929. This wonderfully colorful reminder of the early 20th century west will fit perfectly into a country kitchen or country store collection.

For Sale: $225

Antique Miniature Three Drawer American Empire Chest | circa 1830-1850

Miniature Three Drawer American Empire Chest »

Circa 1850: Great original porcelain knobs and simple tappered legs set apart this hand made American miniture chest.

15" H x 15 3/4" W x 8 1/2" D

For Sale: $895

Antique American Advertisng Cetacolor Linen Banner

Cetacolor Advertising Linen Banner»

Circa 1910: Superb graphics printed by the famous Acme Sign Printing Company in Dayton Ohio. Nice size at 30" x 24" with vibrant color, and in excellent condition.

For Sale: $395

Large Antique Ovoid Stoneware Jug with Blue Freehand Decoration, Incluing Striped Handle, Large Wisteria Flower, Inscribed No. 5

5 Gallon Ohio Blue Decorated Antique Ovoid Stoneware Jug »

Circa 1830-1850: Measuring 15 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" wide, this rugged 5 gallon Ohio ovoid jug with floral decoration and a neat decorated handle is a sight to behold. The charming floral decoration approximates the wisteria and counterpoints the masculine beauty of this formidable hunk of early American stoneware.

For Sale: $495

Ovoid One Gallon Jug with Cobalt Floral Decoration Possibly D.P. Shenfelder, Reading PA

Ovoid One Gallon Jug with Cobalt Floral Decoration
Possibly Attributed to D.P. Shenfelder, Reading, PA  »

Circa 1830-1850: Although unsigned, this handsome 10 1/2" tall ovoid blue decorated antique stoneware jug features the tilted floral decoration present on many forms of pottery from Daniel Shenfelder's shop in Reading, Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $495

Antique American Hooked Rug Folk Art Rooster Fight Cocks Cock Fighting

Folk Art Fighting Cocks Hooked Rug »

Circa 1936: The rooster is one of the iconic images in American folk art, and this rare 32" x 23" fighting cocks hooked rug has all the bells and whistles that the advanced collector expects in a piece of this quality.

For Sale: $750


Girl with Goose Folk Art Hooked Rug

Girl with Goose Folk Art Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: Great graphics with red flowers and black goose. Girl in bonnet plays little bo peep with the gander. Red flower, geometric bold black border and earth colored stripes create a striking one of a kind.

For Sale: $395

Unique Matching Pair of Carved Mallard Decoys

Signed Illinois River Folk Art Bluebill Duck Decoy»

Circa 1920-1940: It's hard to find Illinois River decoys that are this primitive. This beautifully naive tackeye epitomizes the working decoy -- made to get the job done and not to impress the neighbors. This hand carved antique duck decoy is a real charmer and is sure to add color to any collection of American folk art, decoys, or primitives.

For Sale: $395



Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board »

Circa 1900: Both sides of this striking and large handmade antique gameboard are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The unusual corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye and point the viewer to the game's central home square. The reverse is equally pleasing with its over-sized Nova Scotian checkerboard and its wide expanse of dark Indian red paint. This handsome example of turn of the century utilitarian folk art is sure to please even the most advanced collector.

For Sale: $2250

Antique Drug Store Paint Decorated 19th Century American Countertop Apothecary Cabinet with Original Surface

Antique American Paint Decorated Apothecary Cabinet »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual Victorian era countertop apothecary retaining its superb original red and black paint decoration was most probably perched in an old Midwestern pharmacy. The lead weightsthat help the tambour door work properly are signed "Raymond Lead Co. Chicago Ill." and point to the petitie cupboard's Midwestern origins. In 1880, the Raymond Lead Company opened its doors in the windy city a scant eight years after the great Chicago fire, and the dark red and black paint scheme is consistent with furniture made in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania during that time frame. The cabinet also utilizes both square and round nail construction, which also points to its fourth quarter 19th century origin. A mortar and pestle, the traditional pharmacy trade sign morif, adorns the cabinet's crown and is flanked by a pair of cut out four leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck for whoever might purchase the pharmacy's tinctures. This lovely paint decorated cupboard would make a perfect spice cabinet and would be at home in any fine collection of early American advertising, trade signs, or country store merchandise.

For Sale: $2950

Folk Art Hooked Rug Horse Antique For Sale

Folk Art Horse Hooked Rug »

Circa 1890-1910: This fabulously folky and naive hooked rug depicts one full-bodied horse and one horse's head. The rug measures 25" by 17 1/2" including its unusual hand woven burlap fringe.

For Sale: $895

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher For Sale: Pennsylvania Brown Paint Decorated Flower Design Tourist Pottery

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher »

Circa 1880-1900: Tanware was manufactured in New Geneva, Pennsylvania from approximately 1880 until just after the turn of the 20th century and was sold mainly to tourists as souvenirs. Thus, great care was taken in making beautiful and elaborate hand-painted decoration on these pieces, and this is why Pennsylvania tanware ranks as some of the most highly prized and collectible antique American stoneware.

For Sale: $1,495

Black Americana Antique Folk Art OOB Portrait 1965 Black Girl, Pink Dress, Gold Cross, Civil Rights Era Outsider Art Painting for Sale

American Outsider Art, Folk Art Painting on Board »

Circa 1965: This wonderful 16" x 20" outsider folk art portrait housed in its orginal 23" x 27" pine frame depicts a young African American girl in a pink dress with pink ribbons in her hair and a gold cross around her neck. Found in a farmhouse in Southwestern Indiana between Terre haute and Vincennes, this painting was created in 1965 when the civil rights movement was heating up in the cities across America. Note that this painting is not a depiction of stereotypical black Americana but is that of a young Christian black child with a surprised, yet sad and almost frightened expression on her innocent face, making this work reminiscent of the black church bombings happening in the 1960s American South. This finely done oil on board also hearkens both the complexity of Cezanne's island portraits and the violent naivete of Jean Dubuffet's brute art.

For Sale: $1250

H. G. Traver Antique Illinois River Blue Bill Duck Decoy with old, original paint

H.G. Traver Illinois River Decoy »

Circa 1930s: Decatur, Illinois, carver H, G. Traver's decoys are difficult to find, and this bluebill is a fine example of his work.

For Sale: $295

Antique American Folk Art Painting on Board of Eagle on Perch Pennsylvania Origin

Antique American Folk Art Portrait of Palla’s Fish Eagle »

Circa 1900-1925: Measuring 28 ¼” x 17 ¼” including its original frame, this folksy rendition of Haliaeetus Leucoryphus, commonly known as Palla’s fish eagle and native to Asia, is the second example of this anonymous American folk artist’s bird portraits to pass through our hands.

For Sale: $1250

Alexandria VA Virginia John Swann Antqiue American Southern Stoneware Cobalt One Gallon Storage Jar For Sale

Early One Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar
Possibly Attributed to John Swann, Alexandria, Virginia »

Circa 1820-1830: Standing ten inches in height, this early and interesting one gallon stoneware storage jar sports a simple but unusual dotted cobalt decoration around its shoulder. Although unsigned, the decoration, glaze color, and form of this jar resemble the work of Alexandria, Virginia's master potterJohn Swann. Swann is known to have begun decoratiing his pottery in order to compete with the potters in Baltimore, who already specialized in blue decorated wares.

For Sale: $695

Fok Art Schoolgirl Drawing Pen and Ink 1911

"Going to School" Pen and Ink Drawing »

Signed O.W. Clark 1911 on back: A charming red cloaked girl ties her boots and says, "Wait for me." Her lunch pail at her feet and a little petticoat showing. Sweet, naive watercolor, ink and graphite.

For Sale: $295

Sleepy Eye Blue and White Decorated Pitcher: Signed and Dated 1910 by Frank Haw

Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye
Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 »

Circa 1910: Here is the finest Western Stoneware lunch hour piece we have ever seen. Frank Haws, one of the most prolific, highly skilled, and important of Western's potters, crafted this exuberantly cobalt decorated Old Sleepy Pitcher in 1910. Lunch hour pitchers from Western Stoneware are highly prized, and pieces signed by known potters are extremely rare and desirable. This stunning one of a kind Illinois folk art stoneware pitcher is a fabulopus example of American folk art and could be the centerpiece in any advanced collection of Illinois stoneware or blue and white potttery.

For Sale: $2250

Beauties of America Library Philadelphia J and W Ridgeway 8 Dark Blue Historical Staffordshire Plate For Sale

J. & W. Ridgway "Beauties of America" Series »

Circa 1820s-1830s: Dark blue historical Staffordshire transferware with American scenes are the most collected and desirable of the English transferware made for the American market, and smaller plates, such as this lovely 8 1/4" plate depicting the Philadelphia library are more difficult to find than their larger counterparts. This example from the Beauties of America series features Ridgway's floral border and is in excellent condition

For Sale: $495

Redware Slip Decorated Plate

Rare Berlinware Early American
Paint Decorated Document Box

Circa 1810: Paint decorated tinware box with rare blue ground from Berlin Conneticut, attributed to the group IV makers in Berlin, CT.

For Sale: $2795

Antique Sampler with House, Alphabets, Birds, Lions and Keys

Early 19th Century Georgian Silk Embroidered Picture »

Circa 1810-1830: Silk and Watercolor on Silk with Exceptional Stitching: This captivating silk embroidered picture depicts a seated woman flanked by a donkey and a lion and measures 12 iches by 10 inches, not including the frame.

For Sale: $1495

Early Antique Staffordshire Earthworm Decorated Multi-colored Mochaware Bowl: Large, Rare For Sale

Antique Mochaware Earthworm Pearlware Bowl »

Circa 1840-1860: Brilliant blue ground is stunning with rich black striping. This mochaware footed bowl features gorgeous slip decoration, and its whopping 11 inch diameter makes it a very rare find. This bowl is incredilbly eye catching and could serve as the centerpiece in any collection of early decorated slipware.

For Sale: $1,495

Previously SOLD Pieces:
Antique Stoneware Pitcher Blue Decorated Salt Glazed

Palatine, WV Four Gallon Blue Decorated Antique American Crock »

Circa 1880s: T.D. Harden Rare Large Size Storage Jar— West Virginia stoneware collectors love Palatine's T. D. Harden late 1800s cobalt stencil decorated crocks, and this four-gallon storage jar in excellent condition with no damage is a scarcely found, thus very desirable, size. The graceful lines and beautifully colored clay on this formidable example antique American stoneware will make this a centerpiece in any setting of early American antiques, country primitives, or 19th century stoneware and Americana.


Rare Civil War Era Antique American Stoneware with Manganese Floral Decoration and incised Date 1863

Rare Civil War Era Stoneware Crock with
Unusual Manganese Floral Decoration »

Dated 1863: Note the stamped or more formally done "5" gallon mark overwritten by a large 4. An inscribed "4" was also added to the back of the crock so no mistake would be made on its size. Highly unusual manganese floral decoration and rare Civil War date make this an exceptional piece of antique American stoneware. This unusual jar measures 12" Tall, 7" Wide at the top, and 6 1/2" at the bottom.


Antique Sampler Earl American Needlework 19th Century Folk Art

1845 Mary Martin Sampler »

Dated 1845: I know that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Mary Martin, Ardwick, Oct. 8, 1845


Antique Merchant Jar Blue Decorated Stoneware Berhens Wheeling West Virginia Pottery For Sale

Antique Stoneware Merchant Jar for West Virginia Grocer »

Circa 1880s: West Virginia merchant jars are highly prized in the collecting realms of antique American stoneware, and this 10" tall F. H. Behrens storage jar manufactured for one of Wheeling, West Virginia's leading grocers, surely fits the bill.


Two Gallon Salt Glazed Blue Decorated American Stoneware Pitcher

Two Gallon Salt Glazed Blue Decorated American Stoneware Pitcher »

Circa 1870s-1880s: This striking double flower decoration on this folksy two gallon pitcher is classic Peter Hermann, Baltimore, Maryland's premier 19th century potter. This antique American stoneware pitcher has great lines, is big and bold, is in fantastic condition, and will make a superb addition to any collection of stoneware or early American antiques.


Antique American Redware Sewer Tile Lunch Hour Folk Art Recumbant Lion Ohio

Ohio Folk Art Sewer Tile Growling Recumbant Lion  »

Circa 1900-1925: Measuring just under 10" wide, this whimsical Ohio sewer tile recumbant lion sports crossed front paws, open mouth, and unusually positioned tail.


Antique Speaking Dog Mechanical Bank For Sale

Speaking Dog Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1885: This lovely Speaking Dog mechanical bank has great paint, in good working order, and is without repair.



Folk Art Painted Decoy Unique Matching Pair of Carved Mallard Decoys

Unique Matching Pair of Carved Mallard Decoys »

Circa 1930s: This pair of diminutive folk art mallard decoys was found in Lawrence, Kansas. Wonderful original surface and multiple colors...



Antique American Country Primitive Hand Painted Green FIrkin labeled G. Cassia Large Store Spice Container

Antique Country Primitive Original Painted Green Firkin »

Circa 1870-1890: This truly unusual original mustard and green paint decorated 19th century firkin lwas used to store ground (or as the script on the bottom of the lid documents, "pulverized") cassia bark, also known as Chinese Cinnamon, an aromatic spice similar to and often used in conjunction with cinnamon. Cassia is used to flavor many cooked dishes, but it is an especially popular ingredient in liquer and chocolate recipes. Standing nearly 12" tall sans handle and measuring 11 1/2" in diameter at the top and just over a foot at the bottom, this large firkin was most certainly a mercantile piece from a general store, bakery, or confectionary because only a commercial enterprise would have the need to house cassia in such abundance, thus making the spice bucket's highly exotic painted moniker extremely rare.


E. Burn Folk Art Racehorse Painting Master Charlie 1925

Single Finger Jointed Old Surface Miniature Pantry Box »

Circa 1880-1910: 2 3/4" x 1 1/2"h, remnants of old grean paint and wear. Nice old nails with patina.


Plow Boy Tobacco Can St. Louis MO Mint Condition Paper Label Antique American Advertising

Plow Boy Tobacco Can with Paper Label »

Circa 1910-1925: Excellent condition on this early Plow Boy Tobacco Can from St. Louis, MO. Paper label in perfect condition - excellent early american advertising tobacco can.


American Antique Stoneware Cobalt Blue Decorated Southern James River Virginia Ovoid One Gallon Storage jar Moon Decoration For Sale

James River Virginia Ovoid Blue Decorated Salt Glaze
Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1830-1850: This wonderfully primitive 10" James River Virginia ovoid jug sports a circle of coblat that is often referred to as moon decoration. The line on this piece are outstanding, and the cobaly decoration is both unusual and attractive. This is a very nice jar!


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

9 Color Double SIded Antique Game Board »

Circa 1890: This stunning antique American gameboard recently found in Lancaster County Pennsylvania has both bold and muted colors in its nine color scheme. Charming, handpainted "Home" adorns the middle of the parcheesi board, while superbly unusual colors mark the home paths, nests, safe spaces, and blockades. Flip side is a wonderful checkerboard painted on faux grain and finely trimmed in mustard. Measures 22 1/2" square


Antique American Game Board in Original Mustard and Black Paint

Antique American Gameboard in Original Yellow and Black Paint »

Great Original Surface: Fresh from a local Vermont estate is this wonderful antique American gameboard in original yellow and black paint.


Hen and Chick Mechanical Bank

Hen and Chick Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1901: Manufactured in both white and brown hen variations and theoretically had a bellows to make the hen cluck as the lever was pressed and the chick popped out from its nest.


Redware Yellow Slip Decorated Plate with letters initials DE Antique Country Primitive

Early 19th Century Redware Plate with Yellow Slip Decoration
Script Reading "DE" with Squiggles Top and Botton  »

Circa 1820-1850: It is always exciting to find the antique redware in yellow script decoration with letters, names or other readble parts. This example of a nice early coggled edge plate boasts the initials "DE" with decorative squiggles flourising across the top and bottom.


Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Rare Antique American Schoolgirl Sampler
North Carolina Hairlock Alphabet Needlework  »

Signed Labitha Jane Hanner: Samplers from the American Antebellum South are scarce, and hairlock samplers from any region of the country are rare; so to find a surviving Southern hairlock sampler in excellent condition is a real treat for the early textile collector. Labitha Jane Hanner's primitive and folksy sampler was completed in August 1843 during the dog days of the rural North Carolina summer. This lovely piece of 19th century schoolgirl needlework contains six alphabets, two rows of numbers, a series of practice initials, young Miss Hanner's signature and completion date, and, most importantly, a humble lock of blonde woven into a circle and accented with a small silk ribbon.



18th Century 1781 Adam and Eve Antique Needlework Sampler  Excellent condition and highly decorated colorful motifs

18th Century Needlework Adam and Eve Sampler »

Circa 1781: Striking motifs, black snake, naked adam and eve, rabbit border, hearts, birds, flowers and more, along with excellent condition and early date make this a stand out antique sampler.


Antique American Folk Art Oil Painting Prize Guernsey Cow Powers Fort Atkinson Wisonsin

Antique American Folk Art Painting on Canvas »

Circa 1895-1920: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, resident Mary A. Powers and her husband John raised and bred Guernsey cattle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and Mrs. Powers painted this portrait of Charles Solveson's Nashotah, Wisconsin, champion Guernsey Fantine 2d 3730, one of the most heralded show animals of the Guernsey breed, during the couple’s years in Fort Atkinson.


Antique Ohio Pottery Blue Decorated Stoneware Salt Glazed Jug Apple Country Primitive For Sale

Antique Ohio Blue Decorated Stoneware Apple Cider Jug »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual Ohio one gallon apple cider jug stands 11" tall and features a rarely seen freehand apple decoration, showing this jug was meant to hold apple cider or apple jack, its fermented cousin. This neat piece of American stoneware has no chips, cracks, or repairs and has only an off center mouth hold from being placed on the bottom row of the kiln during the firing process. This actually gives the jug a great primitive look and adds to its folksy appeal, making it a wonderful addition to any collection of American folk art pottery, early stoneware, or country antiques.


Antique American Country Primitive Hand Painted Green FIrkin labeled G. Cassia Large Store Spice Container

Slate Blue with Mustard Strips Bail Handled Wooden Pantry Box »

Circa 1900: It's always great to find the antique pantry box with extra details and colors that set it apart in the collection. This example, found in New Hampshire, is a delight with it's perfect age history and wonderful slate blue paint and bright yellow bands. Bail handle and simple hardware complete this early 20th century antique painted pantry box.


Antique american parcheesi game board in original paint, blue, red, yellow, green and black, 19th century antique folk art gameboard for sale

Superb Five Color 19th Century Parcheesi Board »

Feast your eyes on this large 28 1/4" x 28" original paint decorated five-color early American Parcheesi game board! The white ground combined with its wide border and extremely vibrant red, yellow, black, and green paint scheme give this late 19th century folk art game board an absolutely superb graphic visual appeal. The original painted surface shows perfect usage wear, and the board's knotholes show through the paint -- just as they should -- and stand as a testament to the age and originality of the surface and to the fact that this board has never been graced with a single stroke of over paint whatsoever. This is an antique game board of extremely high quality. Any truly advanced and sophisticated collector of American folk art, game boards, or antique Americana will surely be pleased to own this beautiful antique Parcheesi board.


Early American Treenware: 18th or early 19th century large hand carved and turned large wooden storage jar

Antique Shaker Pantry Box in Original Windsor Green »

Pantry Box, Harvard Type, Original Green Paint, Dry Oxidized Surface
New England, Probably Massachusetts
19th Century


19th Century folk art painting, oil on canvas, primitive log cabin and swans, pennsylvania origins, vivid colors

Primitive, Naive, Charming Folk Art Painting »

Circa 1890-1910: Early oil on canvas folk art painting with charming primitive scene that includes log cabin, naively painted swans, unusual water works, brightly colored folky trees and unique early frame. Found in Pennsylvania


Blue Decorated American Stoneware: Russell Beaver Co. PA Antique Cobalt Salt Glaze Crock For Sale 19th Century Antiques

R. W. Russell Blue Decorated Two-Gallon Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1850-1868: Beaver County stoneware is highly sought after, and this beautiful signed R.W. Russell two gallon storage jar is a fine example of the heavy primitive stoneware made in this western most county of Pennsylvania. The semi ovoid crock measures 9 1/2" tall, 9 3/4" wide at the top, and 7 1/4" at its base.


Antique American Polychromatic painted sled South Paris Maine Indian Decoration Original Surface

Paris Manufacturing Company Antique Painted Sled »

Circa 1890-1910: Measurung 31" long, 10" wide, and 11" in height, this wonderful three color polychromatic painted sled is a product of South Paris, Maine's Paris Manufacturing Company, which is famous for their late 19th century painted sleds. This handsome example of antique Americana features a red ground with a black stenciled Indian Chief wearing a headdress in the center of the field and is flanked on both ends by a row of snowflakes. The oak runner frames are mortised on all four corners and are encased in cast iron runners. This is an extremely well made sled that was gently used and shows the good honest wear andvanced collectors prefer in their antiques.


Antique Mechanical Bank: Jolly Nigger

Jolly Nigger Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1935-1950: Sydenham & McOustra: This British made mechanical bank is both unusual and desirable because of its petite five inch height and because it was cast without they typical racial slur on its back. This example has excellent original paint and comes to the market in completely original played with condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.


Spotted Dog & Red Tulips Hooked Rug »

Spotted Dog & Red Tulips Hooked Rug »

Graphic, bold colors on this antique hook rug. Great spotted dog and vibrant pennsylvania dutch tulip decoration.


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